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  • Set of 2 12-oz. Skal Double Wall Glasses
    Set of 2 12-oz. Skal Double Wall Glasses
    Perfect for all occasions, Skal Set of 2/12-ounce Double Wall Glasses keep hot drinks hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation on tables or favorite linens. Ideal vessels for every beverage, from cocktails to cocoa, you’ll only need to buy one type of glass for your home! Features: Set of two 12-ounce glasses, individually mouth-blown by expert artisans. Two walls of borosilicate glass, creating a highly effective layer of insulation. Silicone valve at base allows for changes in pressure. Also perfect for serving ice cream and soups. Microwave safe and oven safe up to 350 degrees F. Freezer safe. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended. Diameter: 3.25-in. Height: 6.5-in. Material: Borosilicate glass. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: Set of 2/12-oz. Style: Skal.
  • Bodum - Biasca ice tea pot 1.2 l
    Bodum - Biasca ice tea pot 1.2 l
    The Biasca iced tea jug from Bodum was named after a city in the south of Switzerland, where it gets extremely hot even in mild summer periods. The natives therefore get their cool downs with iced green tea that can be self made and enjoyed now with the Biasca jug. In the lid of the Biasca iced tea jug there is a finely woven plastic filter, that retains tea-leaves or lemon slices inside of the jug white serving. The lid of the can is detachable. It consists of plastic and possesses a silicone seal. The jug consists of heat resistant and light borosilicate glass. Iced tea does not only cool one down in summer, it also enables a pleasant energy boost. To manufacture your own iced tea insert the desired amount of green tea leaves into the Biasca jug and fill it with cold water. In the ideal case it steeps all over the night and then add sugar and ice cubes – ready!
  • Bodum Pilatus Drinking Glasses
    Bodum Pilatus Drinking Glasses
    The Pilatus drinking glasses by Bodum have two specialties: Their design and the double wall. As usual for Bodum, both specialties are wonderfully combined. The double was has more advantages: Hot and cold drinks are insulated and therefore they keep the content longer in the desired temperature. Furthermore condensation water emerges on the outside walls with cold drinks. The glasses can also be held without having a handle when the content is cold or hot, without any problems. The specialties were integrated in the design of the Pilatus drinking glasses. As soon as the glass is filled, it looks like its content was floating through the double wall. This is a spectacular effect, which becomes even more interesting by the slight arching of the outside wall. The glasses are therefore pleasant to be held. The Pilatus drinking glasses by Bodum consist of borosilicate glass and they are therefore suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave.
  • Bodum - Bistro knife block
    Bodum - Bistro knife block
    The Bistro knife block from Bodum stows your knives securely and neatly, it keeps them handy all the time and presents them appealingly. All this protects you from the sharp blades of the knives as well as it protects the sensitive blades themselves from exterior impacts. Smaller paring knives as well as larger kitchen or bread knives are kept by uncountable fine plastic sticks inside of the Bistro knife block. They can be inserted easily into the block as well as freely arranged. As the plastic sticks stand closely together, it is avoided that smaller knives sink into the block. The Bistro knife block coating consists of plastic. The block stands on top of a rubber layer that ensures a stabile stand. It is available in different colours.
  • Bodum - Ceylon Ice Tea Maker
    Bodum - Ceylon Ice Tea Maker
    Maker your ice tea by yourself instead of buying in the grocery store! By that you won't only safe money but also define how your tea should taste by yourself - only like tea or an extra taste, a light lemon note, a lot of sugar, less sugar... You only have to put the tea leaves into the Ceylon ice tea maker and put hot water on it. The rest of the can can be filled with cold water. Then the time for creativity comes and you can add lemons- or orange pieces or other flavourful highlights - just as you want your ice tea. After the preparation you can put the iced tea into the fridge for a night. Then the freshing is perfectly cooled for the next day. Just put ice cubes and a straw pipe into the glass and relax. The Ceylon ice tea maker by Bodum is available in two different versions, both cans offer an amply capacity of 1.5l, or 3.0l and are made of transparent plastic.
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