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  • CAPPELLINI Proust Armchair
    CAPPELLINI Proust Armchair
    Height: 109cm Seat height: 42cm Width: 105cm Depth: 93cm. Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Pattern placement may vary. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Proust Armchair
    CAPPELLINI Proust Armchair
    Height: 109cm Seat height: 42cm Width: 105cm Depth: 93cm. Designed by Alessandro Mendini. Pattern placement may vary. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Mt. Etna Bong Resin Accent Table
    CAPPELLINI Mt. Etna Bong Resin Accent Table
    Height: 40cm Diameter: 48cm. Designed by Giulio Cappellini in 2015. Volcanic ash from Mt. Etna. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Limited Edition Mickey's Ribbon Stool
    CAPPELLINI Limited Edition Mickey's Ribbon Stool
    Limited edition. Created in collaboration with Walt Disney. Height: 44cm Diameter: 37.5cm. Designed by Francois Azambourg. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Rainbow Chair
    CAPPELLINI Rainbow Chair
    Height: 80cm Seat height: 45cm Width: 51cm Depth: 39cm. Designed by Patrick Norguet in 2000. Made in Italy.
  • Cappellini Proust Geometrica Chair
    Cappellini Proust Geometrica Chair
    Features: Hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame. 2 Year Warranty. Product Details: Chair Design: Arm chair. Removable Seat Cushion: No. Style: Modern. Dimensions: Overall: 43" H x 41.25" W x 36.5" D. Overall Product Weight: 110lbs.
  • CAPPELLINI Limited Edition Mickey Ribbon Bar Stool
    CAPPELLINI Limited Edition Mickey Ribbon Bar Stool
    Limited edition. Created in collaboration with Walt Disney. Height: 77cm Diameter: 37.5cm. Designed by Francois Azambourg. Made in Italy.
    Height: 102cm Seat height: 47cm Width. 50cm Depth: 42cm. Designed by Tom Dixon. Metal frame. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Superheroes Stool
    CAPPELLINI Superheroes Stool
    Height: 36cm Diameter: 45cm. Designed by Glimt Studio. Covered metal tubes. Metal frame. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Nom Leather Stool
    CAPPELLINI Nom Leather Stool
    Height: 44cm Diameter: 37cm. Designed by Bakery Studio. Perforated details. Made in Italy.
  • CAPPELLINI Sofa Lamp Accent Table With Lamp
    CAPPELLINI Sofa Lamp Accent Table With Lamp
    Height: 104cm Width: 42.5cm Depth: 33cm. Designed by Giulio Cappellini and Leonardo Tallarico. Three legs. Adjustable lamp height. On/Off switch. Made in Italy.
  • Cappellini - S-Chair
    Cappellini - S-Chair
    The S-Chair has been the first great success from the young designer Tom Dixon in his time and meant his ascent from the underground to the design-elite. The curved chair is considered as classic today and can be found in the New York Museum of Modern Art among others. Looking back, originally designed as individual piece the S-Chair is a deciding design for the further career from Tom Dixon. Dixon spent the 1980es as performance artist in the London night clubs and there he welded together his pieced of furniture live on top of a stage. During that creative period in 1987 not only the Kitchen Chair out of ladles and pans emerged, but also the S-Chair that has been worked out again one year later by Dixon. It was only in 1988 when Tom Dixon equipped the freely curved S-Chair with the sophisticated coating and the swung forms. The “erotic” chair with the wide hips and the slim waistline has consciously been shaped as unicum in its time and does not only adapt to the demands of the serial furniture production. Despite or just therefore the young Tom Dixon and his unusual S-Chair caught the Italian furniture manufacturer Giulio Cappellini’s attention. That is how the S-Chair became the first design from Tom Dixon for Cappellini that has soon been followed by other products, such as the not less legendary Pylon Chair. Since 1991 / 1992 the S-Chair is produced by Cappellini. Despite the adaptation for the serial furniture production the manufacturing procedure of the braided chair is still elaborate. The S-Chair possesses a frame out of steel and plastic feet. Today, beside the elaborate basket works Wicker and Straw for the coating, also leather and other covers are available.
  • Cappellini Dark Gray Hi Pad Chair
    Cappellini Dark Gray Hi Pad Chair
    Designed by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini, the Hi Pad chair is a mod, tactile design amid a sleek silhouette of stainless steel. Its curved shape and soft padding in bold colors create a pleasing seat both in body and form.
  • Cappellini - Bird Chaiselongue
    Cappellini - Bird Chaiselongue
    Bird is an unconventional symbiosis of Chaiselongue and seesaw chair. Like its name reveals, the lounger is similar to a bird, or also a bird’s wings flap. Bird is produced by the Italian Company Cappellini since 1991. The lounger with seesaw effects that was shaped by the designer Tom Dixon also mirrors a piece of the career of the designer. While Dixon’s designs were initially made out of steel and consciously not created as serial seat and lie objects, his works became less and less handmade. Some of its initial, rebel artworks were even adapted to a serial production in the beginnings of the 1990es – as also the Bird Lounger. Merely the metal frame reminds of the initial unicum of the piece of furniture. Beside metal, the frame structure is also made out of wood-fibre-mix-panels and massive pine wood. The upholstery of the Bird Lounger consists of differently tight feather-polyurethane-foam. The coating is practically removable and available in different quality fabric variants, and according to the fabric also in numerous colours. For an exclusive variant, Bird is also obtainable with a leather coating.
  • Cappellini Embryo Bi-elastic Side Chair
    Cappellini Embryo Bi-elastic Side Chair
    Features: Structure out of chromed steel. Three legs. Covered with bi-elastic fabric. Padding constructed of moulded polyurethane foam. 2 Year Warranty. Product Details: Chair Design: Lounge chair. Removable Seat Cushion: No. Style: Modern. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: 45lbs.
  • Cappellini - Cloud Shelving System
    Cappellini - Cloud Shelving System
    Cloud is a modular shelving system that has been designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in 2004 for Cappellini. Several Cloud modules can be combined with each other and placed seamlessly together in the most different angles. The modules are connected and fixed with press-clips. The name Cloud has not been selected by chance: The eight depositing boards of every shelving module are arranged to form the silhouette of a cloud. If the system is expanded, Cloud grows to become a honeycombed and vivid construction. When it comes to assemble the single elements there are hardly rules to follow, no ups and downs, rights and lefts, no beginnings or ends. The round forms of the Cloud modules join each other in the most different formations. The vivid and light forms out of the feather of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec ensure that the Cloud construction will never seem unfinished and that it can continuously be enlarged. The depositing compartments from Cloud are reachable from two sides, so that the shelf can also serve as room divider. The Italian company Cappellini makes the Cloud shelving system out of polyethylene, which is manufactured in a rotation moulding procedure.
  • Cappellini - Alodia Bar Stool
    Cappellini - Alodia Bar Stool
    With Alodia, the multiple awarded designer Todd Bracher designed a simple bar stool for Cappellini in the year 2010, which especially bribes with its clear lines. The weightless and filigree acting stool is thereby completely different than one would expect from an every-day, massive bar stool and it combines thin tubes with a slim seat. The Alodia bar stool is not only characterized by the reduced design, the seating furniture is also practical: The stool can be stacked without any problems, and therefore stored space saving. The Italian manufacturer Cappellini manufactures the bar stool out of a metal-tube frame. The seat consists of a laser-cut made metal sheet. Frame and sheet are lacquered and also available in different colours. The Alodia bar stool is furthermore offered in two different heights by Cappellini.
  • Cappellini - Pylon Chair
    Cappellini - Pylon Chair
    The Pylon Chair which has been designed by Tom Dixon is exceptional, different and only recognized as chair on the second or third glimpse. The Pylon Chair, produced by Cappellini, is considered a real artwork. The chair, which is only made out of thin steel piles and completely by hand, is another design masterpiece of the awarded Tom Dixon. Despite of the breakable and weightless appearance, the interwoven frame parts of the Pylon Chair ensure secure hold. Tom Dixon again proves his love for unusual forms as well as experimentally appealing designs with this seating furniture. The 1992 born Pylon Chair is lined in a series of exciting objects such as also the S-Chair, which has been brought to the market in 1989 by Cappellini for the first time. The S-Chair is exposed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York today. The Pylon Chair is made out of steel bars and available in many different lacquers. Cappellini offers the chair in orange, blue, plaster white or aluminium. The seat is 60 x 67 cm large and 41 cm high. The chair measures 128 cm with its backrest.
  • Cappellini - Knotted Chair
    Cappellini - Knotted Chair
    Already shortly after ist appearance in the year 1996 the Knotted Chair from Marcel Wanders is considered a modern classic. Through refined connection of classic handicraft art and modern materials is the perfect embodiment of Wanders’ design philosophy and a piece of furniture that couldn’t be more fascinating. The Knotted Chair that is produced by the Italian manufacturer Cappellini is still totally made out of carbon and aramid cords. The cords are firstly artfully knotted with each other like in the classic handicraft art, until the form of the Knotted Chair appears. This still shaky and soft construction is impregnated by epoxy resin and hanged in a frame to dry. The gravity finally brings the chair into its eventual form and the epoxy resin fixes this one and makes the chair stabile. The transformation of the soft and flat cords to a stabile and three-dimensional object is fascinating. Bit the light look deceives: Through the modern parts and construction methods, the Knotted Chair from Cappellini is robust and designed for daily uses as every other chair. Marcel Wanders gets a large part of his inspiration from already existing and old things according to his own statement. “ I am inspired by what already is ”, therefore Wanders’ trademark is the combination of aready popular and wholly new elements, the Knotted Chair is the perfect example for it. Originally Marcel Wanders designed his Knotted Chair in the year 1996 within the context of the Dry Tech I projects from Droog Design. Meanwhile the armchair is produced by the Italian manufacturer Cappellini.
  • Cappellini - Thinking Man's Chair
    Cappellini - Thinking Man's Chair
    The Thinking Man’s Chair is still today one of the most famous Jasper Morrison designs. Originally designed as a prototype for a fair in Japan in 1986, the chair is not only an early work of the designer, but also an example for his moderate design-approach. Today the Thinking Man’s Chair is produced by the Italian company Cappellini. Shortly before the Thinking Man’s Chair emerged, Jasper Morrison has founded his first design office in London in 1986. As one of his early designs, the richly noted chair had great influence on the further career of the young Jasper Morrison and helped him to profile internationally as furniture designer. The Thinking Man’s Chair is an undisputed classic today. The armchair is an expression from Jasper Morrison’s aim to oppose a moderate and long lasting approach to the 1980es design. Accordingly neutral and unobtrusive are the forms of the Thinking Man’s Chair. They form the frame for the ingenuity of simplicity: The soft arches are as well simple as vivid and spread the sensitive minimalism that would afterwards help Jasper Morrison to break through. Jasper Morrison soon recognized design and manufacturing as conceptual unity. Also the design of the Thinking Man’s Chair used the materials out of which it is made and adds them into the simple total image. In the original version, Jasper Morrison even inserted the arching-radius of the single parts on the armchair by hand. Still today Cappellini offers the Thinking Man’s Chair in a special, original version-copied variant with the notes from Jasper Morrison. The Italian company manufactures the Thinking Man’s Chair out of metal and in different colours since 1988. Through its lacquer the chair with the curved armrests is suitable for the usage outside.
  • Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Wardrobe PO/0302
    Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Wardrobe PO/0302
    The wall mounted wardrobe PO/0302 is a creation by the designer Carlo Contin and an homage to the Italian artist Leonardo Mosso. Cappellini produces the wardrobe as part of its collection Progetto Oggetto. The chaos-like wardrobe offers the largest liberty when mounted. Carlo Contin has shaped a clear definition of up, down, right and left in his design. PO/0302 can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally at the wall and still offer enough space for jackets, coats, scarves and hats. Carlo Contin constructed a three-dimensional object out of loosely metal rods for his wardrobe PO/0302. Four rods are fixed at the wall and build the structural base that is crossed by further rods. Every single element of the wall mounted wardrobe offers space to hang clothes hangers and every overcoming rod’s point can be used to hang jackets and coats. The design out of loose rods that are assembled to a clear structure is an homage to the Italian artist Leonardo Mosso, whose works are known for such constructions. Because of the transparent design, Cappellini has included the wardrobe from Carlo Contin in his Progetto Oggetto collection in 3002 and named it PO/0302. The unusual name of the wall mounted wardrobe is a sort of serial number that identifies the product as part of the Progetto Oggetto collection. The abbreviation PO stands for Progetto Oggetto and the initial two numbers stand for the design year 2003 in this case.
  • Cappellini - Orgone Table
    Cappellini - Orgone Table
    The Orgone Table has been designed by Marc Newson fort he Italian company Cappellini in 1991. The curved sofa table stands exemplarily for Newson’s design-speaking that is an amalgam out of streamlines, amoeba forms and futuristic ideas. The design from Orgone is vivid, the table seems like done out of one moulding. No hard edges of breaks in the design or material are recognized. Even the arched table top goes over to the legs in soft curves. The vivid form of the table is fulfilled by the swung table top: Like a body it runs tightly together in the middle to become wider at the outer ends. The form invites to group it at both table-ends, while the middle part forms the connection of both ends from Orgone. The sofa table Orgone is manufactured by Cappellini since 1998 out of fibreglass and is available in the high gloss colours white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue and black. The vivid colours fulfil the trendy and spirited design of the Orgone table. Not for nothing Marc Newson is considered one of the designers that with-shaped the trend-world of the past years.
  • Cappellini - Wooden Chair
    Cappellini - Wooden Chair
    Der Wooden Chair wurde vom einflussreichen, australischen Designer Marc Newson entworfen und wird von Cappellini vetrieben. Mit dem Wooden Chair gestaltete Marc Newson 1992 ein Sitzmöbel, das eine moderne, innovative Form bietet und gleichzeitig gemütliche Wärme ausstrahlt. Für den Wooden Chair wählte Marc Newson helles Kernholz – ein rustikales, natürliches Material, das somit in Kontrast zu vielen anderen von Newsons Designs steht. Dennoch spricht auch der Wooden Chair Newsons Designsprache, denn der Stuhl begeistert vor allem durch seine fließende, organische Form. Der einladende, geschwungene Stuhl ist fein gearbeitet und dennoch stabil: Die Holzstreifen sind miteinander verflochten und werden durch horizontal eingesetzte Streben verstärkt. Die Holzstreifen selbst wurden mit Dampf gebogen, sodass die besondere Formidee Newsons umgesetzt werden konnte.
  • Cappellini - Embryo Chair
    Cappellini - Embryo Chair
    Marc Newson’s Embryo Chair is an undisputed classic of modern furniture-designs. With its organic forms and the combination of extravagant design and comfort the armchair ensured high attention when it emerged. Today the Embryo Chair is produced by the Italian manufacturer Cappellini. Something like the Embryo Chair has never been viewed before. Accordingly large has been the furore when the young Marc Newson first presented his armchair in 1988. Indeed the designer has already attracted attention before with his streamlined and futuristic designs, the Embryo Chair however, has 1988 been one of Newson’s first great projects and the perfect embodiment of his design-style at the same time: Strong colours meet curved, nearly sensual forms that, fulfilled by metallic frames do have a slightly futuristic approach. Like the abstract sculpture of an unborn child, the voluminous body of the Embryo Chair lays on its three legs. Despite of the extravagant design the soft armchair offers a comfortable seating experience and thereby embodies the symbiosis of creativity and comfort. The frame of the Embryo Chair is today made by Cappellini out of chromed steel and ensures the necessary stability. The seating comfort is ensured by a cushioning of polyurethane foam, coated with elastic fabrics. Marc Newson is the designer that maybe identifies himself the most with the pop-culture and that has partly also characterized it in the past years. The Embryo Chair does, for example, show its design expression with the characteristic combination of curved forms and strong, flashy colours. According to the Newson philosophy thereby Cappellini offers the Embryo Chair in different, strong colours today.
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