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  • Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Wardrobe PO/0302
    Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto Wardrobe PO/0302
    The wall mounted wardrobe PO/0302 is a creation by the designer Carlo Contin and an homage to the Italian artist Leonardo Mosso. Cappellini produces the wardrobe as part of its collection Progetto Oggetto. The chaos-like wardrobe offers the largest liberty when mounted. Carlo Contin has shaped a clear definition of up, down, right and left in his design. PO/0302 can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally at the wall and still offer enough space for jackets, coats, scarves and hats. Carlo Contin constructed a three-dimensional object out of loosely metal rods for his wardrobe PO/0302. Four rods are fixed at the wall and build the structural base that is crossed by further rods. Every single element of the wall mounted wardrobe offers space to hang clothes hangers and every overcoming rod’s point can be used to hang jackets and coats. The design out of loose rods that are assembled to a clear structure is an homage to the Italian artist Leonardo Mosso, whose works are known for such constructions. Because of the transparent design, Cappellini has included the wardrobe from Carlo Contin in his Progetto Oggetto collection in 3002 and named it PO/0302. The unusual name of the wall mounted wardrobe is a sort of serial number that identifies the product as part of the Progetto Oggetto collection. The abbreviation PO stands for Progetto Oggetto and the initial two numbers stand for the design year 2003 in this case.
  • Cappellini - Cloud Shelving System
    Cappellini - Cloud Shelving System
    Cloud is a modular shelving system that has been designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in 2004 for Cappellini. Several Cloud modules can be combined with each other and placed seamlessly together in the most different angles. The modules are connected and fixed with press-clips. The name Cloud has not been selected by chance: The eight depositing boards of every shelving module are arranged to form the silhouette of a cloud. If the system is expanded, Cloud grows to become a honeycombed and vivid construction. When it comes to assemble the single elements there are hardly rules to follow, no ups and downs, rights and lefts, no beginnings or ends. The round forms of the Cloud modules join each other in the most different formations. The vivid and light forms out of the feather of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec ensure that the Cloud construction will never seem unfinished and that it can continuously be enlarged. The depositing compartments from Cloud are reachable from two sides, so that the shelf can also serve as room divider. The Italian company Cappellini makes the Cloud shelving system out of polyethylene, which is manufactured in a rotation moulding procedure.
  • Cappellini Cloud Bookcase
    Cappellini Cloud Bookcase
    Design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2004. Rotational technology plastic, metal clips. Made in Italy by Cappellini. Cloud is a modular, double-faced bookcase which is produced in white polyethylene. The elements, manufactured with the rotational technology, can be used either horizontally or vertically, by itself or combined with other Clouds together to form cloud-lines. Each element is provided with two white metal clips. Born in France in the seventies, the Bouroullec brothers first began to care about design with an important collaberation with Issey Miyake in 2000. Ronan and Erwan are seen among the rising stars of the design world. Bold and reflective, poetic and in the same time passionate; their creations are "micro architectures" with different functional applications, able to characterize and make a difference in the places which they are applied. They were named ?"Creator of the Year" in 2002, elected ?"designer of the year" in 2003 and have won multiple other awards. Their creations have been exhibited in many collective or solo exhibitions and are part of some permanent museum collections around the world. 73.75" w | 15.75" d | 41.25" h.
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