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  • Carl Hansen - CH07 Shell Chair
    Carl Hansen - CH07 Shell Chair
    The CH07 shell chair is a classic piece for life. The wide and the softly swung seat is inviting and minimalistic at the same time – this is a quality, which predestines the classic lounge chair for many purposes. The designer Hans J. Wegner was inspired by classic shapes when he designed his CH07, transforming them into a timeless lounge chair. The three legs set some design accents and spreads uniqueness, while the slim shape signalizes weightlessness without looking overloaded in small rooms. Sculptural lounge chair The shell-form is responsible for the name “Shell Chair” with which the chair of 1963 was (and is) well-known. The sculptural chair was highly modern when it emerged, since it was celebrated by the experts of the press, while the purchasers remained hidden and doubtful. Finally the prices of second hand specimen raised, and Carl Hansen decided to produce the classic chair once again in 1998. Carl Hansen produces the CH07 rocking chair out of form-pressed plywood. The armchair is also available with a cushioned seat and backrest with textile or leather coating.
  • Carl Hansen - CH33
    Carl Hansen - CH33
    The simple and soft outlines of the CH33 remind us of the classic from the 50s and 60s. The designer Hans J. Wegner was inspired by traditional forms, which he transformed into the timeless CH33. Many characteristic design aspects are expressed in the CH33 in Hans J. Wegner’s opinion: The simple and elegant chair from Carl Hansen is suitable for the dining room and also as stylish object for all the other living and working rooms of a house – this is only possible because of the numerous different editions of the chair. The single elements of the CH33 are dominated by curved, organic shapes. The conical legs and the cross parts have the biggest diameter at the stabilizing connection points, getting smaller from there on with elegant outlines. A classic piece for every place The slightly inclined legs support the already robust construction of the weightless looking chair of Carl Hansen and also transmits the high stability regarding its appearance. The connections between the backside legs and the back are visible, which is a good example for Wegner’s love for honest design, based on solid handicraft. Seat and backrest of the Carl Hansen CH33 are made of pressed wood laminate. The classic chair is also available with other fabrics (textile and leather) and with frames of thick woods. Different kinds of wood can also be chosen for the backrest and the seat or for the frame. We will gladly advise you for your individual CH33.
  • Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair
    Carl Hansen - CH24 Wishbone Chair
    The Wishbone Chair – Wegners most famous work The designer Hans J. Wegner created his most famous chair in 1949: The CH24. This chair is especially suitable for the dining table and for living rooms, where it convinces with its timeless elegance. The surprisingly comfortable design classic from Carl Hansen still has a weightless and attractive appearance. The chair is an exceptional example for the continuous search for organic simplicity, comfort and stability in the design of Hans J. Wegner’s products. The iconic appearance of the Wishbone Chair transformed it into a top seller among Wegner’s designs. The CH24 is also known as “The Chair” among design enthusiasts in Denmark – hardly another quality could describe the classic chair from Hans J. Wegner better. Design classic for different purposes The characteristic “Y” in the backrest of the CH24 ensures comfortable sitting, it stabilizes the steam bent backrest at the same time and it is also the reason for the chair, which is as well-known as “Y Chair”. The softly bent backrest and the hand-braided seat enable different sitting positions, which is the reason why the CH24 is suitable for different purposes. Hans Wegner chair convinces by handicraft on the highest level The CH24 Wishbone Chair is a good example for high handicraft art with the simple design and the clear outlines. The simple appeal won’t make us suspect that 100 single steps are necessary for the production of the chair. The hand-braided seat is made of 120 meters of paper cord, which is made of the uncompromising Carl Hansen quality. The CH24 is also available with a white or a black braid as well as with frames made of other kinds of woods and painted in different colours.
  • Carl Hansen Oak Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner
    Carl Hansen Oak Wishbone Chair by Hans Wegner
    A distinctive back shape gives the wishbone chair its whimsical name. Light and diminutive, the chair blends steam-bent wood with a woven seat. Delicately curved legs create an elegant shape crafted from renewable, sustainable oak.
  • Carl Hansen - CH88T
    Carl Hansen - CH88T
    The CH88T was reedited by Carl Hansen in 2014 in the event of the 100 th anniversary of the designer Hans J. Wegner. The iconic chair only existed as prototype back then, but its shape was known beyond Denmark’s borderlines. Carl Hansen designed a chair, whose shapes are known from the creations of Wegner: The designer was inspired by organic, soft forms when he designed his iconic chair in 1955. The CH88 is available in many editions, which is the reason why it can be used in every surrounding regarding the appearance and the utility. The characteristic backrest of steam-bent wood doesn’t only support the back of the user, but it also offers a natural place to rest the arms because of the slightly curved ends. Classic chair reedition The oval seat of the CH 88 lays on a steel frame with straight legs. This special combination of materials and the minimalistic design expression is responsible for the weightlessness it spreads. Natural forms are combined with technical precision in here. The reedition of the Carl Hansen CH88T is stackable and it therefore has many advantages. This classic piece by Cark Hansen is available in beech or oak wood and in many colours and combinations. The frame is made of stainless steel in black (powder coated) and chrome. The seat can be ordered with different cushions or leather coatings.
  • Carl Hansen Woven Cord Lounge Chair
    Carl Hansen Woven Cord Lounge Chair
    Designed in 1950 by Hans J. Wegner - a leading figure in the Danish Modern movement - the seat and back of this lounge chair are masterfully handwoven from more than 400 meters of paper cord. Handmade by skilled artisans, this light and classic chair will fit into any space.
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