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Carl Mertens
  • Carl Mertens
  • Carl Mertens - Fireplace
    Carl Mertens - Fireplace
    With the light object fireplace, created by the design student Gido Wahrmann, Carl Mertens is interpreting the archetype fire totally new and brings “fire” into the living area. Two stainless steel cylinders take over the function of the burning logs. They form together with a very unobtrusive bottom plate of shale an extraordinary light object for which design lovers will have a burning desire. The fireplace has an original character. In ancient times, it was necessary to surviving and provided energy, light and warmth and has always been pretty much fascinating for human mankind. The new light object by Carl Mertens reminds on the archaic origin and creates a bonfire atmosphere for modern nomads. Behind the reduced optic of the fireplace, there is hidden a very sophisticated technique. The high quality manufactured cylinders which are 18,5 cm long and made of stainless steel have got glass fibre wicks. Those wicks suck the lamp oil out of little tanks which is hidden in the closed part of the cylinder and ensure thus evenly spread light. The length of the wick can be changed. The tank can be opened and refilled easily. The stainless steel cylinders are positioned on a sealed shade plate which emphasizes the beautiful material. The extraordinary light object has been created within the project “light in the table top area” which took place between two German design schools. The uncommon creation of design student Gido Wahrmann brought enthusiasm to Carl Wahrmann. Wahrmanns idea has immediately been adapted and is now industrially produced in high quality stainless steel and the production halls of Solingen.
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