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  • Casamania - Toshi Sideboard
    Casamania - Toshi Sideboard
    The clear designed Toshi sideboard by Casamania bribes with clear shapes. The designer Luca Nichetto was inspired by Japanese architecture. “Toshi” is the Japanese word for “city”. The sideboards by Casamania remind us of diverse buildings in the metropolis Tokyo. The fresh and essential lines include the geometrical design of the basic forms of the doors of the Casamania Toshi sideboard. Each size and form of the Toshi has an own, characteristical pattern, which makes every module unique. The reference of the Japanese architecture is obvious in this chest of drawers: Toshi is a micro city, which convinces with basic geometrical shapes, selected proportions and tonal colours. Besides on podium bases, Luca Nichetto’s sideboards are also available on high metal feet, similar to pillar entrances of buildings. The Casamania Toshi collection also includes further sideboards as well as three smaller containers with doors or drawers, which fulfil the sideboards perfectly.
  • Casamania - Chariot Mobile Table
    Casamania - Chariot Mobile Table
    Casamania’s Chariot mobile table is stylistic between Roman battle cart and Alvar Aalto’s legendary serving caddy 901. The alienated Retro-style makes Chariot a product as it couldn’t be newer and more current. The connection of really opposite elements is a typical characteristic of the postmodern. This provocative style doesn’t even spare side tables, and this is how the Copenhagen design office GamFratesi designed a product that mixes worlds acting sculptural and iconic thereby. The battle cart of ancient times, where Chariot has its name from, says “hello”. Numerous objects are placed on two trays, it doesn’t matter is the Chariot is used as mobile caddy or as bribing side table. The frame of the side table by Casamania consists of lacquered metal, the trays and wheels out of MDF. The wheels are coated with rubber, in order to ensure a noiseless transport – an advantage which wasn’t given to the ancient Roman. Chariot is also available in red or natural oak wood.
  • Casamania - Twine Side Table
    Casamania - Twine Side Table
    The Italian company Casamania proves humor once again with the Twine side table: The playful table looks like an oversized head. A basic inventions, re-thought: Why should the concept of a head not be suitable as table? The Swedish design duo WIS Design achieved this with their side table: The base is the “thread” and the table top is pierced by it. This is how the frame embraces the top, making an elegant base. The table top of the Casamania Twine is made of MDF, while the base consists of steel wire. The side table is also available in other sizes and colours on demand.
  • Casamania - Maritime Armchair
    Casamania - Maritime Armchair
    The ship-manufacturer says hello! The armchair Maritime by Casamania is the result of handicraft precision-work. The design by Benjamin Hulbert was inspired by ships-construction and the maritime world, which offered a new name to the chair. Maritime reaches the connection of elegant design and rustic approach. Casamania manufactures the chair completely out of oak wood. The distinctive structure of the wood is perfectly integrated in the design and was precisely balanced with the flat surface by Benjamin Hubert. The bent seat of Maritime follows the form of the wood and creates the soft and flowing appearance of the otherwise massive wooden corpus. The viewable structure of the chair doesn’t only remind of ships-construction by chance and stands in contrast with the flat forms.
  • Casamania - Bek folding chair
    Casamania - Bek folding chair
    The good old folding chair often came in handy at moves, barbecues, in flat shares and households. It’s a practical helper, practical but never really fancy. Now Giulio Iacchetti and Casamania revive the classic concept. Bek appears as a contemporary interpretation of the classic folding chair. The frame is of a uniform design and the elegant lines by the designer Giulio Iacchetti look really good on Bek. Despite being foldable, Bek is an adequate and premium chair that always looks nice. The Bek folding chair is also available in black and red. A trolley for transporting up to eight Bek folding chairs can also be ordered.
  • Casamania him&her Chair
    Casamania him&her Chair
    The fact that the design has been inspired by the legendary Panton Chair, is instantly obvious to the design expert. But this is only one side of the coin (the front). A look on both sides of this exclusive piece is recommended. The second source of inspiration is discovered quickly: The chair is shaped after the natural form of a naked human body on the back – the model “her” is inspired by the female, “him” by the male body. Taste is a matter prone to controversy and that’s especially true for the hermaphroditic pair of chairs by Casamania, which provoked controversial discussions when it was presented on the Milan furniture exhibition 2009. It’s obvious: “Don’t care” is not a category here and boredom won’t occur. Critics need to admit, however, that the realisation of Him&Her meets the highest demands, in terms of both design and quality. The chairs are also available in red. A high gloss-finished version of the chair in various colours is available against surcharge.
  • Casamania - Kant stool
    Casamania - Kant stool
    The Kant bar stool by Casamania was inspired by the words of the German philosophe Immanual Kant, who simplified the borders between nature and arts. This tendency is viewable in the natural forms and organic lines of the bar stool by the designer Karim Rashid. Kant consists of reinforced polypropylene and it is able to carry up to 200 kg despite of its prominent shape. A specialty of Kant is that is was manufactured with the new “Polygene technology", which also possesses anti-bacterial characteristics. The seat is independent from the rest of the frame in the normal edition, which allows individual combinations of the available colours. The colours of the frame and the seat can be selected independently. The black, white and sand available Kant can furthermore be ordered as rotatable edition with gas-springing.
  • Casamania - Vad chair
    Casamania - Vad chair
    The Vad chair by Casamania is part of the tradition of premium Scandinavian furniture production. The chair by the designer Luca Nichetto is durable and of an impressive design. The seat is comfortably large. The vacant area in the back creates some visual alternation and lends a fresh lightness to the chair. Vad consists of reinforced polypropylene and due to the patented Polygiene technology it has antibacterial properties. With its four-legged frame Vad is also stackable. The Vad chair is available with a brown, black, orange, red or green seat upon request. The four-legged frame can also be ordered satined, as steel or in the colours silver, white, brown, black, orange, red and green. The Vad chair with swivel frame is also available in the colours mentioned above. Both variants of the Vad chair are also available with coverings from polyester (black, red), polyamide + polyester (white, black) or synthetic leather (silver, white, black, red). For the upholstered Vad chair with four legs the colour of the frame can also be varied.
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