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  • Caudalie
  • Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
    Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
    What it is: A soap-free cleansing water that effectively removes makeup while cleansing and toning the skin. What it does: This gentle formula removes makeup from the face and eyes as it soothes, moisturizes, and softens skin. There’s no need to rub for a thorough clean- a gentle cleansing base washes without stripping. The improved formula is now more natural, more effective, and gentler on skin. The fresh fragrance includes orange and lemon blossom, watermelon, and mint leaves. What it is formulated WITHOUT: Parabens. Sulfates. Phthalates. What else you need to know: This formula is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. The bottle is made from 50 percent recycled plastic. This product does not contain animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. Make-up Remover Cleansing Water is non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin types. Research results: According to a user test with 21 volunteers over 28 days: 95% of participants reported a thoroughly cleansed face. 90% of participants reported thoroughly cleansed eyes. 96% of participants reported this product was not sticky.
  • Caudalie Fresh Fragrance, Fleur De Vigne 1.7 Oz
    Caudalie Fresh Fragrance, Fleur De Vigne 1.7 Oz
    Light, fresh and energizing, this fragrance captures the delicate scent of grape blossoms during this time. Key Notes : Grapefruit - Mandarin - Cedar. The grape blossom is picked in June, around Saint John's Day. When it blossoms, every winemaker begins the traditional countdown that announces the beginning of the harvest exactly 110 days later. Its spirit, and subtle essence, was interpreted by master perfumer Anne Flipo, who recreated its white rose and hawthorn touch, its reminiscence of pink pepper, it's lush green bouquet. * Ingredient Note : Origine vegetale - Plant origin.
  • Caudalie Fleur de Vigne-1.69 oz
    Caudalie Fleur de Vigne-1.69 oz
    The Very Essence of France. Close your eyes and imagine you're in the vineyards of Les Sources de Caudalie…where, at every moment of the day in summer, the colors shimmer, light dances across leaves, and serenity envelopes the atmosphere. With the help of master perfumers, Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas has captured the beauty and emotion of a sensorial walk through the vineyards with Zeste De Vigne: a vibrant, radiant fragrance, like the warmth of the midday sun on the vineyards. A fresh, light, invigorating fragrance. Captures the essence of a sun soaked French vineyard. Especially Suited For: All skin types. Essential Elements: These bright and sparkling fragrances are perfect for daily wear.
  • Women's CAUDALÍE Contouring Concentrate
    Women's CAUDALÍE Contouring Concentrate
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    A 100% natural anti-cellulite treatment that promotes drainage! The Contouring Concentrate smoothes out dimpled skin, will help refine your figure and will immediately make you feel lighter. An ultra-concentrated care product for visible results, at last! To attack cellulite, use concentrate in its pure form. For maintenance, mix several drops of the concentrate with the CAUDALÍE Nourishing Body Lotion. Brand: CAUDALIE. Style Name: CAUDALÍE Contouring Concentrate. Style Number: 116389.
  • CAUDALÍE 'Fleur de Vigne' Eau de Toilette
    CAUDALÍE 'Fleur de Vigne' Eau de Toilette
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    Like walking through my family vineyards at dawn, Fleur de Vigne captures the ephemeral grape flower. Notes of white rose, watermelon and cedar bursts with energizing grapefruit, bergamot (bergaptene free), grapefruit and Mandarin, black-currant bud and green mate, plant waters of grape, lemon and orange, sandalwood and cedar. Brand: CAUDALIE. Style Name: CAUDALÍE 'Fleur de Vigne' Eau de Toilette. Style Number: 527586.
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