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  • Chantecaille
  • Chantecaille Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara
    Chantecaille Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara
    Chantecaille. Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara. Chantecaille's Longest Lash Mascara fuses the newest lash-growth peptide technology with the original, sought-after Faux Cils formula. Lashes get a boost with Chantecaille's unique SymPeptide 17™, stimulating keratin genes and encouraging the strength and length of your natural lashes - without irritation or discoloration. After two weeks use, in-vivo clinical tests reveal longer and thicker lashes by 25%. These extraordinary results are achieved by simply applying the mascara to eye lashes, daily. Similar to the original Faux Cils formula, Longest Lash Mascara creates immediate volume with a special combination of natural waxes to thicken and plump lashes. Chantecaille's signature Rosewater is added for a luxurious and healing experience. The formula features the non-clumping, double helix brush to comb and feather lashes for clump-free volume.
  • Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss
    Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss
    Chantecaille. Luminous Lip Gloss. This extraordinary new lip gloss formula offers up to 6 hours of long-lasting shine. Rich texture, dramatic brilliance and innovative shiny polymers create a fluid, 3-D glass-like effect for volume and shine with a superior adherence. Water-binding, PCA hydrates and smoothes lips for greater comfort and wear. Paraben-free. A new flex doe foot is specifically designed for this unique formula to achieve greater control and comfort during application. . Guava - pretty medium pink. Lychee - delicate pinky nude. Coco - warm bronze with shimmer. Passionfruit - flattering coral. Fig- an earthy berry. Pink Melon- a soft, sparkling pink. Framboise- a dazzling pink raspberry
  • Chantecaille Brow Lift Eclat Highlighter
    Chantecaille Brow Lift Eclat Highlighter
    Chantecaille. Brow Lift Eclat Highlighter. With a single sweep, the caffeine-enriched formula camouflages stray hairs and illuminates the brow bone for a more lifted and groomed effect. Perfect for all skin tones, the soft champagne hue and defines. Can also be used on the inner and outer corner of the eyes and below the bottom lash line for an instant eye opening effect.
  • Chantecaille Lip Sheer Lipstick
    Chantecaille Lip Sheer Lipstick
    Chantecaille. Lip Sheer Lipstick. Contains only natural waxes. Enriched with vitamins A and C, amino acid emollients, plus an SPF 6-8 for sun protection. Silver metal tube in a fabric slipcase.
  • Chantecaille Total Concealer
    Chantecaille Total Concealer
    Chantecaille. Total Concealer. Get perfect-looking skin with Chantecaille's Total Concealer, an innovative gel formula. • Created to provide the smoothest, most natural finish possible. • Seamlessly covers dark circles and other blemishes, and softens the appearance of fine lines. • Smoothes, illuminates with an ultralight layer of coverage that blends imperceptibly into skin, thanks to a special gel mix of olive oil, tamanu nut oil, and light-reflecting particles. • Heals and protects with active botanicals of chamomile, green tea, orchid, and wild rose.
  • Chantecaille Limited Edition The Glacier Eye Shadow Trio
    Chantecaille Limited Edition The Glacier Eye Shadow Trio
    Chantecaille. Limited Edition The Glacier Eye Shadow Trio. The limited edition shades reflect the landscape of the arctic and the delicate hues symbolize the ice and the earth revealed by the melting of the glaciers. Micronized pigments boost color pureness and formula adherence while a natural spherical polymer creates an effortless application for a smooth, even finish. Unique to the Iceberg shade, Brown Seaweed Extract helps preserve and improve the delicate eyelid's elasticity, firmness and suppleness. Each Arctic inspired shade is embossed with a melting glacier. Shades can be blended and layered to create a soft sculpted look. Polar Light. A delicate taupe in a new, ultra silky matte formula. The flattering neutral was inspired by the summer night sky in the Polar Regions. Iceberg. Like an iceberg, there is moreto the icy white shade than meets the eye. Below the surface, the unique formula is loaded with light reflecting gold pearl that casts an eye catching iridescent glow. Arctic Dusk. A mesmerizing, warm lilac gray that reflects the color of the Arctic ground as it's being exposed.
  • Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duos
    Chantecaille Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duos
    Chantecaille. Le Chrome Luxe Eye Duos. A powder emulsion hybrid, the advanced formula is molded into a unique and flexible dome shape. Lightweight and creamy, the long-wearing eyeshades offer a silky smooth stay-put application and satin finish. Sensuous in feel and luxurious in application, the crease-free and ultra-blendable formula can be applied dry for a sheer wash of metallic radiance or dampened for a liquid-metal effect. Piazza San Marco Duo:. Pigeon: A sophisticated midnight purple. Marble: The polished soft gray of an ancient sculpture.Grand Canal Duo:. Laguna: A mysterious and flattering water green/gray. Rialto: A delicate, shimmering gold that reflects the radiant, gondola-eye view of the Rialto Bridge at night.
  • Chantecaille Galactic Lip Shine
    Chantecaille Galactic Lip Shine
    Chantecaille. Galactic Lip Shine. Galactic Lip Shine—an ultra conditioning lip gloss, serum hybrid that combines the revitalizing and moisturizing properties of a balm with the radiance and shine of a gloss. Infused with a unique mélange of healing fruit extracts, the innovative formula smoothes, protects and conditions lips leaving them feeling extremely soft. Flattering to all complexions, each sophisticated shade contains unique polychromatic pearl designed to enhance the natural color of your lips. Wear alone or customize your favorite lip color by applying Galactic Lip Shine over it.
  • Chantecaille Brow Definer Pencil
    Chantecaille Brow Definer Pencil
    Chantecaille. Brow Definer Pencil. Choose one of these four shades: ash blonde for blondes, oak brown for brunettes, cedar red for russets, or ebony black for raven hair. Darkens, fills in brows, and lengthens arches. Long-lasting, non-greasy texture thanks to vegetable oils and vitamins E and C. Clean, neat application with precise tip and firm lead.
  • Chantecaille Loose Color Powder
    Chantecaille Loose Color Powder
    Chantecaille. Loose Color Powder. Using the latest technology, this weightless loose face powder feels creamy and goes on evenly. Apply it for a translucent or matte glow. Gives skin a luminous quality with mica and sericites. Contains no drying talc. Flawless, long-lasting wear, thanks to polymers that limit the skin's oil secretion. In a shiny silver jar with a signature powder puff.
  • Chantecaille Lip Definer
    Chantecaille Lip Definer
    Chantecaille. Lip Definer. Create perfect long-lasting lip color with this botanical-infused formula.
  • Chantecaille Cheek Color Refill
    Chantecaille Cheek Color Refill
    Chantecaille. Cheek Color Refill. Processed with a new technology that produces a light, ultra-fine coated powder, this subtlyconvincing blush of color is enriched with anti-aging vitamins A, C and E. Cruelty-free, with no animal, lanolin or mineral derivatives. Designed for customizable, refillable Palettes which are sold seperately.
  • Chantecaille Roll-On Eau de Parfum
    Chantecaille Roll-On Eau de Parfum
    Chantecaille. Roll-On Eau de Parfum, 0.26 oz. Chantecaille's beautiful signature scents now have convenience and portability. These elegant, silkscreened glass tubes each arrive in a chic faux-croc pouch. Balsam, Jasmine, and Tuberose form the heart and character of Pétales, which is then lifted by the lush, voluptuously feminine Gardenia flower. Pétales is deliciously fresh, pretty, and classic. Arrives in a white faux-croc pouch. Kalimantan is the ultimate sexy, exotic fragrance. Born from a trip to Borneo, it evokes the wild exotic forest, the brilliant silks, passion and charisma. Arrives in a khaki faux-croc pouch. Vetyver is incredibly chic, distinctive and easy to wear. A bright morning scent, it elegantly lingers throughout the day, deepening as a warm sexy fragrance. Ultrafine and modern. Arrives in a green faux-croc pouch. Blending the exhilarating salt air and wild landscape of the Turquoise seas with the delicate freshness of classic white flowers like Gardenia and Jasmine, Chantecaille's unusual Tiare introduces an incredibly "up" fragrance that redefines the scent and experience of a beautiful white flower scent. Arrives in a turquoise faux-croc pouch. The Indian pink Frangipani blossom, know as "The Eternal Perfume" in Oriental civilizations, is deeply sensual and spiritual. It is anchored in Exotic Orange and intense Vanilla. Arrives in a chic orange pouch. 0.26 fl. oz./ 7.68 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover
    Chantecaille Rose Eye Makeup Remover
    Chantecaille. Rose Eye Makeup Remover, 2.5 oz. Chantecaille has developed Rose Eye Makeup Remover, a gentle, non-oily formula with a moisturizing botanical complex. • This highly-effective product swiftly dissolves all types of eye makeup and easily rinses away. • Its soothing combination of chamomile and cornflower waters, along with Chantecaille's signature Rosewater, helps calm and brighten the eye area. • Extracts of apricot, pure honey, rosemary and aloe vera nourish, protect and hydrate. Taking off your makeup at night now becomes an easy, stress free process, enhanced by soothing botanical properties and the wonderful aroma of rose. The gentle, smooth formula means no friction, no irritation, no tears. This 82.2% botanical and paraben-free formula is suited to even the most sensitive types. 2.5 fl. oz./ 74 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Compact Makeup Powder Foundation
    Chantecaille Compact Makeup Powder Foundation
    Chantecaille. Compact Makeup Powder Foundation. Get a modern, finished look with this ultrasmooth, ultrafine power foundation. Mimics skin in its structure and feel. Keeps skin ultrasoft and hydrated. Works in all climates. Allows extra moisture to evaporate while keeping the skin hydrated with emollient, high-moisture permeability. Helps prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays with polyphenols of green apple. In a galvanized nickel compact with sponge and fabric pouch.
  • Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation
    Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation
    Chantecaille. Future Skin Foundation. Contains 60% charged water and seaweed. The formula is exceptional due to its ability to transfer water into the skin without the support of any oil. A protective field prevents water evaporation and blocks environmental oxidation. Provides adjustable coverage (medium-full) using light reflective circular pigment to ease the appearance of flaws. Offers a city level of sun protection and has a refreshing, lightweight texture.
  • Chantecaille Petales Fragrance
    Chantecaille Petales Fragrance
    Chantecaille. Petales Fragrance. Deliciously fresh, pretty, classic, and romantic. Petales is a party at the Botanical Gardens on a warm summer's evening, it's an all-night dance on a Yacht off the Riviera—its essence is the white-flower elegance of a thousand gardenias, chic and couture at its heart. The inspiration: The story behind Petales cannot be told without touching on Sylvie Chantecaille's deep love of Gardenias. A central ingredient in this complex and ambient white-flower fragrance, the tropical classic has long been a favorite of Chantecaille's since she was a little girl. "Gardenias' unmistakable perfume always reminds me of growing up in France and long, relaxed summer evenings," Chantecaille says. In order to create a truly unique and modern interpretation of this timeless scent, Chantecaille blended Gardenia with a fragrant bouquet of other signature white flowers, including Jasmine and Tuberose, yielding a highly unusual, yet beautifully fresh and wearable scent that is the definition of pure glamour. The spirit of Petales calls to mind warm and breezy summer parties, enchanted gardens, and the pleasures of couture dressing. "It's both completely heady and yet deliciously fresh," Chantecaille says. The scent: Balsam, Jasmine, and Tuberose form the heart and character of Petales, which is then lifted by the lush, voluptuously feminine Gardenia flower. Beautifully warm, soft, and sensual Cedar, Sandalwood, and the whisper of Musk deepen this velvety, fresh fragrance, giving it a thoroughly sophisticated and refined essence that is ultimately classic and unforgettable. Top Notes: Fresh GardeniaMiddle Notes: Balsam, Jasmine, and TuberoseBottom Notes: Cedar, Ambergris, and Sandalwood. Key ingredients: Gardenia (velvety and dewy), Cedar and Sandalwood (soft, sensual, warmth), Tuberose (classic white floral, textural volume), Musk (tenacity, subtle, quiet sophistication, kind to animals and the environment). 2.5 oz.
  • Chantecaille Waterproof Brow Definer
    Chantecaille Waterproof Brow Definer
    Chantecaille. Waterproof Brow Definer. An innovative dual-ended brow perfecter with a grooming brush on one end and a triangular tip on the other that allows for a tailor-made stroke and effortless application. The advanced formula combines the benefits of a waterproof brow pencil, wax and powder to create naturally fuller looking brows instantly. Nourishing avocado oil keeps brows soft and healthy. Subtly building volume while providing light hold, two universal shades allow you to customize your desired intensity. Automatic pencil, no sharpener required.
  • Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser
    Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser
    Chantecaille. Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser, 2.46 oz. Gently clean skin with Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser, a delicate botanical formula that utilizes the unbelievably softening property of rice bran with healing geranium essential oils. Ideal for normal to oily skin. The 93.8% botanical formula:. Softens skin with rice bran. Purifies with geranium. Tones skin with orange blossom. Balances sebum with seaweed and natto gum. Heals and purifies with the aromatherapeutic benefits of geranium and orange blossom. Contains olive leaf for its antibacterial and antiaging properties. Comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube.Each morning, start by cleansing skin with this formula. At night, use to remove face and eye makeup. Rinse with water, and then spray and pat Rose de Mai into skin. 2.46 oz./ 73 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Lipstick
    Chantecaille Lipstick
    Chantecaille. Lipstick. Contains only natural waxes. Enriched with vitamins A and C, amino acid emollients, plus an SPF 6-8 for sun protection. Silver metal tube in a fabric slipcase.
  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream
    Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream
    Chantecaille. Bio Lifting Cream, 1.7 oz. Heal and rejuvenate skin with this plant-powered cream from the French family Chantecaille. What it is. • Intense Swiss-developed antiaging treatment with exceptional hydrating properties. What it does. • Rejuvenates, heals, and protects dry, irritated skin. • Boosts skin's moisture by 50% within six hours. • Keeps skin plumped for more than 24 hours, creating a hydrating lift effect and smoothing out fine lines. • Infuses biodynamic energy directly to the skin cells, regenerating their metabolism and triggering healthy cell growth. • Strengthens the barrier level by rebuilding collagen and elastin. • Relaxes and smoothes existing lines and helps prevent future ones from occurring. • Raises the efficacy of SPF creams. How it works. • 83% botanicals. • Powered by an anti-wrinkle hexapeptide that diminishes the strength of neurotransmitters, helping relax your facial muscles and prevent future wrinkles. • Imperata cylindrica, which transfers its exceptional ability to retain its own moisture to the cellular level. • Biodynamic plankton, to help regenerate cell growth, neutralize free radicals, and reduce inflammation. • Borage oil, rich in essential fatty acids. • Mineral trace elements (zinc, manganese, calcium, iron, and copper), which improve cellular respiration and metabolic function. • Tocotrienol vitamin E, 60 times more potent than typical vitamin E. Who it's for. • Normal to dry skins of all ages: Apply each morning and evening. • Oily or acne-prone skin: Use as a night cream. How to use. • Apply to face and neck, as well as under eye area. • You'll see results in 30 days. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid
    Chantecaille Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid
    Chantecaille. Bio Lifting Oil-Free Fluid, 1.7 oz. Finally—a lifting, wrinkle-fighting fluid for women with oily skin in need of an anti-aging moisturizer. Oil-free emulsion with a mattifying ability. First anti-aging moisturizer that targets acne and truly balances sebum production. Unique lifting ability that works to erase lines and smooth out wrinkles. Works to energize cellular activity, activating skin's cellular renewal and regeneration. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner
    Chantecaille Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner
    Chantecaille. Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner. Inspired by the gorgeous texture and opulent colors of the world-renowned Fortuny silks, Chantecaille introduces Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner. A groundbreaking formula, this beautifully soft liner captures the saturated, ultra-gliding application of a liquid in a pencil that is able to be sharpened. Transfer-proof and long-wearing, the rich hues offer excellent color payoff and a sophisticated shine. With a single effortless swipe, the silky smooth formula melts into the lash line for an instant eye enhancing effect that lasts hour after hour.
  • Chantecaille Lipstick
    Chantecaille Lipstick
    Chantecaille. Lipstick. Contains only natural waxes. Enriched with vitamins A and C, amino acid emollients, plus an SPF 6-8 for sun protection. Silver metal tube in a fabric slipcase.
  • Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream
    Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream
    Chantecaille. Rose de Mai Cream, 1.7 oz. To celebrate Chantecaille's 15-year anniversary, the brand introduces the Rose de Mai Cream, infused with one of the world's rarest roses from Grasse, France. An extremely modern moisturizer, it draws upon the healing properties of the iconic Rose de Mai central to the brand's heritage and augmented by the most powerful skincare technology. Using two types of plant stem cells and exclusive new clarifying ingredients, this hyper moisturizing crème helps stimulate skin's natural immune system. Inspired by the smooth, dewy purity of a fresh rose petal, the purifying formula helps boost skin's radiance from within by activating and improving skin's natural ability to protect, repair and hydrate itself. Rose de Mai Cream is the essence of Chantecaille, modern and scientifically botanical. 1.7 fl. oz./50mlDesigner
  • Chantecaille Anti-Aging Liquid Lumière
    Chantecaille Anti-Aging Liquid Lumière
    Chantecaille. Anti-Aging Liquid Lumière, 0.8 oz. Introducing Liquid Lumière—a luxuriously lightweight highlighting fluid that instantly illuminates skin while delivering long-term anti-aging benefits. Velvety smooth and buildable, Liquid Lumière blends effortlessly to leave skin feeling hydrated and supple. Micro-sized, light reflecting pigments blur imperfections to instantly brighten and even out skin tone. Available in Luster, Brilliance, and Sheen—each sold separately. Brilliance: A sheer, radiant gold, for a fresh summer glow. When applied to the entire face the light reflecting fluid creates a luminous finish. Wear Brilliance alone or combine with equal parts foundation, skincare or SPF. Luster: A tropical sunset pink, adds a pop of color to skin. Apply Luster directly to the cheeks day or night for a dazzling summer look. Sheen: A delicate pearly pink. 0.8 fl. oz./ 23.7 mL
  • Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick
    Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick
    Chantecaille. Hydra Chic Lipstick. A satiny, full-impact lipstick that delivers instant and lasting hydration with six hours of great color wear. Packaged in a slim stylo case for ultimate application control, the luxurious texture melts onto lips with a comforting and hydrating sensation. Natural extracts of papaya and orchid help to soften lips and provide antioxidant and anti-aging protection. Raist, a natural sugar derivative, absorbs the loss of moisture leaving lips feeling silky smooth and velvety.
  • Chantecaille Supreme Cils Longwear Water-Resistant Mascara
    Chantecaille Supreme Cils Longwear Water-Resistant Mascara
    Chantecaille. Supreme Cils Longwear Water-Resistant Mascara. Introducing a luxurious, water-resistant mascara from Chantecaille. In one easy stroke of the unique lash-defining brush, the Rosewater-infused mascara delivers long-lasting volume, length, and definition to lashes of all lengths. The innovative smudge-proof formula combines natural clay and Acrylic Polymers for superior, long-wear. A volume-enhancing combination of Dextra and Bentonite thickens and separates each lash for eye-catching fringe without any clumps. Unlike other water-resistant mascaras, Supreme Cils' thermal-sensitive formula can be easily removed with warm water.
  • Chantecaille Le Stylo Ultra Slim Water-Resistant Eyeliner
    Chantecaille Le Stylo Ultra Slim Water-Resistant Eyeliner
    Chantecaille. Le Stylo Ultra Slim Water-Resistant Eyeliner. Introducing the ultimate tool for creating the expertly defined eyes seen all over the Fall runways. Inspired by the best selling Chantecaille Le Stylo, this sleeker generation's water-resistant formula delivers intense, saturated color to the lash line—effortlessly. The new liner's perfectly calibrated calligraphy like tip allows for easy application with astonishing control and precision. Thick strokes taper elegantly, sculpting and defining eyes to create a range of versatile looks—from a glamorous 60s-style cat eye to a classic and precise lash-enhancing line.
  • Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen SPF 50
    Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen SPF 50
    Chantecaille. Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen SPF 50, 1.3 oz. The Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen is a truly invisible shield that delivers comprehensive UV protection: SPF 50 for UVB and PA+++ for UVA. The formula contains a combination of three highly effective, stabilized, non-penetrating screens: avobenzone, octisalate, and octinoxate. Cherry blossom, lemon balm, and white tea extracts deliver powerful anti-inflammatory properties, protecting DNA from free radicals. Carnosine, an effective and well-known anti-glycation ingredient, ensures that skin is protected from the internal threat of sugar glycation (a process that breaks down collagen). The oil-free texture beautifully smoothes skin and controls oil-breakthrough and shine throughout the day. Chantecaille make up artists find that the fluid perfectly preps skin and extends the wear of Future Skin Foundation. Water and humidity-resistant, it is perfect daily protection for outdoor activities and humid climates. Apply daily over moisturizer and before makeup application for smooth, protected skin. 1.3 fl. oz./ 40 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Eye Definer Brush
    Chantecaille Eye Definer Brush
    Chantecaille. Eye Definer Brush. A long tapered brush, similar to a paintbrush, designed for precise eye shade application. Made of luxuriously soft black squirrel hair blend.
  • Chantecaille Limited-Edition Save The Sharks Palette
    Chantecaille Limited-Edition Save The Sharks Palette
    Chantecaille. Limited-Edition Save The Sharks Palette. In support of BLOOM's passionate commitment to ban shark fining, Chantecaille unveils the Save the Sharks palette. A graphic and alluring eye and cheek palette that fuses runway inspired colors with the with the freshness of the oceans; for a look that is bold, yet feminine. Palette includes:. Great White - a soft beige inspired by the apex of our oceans' ecosystems, the Great White shark. Gray Reef- a glistening sandy gray inspired by the Indian and Pacific Oceans' Grey Reefs sharks. Black Tip - an on-trend deep ocean blue inspired by the aquatic spring runway looks and the dark, inky fin of Black tip sharks. Sea Anemone - a flattering golden coral cheek shade inspired by the underwater gardens of the tropical seas. Refillable. 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Bloom Association.
  • Chantecaille Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil
    Chantecaille Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil
    Chantecaille. Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil. Just in time for the summer season Chantecaille introduces their longest wearing and first ever waterproof eye liner. The innovative formula's waterproof pigments deliver up to 24 hours of smudge proof definition and lash thickening effects. Creamy texture blends easily right after application, leaving eyes expertly defined for up to 24 hours—rain or shine.
  • Chantecaille High-Definition Perfecting Powder
    Chantecaille High-Definition Perfecting Powder
    Chantecaille. High-Definition Perfecting Powder. Created especially for High-Definition cameras, Chantecaille's invisible skin smoothing powder never settles into fine lines and instantly erases pores on all skin tones. An omega-3 complex made up of Inca Inchi seeds and Brazilian pepper tree seed oil effectively hydrates, increases microcirculation, and reduces hypersensitivity resulting in a healthier, more uniform complexion.
  • Chantecaille Eye Liner Brush
    Chantecaille Eye Liner Brush
    Chantecaille. Eye Liner Brush. An ultra-flat, precisely angled brush delivers a clean line around the lashes. Made of non-animal taklon.
  • Chantecaille Eye Perfector Brush
    Chantecaille Eye Perfector Brush
    Chantecaille. Eye Perfector Brush. A round, closely trimmed brush designed for smudging color around the rim of the eyes. Made of luxuriously soft pony hair.
  • Chantecaille Eyebrow Perfector Brush
    Chantecaille Eyebrow Perfector Brush
    Chantecaille. Eyebrow Perfector Brush. A small dual-ended brush, ideal for maintaining eyebrow shape and blending color. Made of luxuriously soft boar hair.
  • Chantecaille Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream
    Chantecaille Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream
    Chantecaille. Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream, 2.5 oz. Refresh and renew your skin like never before with Chantecaille's ultra gentle dual action skin smoother. The physical action of the bamboo spheres polish and exfoliate skin; while the cream's plant enzymes gently dissolve dead skin cells. Pores are minimized, fine lines are reduced, and skin texture and clarity are perfected—all without any irritation or redness. 2.5 fl. oz./ 74 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille TRAVEL BRUSH SET
    Chantecaille TRAVEL BRUSH SET
    Chantecaille. TRAVEL BRUSH SET. Concealer Brush - a smooth, flat brush designed for precise application and blending of concealer or foundation. Cheek Brush- a small, conical, tapered brush made of luxuriously soft goat hair, ideal for blending. Essential tool for contouring or allover cheek shading. Perfect Sweep Brush - a large flat head brush with beveled edge for a smooth, perfectly controlled sweep of base shades. Eye Liner Brush - an ultra-flat, precisely angled brush delivers a clean line around the lashes. Eye Basic Brush - a firm, flat, and tapered brush for fast, easy Eye Shade application. Zip-around travel case. To clean, wet bristles with warm soapy water and avoid the gunmetal furrell. After the bristles are rinsed, rest the brushes upright to dry.
  • Chantecaille Perfect Sweep Brush
    Chantecaille Perfect Sweep Brush
    Chantecaille. Perfect Sweep Brush. A gently tapered brush designed for quick and flawless application all over the lid. Made from luxuriously soft synthetic squirrel hair.
  • Chantecaille Eye Blend Brush
    Chantecaille Eye Blend Brush
    Chantecaille. Eye Blend Brush. A short tapered brush designed for blending eye shades. Made from luxuriously soft pony hair.
  • Chantecaille Basic Eye Brush
    Chantecaille Basic Eye Brush
    Chantecaille. Basic Eye Brush. A firm, tapered medium size brush designed for flawless and effortless eye shade application. Made from luxuriously soft pony hair.
  • Chantecaille Concealer Brush
    Chantecaille Concealer Brush
    Chantecaille. Concealer Brush. A small flat brush designed for precise application and blending of concealer. Made from synthetic materials.
  • Chantecaille Foundation Brush
    Chantecaille Foundation Brush
    Chantecaille. Foundation Brush. A broad, flat brush designed for flawless foundation application. Made from synthetic materials.
  • Chantecaille Cheek Brush
    Chantecaille Cheek Brush
    Chantecaille. Cheek Brush. An expertly tapered brush designed for contouring or all-over cheek shading. Made of luxuriously soft goat hair.
  • Chantecaille Face Brush
    Chantecaille Face Brush
    Chantecaille. Face Brush. An oversized luxurious goat hair face brush with a small handle for effortless storage and transportation. Designed for face powder and bronzer.
  • Chantecaille Kabuki Brush
    Chantecaille Kabuki Brush
    Chantecaille. Kabuki Brush. The African inspired zebra printed Kabuki Brush can be used to buff or build any type of powder. Ultra soft goat hair in a firm, dome shape makes it ideal for HD Perfecting Powder application and on-the-go touch ups.
  • Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer
    Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer
    Chantecaille. Radiance Gel Bronzer, 1.3 oz. Anti-Aging Luminosity. This weightless, ultra-moisturizing liquid bronzer - a gel / fluid hybrid, adds a touch of sun and healthy luminosity to any complexion without the look of makeup. Radiance Gel Bronzer's luxurious formula is long-wearing and anti-aging with a new polymer, that provides extraordinary smoothness, natural finish and luminosity - with up to 12 hours of flawless wear. The exclusive and innovative blend of natural potent age defense actives includes raspberry stem cells that protect from inflammation and free radicals while repairing DNA damage. A youth-preserving bearberry complex is added for anti-glycation and antioxidant benefits in addition to vegetal-derived squalane for elasticity. Paraben-free. 1.3 fl. oz./ 38 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum
    Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum
    Chantecaille. Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum. Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum contains a combination of powerful, patented age-defying actives from the Chantecaille Nano Gold and Bio Lifting ranges, prepared in a double concentration. This potent cocktail of highly effective collagen builders, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients is delivered in a unique roller ball applicator that aids in de-puffing. 24-karat Nano Gold increases cell integrity with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging and energizing properties. Chantecaille's signature Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptides minimize muscular contractions, thus smoothing out lines existing lines and preventing new ones from forming. Raspberry and Tomato stem cells are powerful antioxidants that also extend cellular longevity. A Peptdic Complex increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage, resulting in reduced dark circles and puffiness. Paraben Free. 97% Botanical. 0.52 oz.
  • Chantecaille Gel Liner Pencil
    Chantecaille Gel Liner Pencil
    Chantecaille. Gel Liner Pencil. Chantecaille introduces the first long-wearing gel eyeliner housed in a sustainable wooden pencil. One end contains a long-wearing smooth gel for perfect definition. The other includes a multipurpose brush that can draw a clean, precise line or can create a smoky eye.
  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum
    Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum
    Chantecaille. Bio Lifting Serum, 1.05 oz. Biodynamic Lifting Serum is an essential anti-aging step to be used in conjunction with the Bio Lift range. It offers a new set of benefits, including re-densifying, brightening, and 24 hour hydration. The new Biodynamic Lifting Serum uses rare and patented actives, including highly reparative Raspberry Stem Cells, Botox-like hexapeptides, and collagen-building plant extracts. Skin is noticeably firmed, hydrated and protected. 88% botanical. Paraben free. Visible results are realized with use of this results-driven natural product:. 1. Collagen matrix is strengthened, skin is firmed and redensified with Bioglucosine Tripeptides and Raspberry Stem Cells. 2. Chantecaille's signature hexapeptides and naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid smoothe and lift. 3. Imperata Cylindrica, Marsh Samphire extract and Hyaluronic Acid plump skin and deliver immediate and sustained hydration. 4. Lemon Balm extract, Raspberry Stem Cells, Ginseng extract and White tea brighten and improve skin's clarity. 1.05 fl. oz./ 30 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Vetyver Fragrance
    Chantecaille Vetyver Fragrance
    Chantecaille. Vetyver Fragrance. As seen in InStyle magazine (September 2010 issue, p406). Fresh, free, ripe, and clean. Vetyver mixes the distinctive masculine energy with a bold and independent femininity. It is the essence of individuality and forward-thinking attitude. The inspiration: Bright, sparkling, and cool, Vetyver reveals a personal love story between Sylvie Chantecaille and the men whom she's loved and admired. "My father always wore it, and my husband wears it now," she says. "For a woman to wear it, it has always been such a bold choice. It's a scent with a long history, one that I wanted to explore in a fresh, more modern way.". Hence, in this new chapter of Vetyver, Chantecaille explores the balance between masculine and feminine. "It is essentially the scent of a very cool, chic man that I've interpreted for an utterly modern and confident woman," Chantecaille says. Imagine that relaxed elegance and confidence of Katharine Hepburn in a beautifully tailored suit—Vetyver is infinitely chic and optimistic. The scent: An exotic grass native to Haiti and Indonesia whose roots yield a fragrant, earthy scent, Vetyver is often incorporated as a key ingredient in unisex fragrances. This clean, dry, subtly woody scent is punctuated by the pine-like Juniper. Brighter notes of Citron, Pepper, Nutmeg, and Bergamot lighten Vetyver's bold heart, adding a cozy warmth matched by an invigorating freshness. Spicy, unexpectedly sexy hints of Musk and Sandalwood give Vetyver an alluring quality that is deeply feminine and casually sophisticated. Top Notes: Citron, Pepper, Nutmeg, and Bergamot. Middle Notes: Vetyver. Bottom Notes: Musk and Sandalwood. Key ingredients:Citron (zesty, cool, citrus); Nutmeg (exotic, spicy, woody, warmth); Pepper (fresh, invigorating, almost effervescent); Vetyver (dry, earthy, smoky, exotic, and contemporary). 2.5 oz.
  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Neck Cream
    Chantecaille Bio Lifting Neck Cream
    Chantecaille. Bio Lifting Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. Chantecaille's Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream is the sixth element of the luxurious Titanium Anti-Aging Skincare Collection. It is a restorative and innovative treatment that moisturizes and repairs the delicate skin on the neck and decollete, using powerful groundbreaking botanical ingredients. Skin is smoothed and jaw line is defined. It adds structural strength and support to skin that is constantly in motion. The formula contains Chantecaille's signature anti-wrinkle hexapeptide technology to prevent deep lines from forming, new re-contouring tripeptides to firm the skin, and the "first to market" raspberry stem cells to repair damaged skin. Glaucine, a botanically derived reshaping active, drastically reduces excess fat and slims the jaw line and restores tone. Watercress and marsh samphire even skin tone and hydrate the neck area. Contains 87% botanicals. Paraben-free.Appropriate for all skin types, particularly mature and/or dry skin. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Tiare Fragrance
    Chantecaille Tiare Fragrance
    Chantecaille. Tiare Fragrance. Subtly sweet, gentle, and delicious. Promotes loving energy. A type of gardenia indigenous to Tahiti, with an exquisite and distinctive scent. One whiff evokes the sea, spices, and tropical smells. 2.6 ouncesDesigner
  • Chantecaille Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette Refill
    Chantecaille Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette Refill
    Chantecaille. Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette Refill. Iridescent Eye Shade Refill is a dazzling collection of lightweight, metallic colors for the eyes. Sheer, pearlescent tones offer a reflective finish for a weightless, sophisticated look. Silicon coated pearls create an exceptionally soft and creamy texture that glides on smoothly, with oil absorbing properties for a luxurious, long-adhering glow. Iridescent Eye Shade builds beautifully with matte and opaque shadows. Cruelty-free, with no lanolin or animal derivates. Designed for customizable, refillable Palettes.
  • Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara
    Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara
    Chantecaille. Faux Cils Mascara, Black. Faux Cils Mascara combines three unique elements to achieve such a dramatic look: a unique full bristle amplifying brush; an exceptionally efficient wiper that eliminates clumping; and a high-performance formula packed with natural waxes, rosa damascena, and vegetal polymers that delivers a thin, lightweight film that stays on all day—or night. Red seaweed extract defines lashes and enhances elasticity, while a special hydrophilic polymer confers water resistance. This luxurious, treatment loaded formula instantly lengthens, thickens and accentuates without clumping. It intensifies lashes, plumping them for a super dramatic effect that is both healthy and stunning. 0.32 fl. oz./ 9g
  • Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream
    Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream
    Chantecaille. Flower Harmonizing Cream, 1.7 oz. Hydrate skin with this botanical moisturizer that has the calming scent of rose and lavender. The botanical formula: Combines flowers, essential oils, seaweed, herbs, and vitamins. Helps support, protect, and restore balance to skin. Calms irritated, red skin. Provides protection from UVA and UVB rays. Made in Switzerland. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Kalimantan Fragrance
    Chantecaille Kalimantan Fragrance
    Chantecaille. Kalimantan Fragrance. Warm, woodsy, sensual, rich, and deeply exotic. Kalimantan is a bold, intense fragrance that evokes passion and exploration, sensuality, charisma, and the great travelers of the Victorian Age. The inspiration: The storied portion of the Indonesian Island of Borneo captivated Sylvie Chantecaille long ago, and this "island in the clouds" has inspired an intoxicating scent that beautifully distills the intensity, passion, and abundance of this wild and sensual place. "Years ago, I read an amazing book on Borneo, which spurred a desire to know more about this incredible Island," says Sylvie. "The jungle, the spice, the waterfalls, the unabashed desire and fearlessness of the turn-of-the-century explorers who were drawn to the Island..all of this is the raw but also incredibly rich essence of Kalimantan." A trip to Kalimantan reconnects you with this magical, faraway place and time, and this new fragrance draws from that wild intensity. The scent: The essence of Kalimantan begins with the sensual warmth of spellbinding Ciste Absolute, mystical Incense, and Indonesian Patchouli (native to Borneo). This rich base is then lifted by the sharp and earthy top notes of Thyme, Rosemary, and natural Bergamot. Kalimantan's scent is then anchored by the darker essence of Agarwood, an extremely rare, luxurious scent that complements the lighter, warmer tones given off by Sandalwood, Cedar, Styrax, and the suppleness of Vanilla. Top Notes: Thyme, Bergamot, and Rosemary. Middle Notes: Incense, Ciste Absolute, and Indonesian Patchouli. Bottom Notes: Cedar, Styrax, Vanilla, Agarwood, and Sandalwood. Key ingredients: Incense (tree resin, sensuous and relaxing), Cistus Labdanum (spicy, warm, drawn from wild bushes across the Mediterranean and the Middle East), Thyme (invigorating, unisex in spirit, freshness), Rosemary (aromatic uplifting sensation, means 'sea mist'), Bergamot (Mediterranean citrus fruit both bitter and sweet), Vanilla (sweetness and woodsiness, a touch smooth), Styrax (warm, sweet balsamic profile), Agarwood (luxurious, dark, rare), Cedar (warm, dry, tenacious), Sandalwood (warm, woody). 2.5 oz.
  • Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream
    Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream
    Chantecaille. Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream, 15 mL. This extraordinary anti-aging formula starts with the healing powers of pure gold, nourishing the skin at a cellular level and forming an invisible, elastic film that instantly restores tone, diffuses light, and rejuvenates the eye area. Key Benefits:. Re-energizes and rebuilds. Lifts and depuffs. Reduces dark circles. Increases firmness and elasticity.Special Ingredients:. Gold, a natural antioxidant, promotes circulation, affectively energizing the skin. In its nano form, gold is safely delivered to the cellular level of the skin, where it offers its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties. Silk contains a natural enzyme with unique healing properties, in addition to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and a UV-blocking capabilities. Gold and Silk together act as healing and preserving force, to stimulate cell metabolism, boost collagen production and create an effective UVA/UVB block, fighting signs of aging. A skin-tightening combination of Pullulan and Algae Extracts instantly tightens skin while helping to increase collagen over time. Tensine creates a film over the eye area, offering an immediate, visible lift. Saccharide Isomerate is an amazing soothing agent that increases moisture and reduces dryness. Anti-Puffiness Complex of Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Dipeptide-2, andPalmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 improves capillary strength while helping to drain excess fluid and reduce local inflammation. Alpine Skullcap and Elderflower Extract, organically cultivated Alpine Swiss plants, are both highly anti-inflammatory and soothing. Skullcap increases endorphins and lipid production. Caffeine and Chamomile remove toxins from the skin and minimize puffiness. A blend of N-Hydroxysuccinimide, Chrysin, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3 work together to strengthen the skin and reinforce firmness. They limit the production of interleukins and blood-originated pigments, which trigger inflammation and local dark color, thus reducing discoloration. Ginseng and Gynostemma Complex increase cell respiration. Protect and nourish dry skin by increasing blood circulation and help remove toxins, eliminating dark circles and puffiness. 77% botanical; paraben-free. 0.5oz./15ml.
  • Chantecaille Frangipane Fragrance
    Chantecaille Frangipane Fragrance
    Chantecaille. Frangipane Fragrance. Frangipane, native to Peru and the West Indies, was discovered by the botanist Frangipani when he landed on Antigua with the expedition of Columbus. Known by various civilizations as "the eternal perfume," the sweet, calming fragrance is exuded by waxy yellow or pink blossoms. It is sensual, intense, and spiritual. Uniquely sweet, full, and rounded. Deeply sensual, intense, and spiritual. Inspired by the gardens at a 12th-century palace in Udaipur.Top Notes: Exotic orange and violet leaves. Middle Notes: Water hyacinth, ylang ylang, and jasmine. Bottom Notes: Vanilla, musk, and vetyver. 2.5 oz.
  • Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Powder
    Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Powder
    Chantecaille. Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Powder.
  • Chantecaille Nano Gold Firming Treatment
    Chantecaille Nano Gold Firming Treatment
    Chantecaille. Nano Gold Firming Treatment, 1.7 oz. . These targeted smoothing results created by Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palimtoyl Dipeptide-5 contain Matrikines, which are peptidic cell messengers, that stimulate the production of Collagen, Fibronectin, and Hyaluronic Acid. These Matrikines also activate the repair genes in skin healing.2. Energizing and Anti-Inflammatory. Global research continues to explore and prove the powerful effects of Nano Gold* in both medicine and skincare for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Nano 24k Gold is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and energizing. Biotechnologically produced Microalgae Dunaliella Salina reloads the skin with new energy by stimulating ATP (energy) levels and protecting the mitochondria. 3. Stem cells—The breakthrough in anti-aging. As we age skin stem cells die. Swiss Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber stem cells trigger the skin's own stem cell's ability for infinite regeneration and DNA repair. This endangered apple species, famous for resisting oxidation and wrinkling over many months, was the perfect candidate to develop stem cell technology.4. Custom Hydration for 24 hours. The unique Moisture Matrix is a web-like structure that retains water and improves skin's immediate moisture retention and balance. Moisture release is customized depending on pH levels, surface moisture, and temperature of the skin for a full 24 hours. Super hydrating botanicals: Imperata Cylindrica Root extract, Linden Tree, and Sodium Hyaluronate maintain maximum moisture.5. Photo-aging and Antioxidant Protection. Vitamin A & E, White Tea extract and Co-Enzyme Q10, protect from free radicals and help maintain healthy skin. Lychee Chinensis and Vitamin C Ester protect from the negative effects of UVA and UVB radiation therefore protecting against photo-aging and lighten and brighten the skin. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50.3 mL.
  • Chantecaille Ma Petite Palette
    Chantecaille Ma Petite Palette
    Chantecaille. Ma Petite Palette. Chic and conveniently sized, this refillable trio will be your new makeup-bag-must-have. Seamlessly apply your favorite Cheek Crèmes and Eye Shades on the go with the help of the mini Eye Basic Brush and mirror. Holds any three colors from the Chantecaille collection, including Shine Eye Shades, Lasting Eye Shades and Cheek Shades.
  • Chantecaille Ma Palette
    Chantecaille Ma Palette
    Chantecaille. Ma Palette. Perfect for traveling or keeping your vanity organized, this refillable 8 pan palette will store all your favorite Chantecaille shades in one place. . Includes a 6 x 4 inch mirror and a full sized Eye Basic Brush. Holds any eight colors from the Chantecaille collection, including Shine Eye Shades, Lasting Eye Shades and Cheek Shades.
  • Chantecaille Eyeshadow Palette Refill-Lasting
    Chantecaille Eyeshadow Palette Refill-Lasting
    Chantecaille. Eyeshadow Palette Refill-Lasting. The Lasting Eye Shade Refill is unlike other eye shadows in its ability to appear transparent or opaque, depending on whether it's applied wet or dry. Either way, its specially treated ingredients create a very adherent and consistent veil of color. A high concentration of Ginseng enhances skin's condition and imparts greater elasticity. Whether a soft or an electric hue, the rich colors never fade, crease or run. Cruelty-free, with no lanolin or animal derivatives of any sort. Designed for customizable, refillable Palettes.
  • Chantecaille Shine Eyeshadow Palette Refill
    Chantecaille Shine Eyeshadow Palette Refill
    Chantecaille. Shine Eyeshadow Palette Refill. New technology allows for the incorporation of a high density of tiny particles of real pearl into the color pigments, creating a crease-proof consistency. Worn on its own, it washes the skin with a film of liquid shine. Shine Eye Shade also mixes easily with matte shadows for a more muted effect. Cruelty-free, without animal or mineral derivatives. Designed for customizable, refillable Palettes.
  • Chantecaille Pencil Sharpener Duo
    Chantecaille Pencil Sharpener Duo
    Chantecaille. Pencil Sharpener Duo. This handy sharpener keeps both jumbo and slim pencils sharpened for perfect application.
  • Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss
    Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss
    Chantecaille. Brilliant Gloss. The first Chantecaille Lip Gloss in a wand. Microspheres of vegetal polysaccarides plump and hydrate lips, creating soft, supple lips and an ultra shiny finish.Glee: a shimmery pink. Love: a soft pink. Charm: a wearable nude. Mirth: a soft pink-peach. Elation: a sheer pink. Folly: a flattering coral. Modern: a shimmery beige. Sweet: an iridescent peach. Crystalline: a wearable gold. Classic: a brown pink. Lucky: a golden pink. Glamour: a rich berry. Pretty: a glistening strawberry pink. Made in Italy. . Glee: a shimmery pink. Love: a soft pink. Charm: a wearable nude. Mirth: a soft pink-peach. Elation: a sheer pink. Made in Italy.
  • Chantecaille Contour Fill
    Chantecaille Contour Fill
    Chantecaille. Contour Fill. A colorless pencil to smooth out the fine lines along the lip line. Plumping vegetal derived Amino Acids fill in lines and build up the contour of the lips, giving them a fuller, smoother look. Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Apply before lip color.
  • Chantecaille Compact Soleil
    Chantecaille Compact Soleil
    Chantecaille. Compact Soleil. A gorgeous, sun-kissed look in just one quick brushstroke—Chantecaille Compact Soleil Bronzer. Gives you a fabulous complexion and sunny glow without UVA and UVB damage. An incredibly silky and natural finish, thanks to the latest micronizing technology that creates an ultrafine, lightweight powder. Heals and protects skin, leaving it smooth and radiant, with gingko biloba and wild roses.Choose Capri for a healthy glow, or Tahiti, for a deeper tan.
  • Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk
    Chantecaille Flower Infused Cleansing Milk
    Chantecaille. Flower Infused Cleansing Milk, 3.4 oz. More than just a cleanser, this Flower Infused Cleansing Milk also treats skin while washing away impurities. The gentle, thorough formula: Removes eye and face makeup without harsh chemicals. Restores the biological equilibrium of the skin—sooths calms, and purifies. Defends against harsh environmental pollutants. All-natural ingredients include: Rose, to moisturize and for its antibacterial qualities. Cornflower, to stimulate and soothe the eye area. Mallow, as an anti-inflammatory. Chamomile, to calm. Jasmine, to increases cell turnover. Mimosa, as an emollient and restorative. Narcissus, to purify. Vitamin B, to aid in tissue repair. 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Bio-Lift Concealer
    Chantecaille Bio-Lift Concealer
    Chantecaille. Bio-Lift Concealer. A two-in-one concealer that erases fine lines as it covers them. • Seamlessly covers dark circles and blemishes. • Core delivers a concentration of anti-wrinkle Hexapeptide to relax existing lines. • Surrounding stick creates smooth color coverage and contains SPF 10. • Soft, subtle texture. • Slim silver metal case.
  • Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid
    Chantecaille Water Flower Fluid
    Chantecaille. Water Flower Fluid, 1.7 oz. Soothe, heal, and protect skin with this light, hydrating oil-free fluid powered by botanical ingredients. Oil free. Minimizes lines and discoloration. Heals exposure to the elements. Soothes and refreshes skin. Vitamins A, C, and E. Moisturizing jojoba. Floral extracts of evening primrose, jasmine, mimosa, narcissus flower, magnolia, and rose. Moisturizing shea butter. Use on the face and around the eyes. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream
    Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream
    Chantecaille. Retinol Hand Cream, 2.5 oz. Soothe and protect hands with Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream with Rose and Vitamin C, a new formula that combines the antiaging powers of retinol with soothing botanicals. • From Chantecaille's antiaging but non-irritating skin care line, developed to fight free radicals without irritating the skin. In fact, each botanical formula also helps calm, heal, and protect the skin. • Works as an antioxidant and cellular repair with vitamin C from fresh orange extracts and ascorbic acid. • Heals and clarifies skin with lemon extract and white lily bulb. • Rejuvenates with magnesium. • Whitens pigmentation (helping to diminish sun spots) with mulberry root and bear berry leaf extract. • Antioxidant powers with grape seed oil, extract of olive leaves, and vitamin E. • Regenerates with shea butter and carob fruit extract. • Purifies and helps cellular repair with emollient jasmine, narcissia, and mimosa flower waxes. • Protects naturally from UVA and UVB rays with edelweiss flower extract. • Rejuvenates with rosewater and rose essential oil. • Heals with geranium essential oil. Apply each morning and night, and after washing hands. 2.5 fl. oz./ 75 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment
    Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment
    Chantecaille. Retinol Body Treatment, 6.7 oz. Recover softer skin with this revolutionary French formula. What it is: A treatment that resurfaces the texture of your skin without irritation or flaking. What it does: Instantly moisturizes skin, providing long-term hydration and an unusual silkiness. Smoothes rough spots. Helps eliminate acne on chest and back. Removes ingrown hairs caused by waxing and shaving and prevents them from occurring. Minimizes uneven skin surface. Over time, helps reduce skin pigment irregularities. How it works: 93% botanical formula. Seaweed-encapsulated nanospheres of active retinol bypass the top layer of skin, delivering pure retinol to the base layers of skin. Sugars repair and maintain the skin's metabolism. Edelweiss flower and antiaging polyphenols offer a natural UVA and UVB protection (SPF 6-8). Sodium hylaruronate, a natural acid found in skin, instantly binds moisture to skin cells. Soybean, shea butter, and sunflower oil nourish and heal. Black currant leaf extract quiets topical irritation and inflammation. How to use: Morning and night after bathing. 6.7 fl. oz./ 200 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Retinol Intense
    Chantecaille Retinol Intense
    Chantecaille. Retinol Intense, 1.7 oz. A soothing night cream that boosts collagen production, helps diminish fine lines and lightens sun damage. Without causing irritation, it releases powerful retinol that penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin, rejuvenating it from within. . Active Retinol improves the barrier function of aged skin and stimulates the rejuvenation process of the epidermal cells as well as helping reduce acne. Jojoba Seed Oil /Macadamia Nut Oil possess regenerative and soothing properties, protect from dehydration and help reduce breakouts. Evening Primrose Oil moisturizes and helps prevent irritation. Mallow has soothing and refreshing qualities, helps reduce inflammation.HOW TO USE:. Ideal as a night moisturizer, apply to clean face and neck. Pat gently until absorbed. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Vital Essence With Arbutin
    Chantecaille Vital Essence With Arbutin
    Chantecaille. Vital Essence With Arbutin, 1.7 oz. The ultimate antioxidant face and eye serum is now available in a breakthrough formula that combats the effects of photoaging, dramatically lightening and brightening sun-damaged skin. Mature skin with brown spots, heavily tanned or uneven complexions and fair skin that freckles easily all benefit from this non-irritating product. Arbutin is safe for long-term use in high concentrations; it inhibits the overproduction of melanin in response to UV exposure. Nano-Retinol, an active derivative of Vitamin A, promotes cellular turnover and stimulates new collagen production without causing any redness or peeling. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask
    Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask
    Chantecaille. Bio Lifting Mask, 1.7 oz. A face-lift in a jar. . An innovative mask treatment you can use whenever you need a quick lift. Contains an anti-wrinkle hexapeptide to smooth and red algae to soothe. Advanced ingredients calm and moisturize.1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream
    Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream
    Chantecaille. Nano Gold Energizing Cream, 1.7 oz. A powerful, healing breakthrough, this extraordinary cream consistently replenishes skin's energy using nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold. By promoting cell metabolism and stimulation collagen production, skin retains optimal health and youthful vitality. Healing: nanoparticles of 24-karat gold are bound to silk microfiber, a natural protein that is moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Through nanotechnology, these elements reach the cellular level where they act as the ultimate healing and preserving force. Anti-Fatigue Complex: Lactic acid and hydrolyzed wheat protein help skin better manage its resources, especially in times of stress, promoting energy. Active Cell Protector: Pineapple juice, rosemary leaf extract, and an algae-and-fermented-protein compound help stimulate cell regeneration, inhibit stress factors, and activate skin revitalization. Plantago Extract: This herbaceous plant, organically cultivated in the Swiss Alps, promotes collagen synthesis and contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and healing properties. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
  • Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask
    Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask
    Chantecaille. Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask, 8 ct. Restore your eyes to a more youthful radiance with Chantecaille's groundbreaking Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask - an all natural seaweed based mask imbibed in a concentrated, anti-aging gold serum. With a cooling and soothing gel texture, the small crescent shaped masks gently adhere to the delicate under eye area. After just 20 minutes, eyes look noticeably more rested - fine lines are ironed out, puffiness is reduced and dark circles are erased. Long term, the powerful 24k gold infused masks help protect DNA, boost collagen production and plump deep wrinkles leaving the delicate eye area smoothed, revitalized and radiant. Paraben free, fragrance free, petrochemical free and cruelty free. Includes 8 pairs of eye gels per box. Application: For instant and long term results, apply 3-4 times a week 20 minutes at a time.
  • Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask
    Chantecaille Detox Clay Mask
    Chantecaille. Detox Clay Mask, 1.7 oz. Chantecaille Introduces the Detox Clay Mask—a new way to purify and firm skin. Detoxifies and purifies problem skin while it soothes and softens. Hydrates and remineralizes skin. Tightens pores and minimizes any signs of oiliness. Firms and improves skin tone, regulating PH balance and even helping to heal scars—all while avoiding the drying, crackling effect of other clay-based masks. A gentle, non-allergic formula tolerated by even the most sensitive skin. To its signature anti-inflammatory base of healing and regenerative flower extracts—Rose, Mimosa, Jasmine, and Narcissus—Chantecaille adds a wonderfully absorbent kaolin (clay), soothing and nourishing extract of pure honey, and rosemary, credited with purifying and sebum-regulating properties. Essential Oils from Sweet Orange peel and German Chamomile soothe, soften and regenerate tired, stressed skin. Peppermint Oil and Burdock Root are anti-bacterial agents that help purify skin and maintain healthy pores. How to use:. This dark grey, naturally fragrant mask is designed for regular or occasional use, depending upon skin's condition. Applied in a generous layer over a freshly washed face and neck, it works for 10 to 12 minutes, and can then be gently rinsed off. There is no drying or flaking as the mask imparts its revitalizing, hydrating magic. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mL.
  • Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask
    Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask
    Chantecaille. Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask, 1.7 oz. . A cooling, hydrating mask that doubles as a calming night cream. Ideal first aid for irritated, sunburned, wind-chapped or jet-lagged skin. Revives and brightens dull complexions. Extremely effective as a daily treatment for rosacea. 91% botanicals including a healing base of pure rosewater. Vegan-friendly. 1.7 oz./ 50gDesigner
  • Chantecaille Fruit and Flower Acids Mask
    Chantecaille Fruit and Flower Acids Mask
    Chantecaille. Fruit and Flower Acids Mask, 1.7 oz. Hibiscus flower acids, grapefruit enzymes, along with the AHA extracted from sugar cane gently dissolve the keratin and eliminate dead damaged cells. This exceptional new treatment mask contains grapefruit and hibiscus flower acids, as well as a botanical glycolic acid (7%). A thin layer of this fresh, active mask works to dissolve keratin, eliminating dead cells, revealing fresh skin. The face is instantly smoothed while protected with a dose of hydration, and uneven pigmentation is lightened. The mask contains a healing base of regenerative flower waxesrose, mimosa, jasmine and narcissus, as well as the restorative acid of the hibiscus flower and the exfoliating acids of grapefruit and papaya. Botanical acids have the benefit of being active while still soothing and never harsh, along with being rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants, brightening the skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines. The AHA, or glycolic acid, extracted from sugar cane gently dissolves the skin's keratin and eliminates damaged and dead cells. Sodium hyaluronate is especially effective in enhancing skin's moisture levels. How to use:This cool, creamy mask is designed for occasional or regular use, according to skin type. Apply a generous layer over dry, clean skin twice a week or more frequently. Leave on for 3 to 10 minutes, depending on skin's sensitivity. Gently sponge off with a warm cloth and follow with an uplifting spray of Rosewater. Contains 73.99% botanicals, including a healing base of Pure Rosewater. 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 mLDesigner
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