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  • Clarisonic Brush Head, Acne Cleansing
    Clarisonic Brush Head, Acne Cleansing
    Clean Your Skin Delicately. Clarisonic Brush Head - Delicate provides mild exfoliation for skin That's extra sensitive and prone to irritation. It's perfect for facial cleansing, shave preparation and for use on the body. It has an ultra-soft brush head that cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The brush's purifying bristles are bacteria resistant. Use on normal, delicate and sensitive skin. Ideal for cleansing oily skin, large pores or hard to reach areas of the face. Gentle enough for daily use. Clarisonic Brush Head - Delicate is ultra-gentle for those with delicate or extra-sensitive skin. Just For You: All skin types, especially sensitive skin. A Closer Look: Clarisonic Brush Head - Delicate comes with an attachable head that works with the Clarisonic Plus Model Brush to care for your skin. Get Started: To remove the brush head, grip it firmly, then push and twist it counterclockwise. Pull the head away from the handle and to attach the brush head, push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place. Use the brush head cap to easily remove and attach the brush head with a simple twist. To keep your brush head clean, simply rinse the brush head with antibacterial soap and warm water. Replace your Clarisonic brush head every 3-4 months.
  • CLARISONIC® 'Mia 2 - Passion Fruit' Sonic Skin Cleansing System
    CLARISONIC® 'Mia 2 - Passion Fruit' Sonic Skin Cleansing System
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    When it comes to skincare, not everyone has the same cleansing regimen and skincare needs, yet everyone can benefit from sonic cleansing. Mia 2, enhanced with two speeds, a two-year warranty and CLARISONIC®'s patented T-TIMER®, allows you to customize your skincare needs while still providing all of the sonic cleansing benefits and compact, travel-friendly design that you know and love from the original Mia. The essential first step in your skincare regimen, CLARISONIC® goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology to gently yet deeply cleanse pores without abrasion or harsh chemicals. CLARISONIC® removes six times more makeup than manual cleansing so that products absorb better making skin more receptive to skincare ingredients (up to 61% of vitamin C). With regular daily use, the CLARISONIC® reduces dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes and immediately leaves skin feeling and looking smoother. Developed by the lead inventor of Sonicare® and used and recommended by leading dermatologists, spas and cosmetic surgeons. Features and benefits:. Two speeds for added customization for your skin type. Two-year warranty. Pulsing T-TIMER® for an efficient and even 60-second cleanse. Improved user interface indicating speed and charge functions. Protective travel case. CLARISONIC® Refreshing Gel Cleanser (1 oz.) By CLARISONIC®; made in the USA.
  • Clarisonic Dual Brush Head Pack-Acne Cleansing
    Clarisonic Dual Brush Head Pack-Acne Cleansing
    Brush Well. Clarisonic Replacement Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head is designed to provide exfoliation for cleansing oily skin, skin with large pores or those looking to target hard to reach and uneven areas of the face, like the crevasses around the nose. It is perfect for facial cleansing, shave preparation and for use on the decollete and body. An ultra-soft brush head for the Clarisonic Skincare Brush. Cleanses and exfoliates skin. Harness t.
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