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Dara Ettinger
  • Dara Ettinger
  • Aimee Small Quartz Horizontal Ring
    Aimee Small Quartz Horizontal Ring
    It's no wonder your friends flock to you for fashion advice. You dress fabulously and accessorize like a pro. As you slip on this elegant Aimee small quartz horizontal ring, you realize your friends are smart for seeking your fabulousness. This ring features three color choices; white, aqua, or black quartz stones, which are naturally occuring and vary in size.
  • Angie Quartz Arrowhead Necklace
    Angie Quartz Arrowhead Necklace
    This beautiful Angie quartz arrowhead necklace is top notch. It features a distinctive shaped pendant crafted with a free-form clear quartz stone on a long oval-link gold plated chain. This necklace is tailored made for the stylish individual.
  • Nadia Stackable Halo Ring
    Nadia Stackable Halo Ring
    Fall in love with the ethereal quality of the Nadia stackable halo ring. This delicate ring shimmers and shines with a champagne hued triangular druzy stone set in polished silver plate.
  • Gold and Druzy Mimi Double Ring
    Gold and Druzy Mimi Double Ring
    This gold and druzy Mimi double ring is worn across two fingers, sparkling and subtly reflecting light wherever you go. The iridescent druzy stones are superbly crafted, set in gold bezels and mounted to the double finger band. Spot on trend, sure... but does artisan craftsmanship and unbridled elegance ever go out of style
  • Silver and Purple Nadia Ring
    Silver and Purple Nadia Ring
    divYou'll love the rich luxury of this silver and purple Nadia ring. A handsome rectangular druzy is bezel set in silver and placed on a textured silver band in this timelessly classic and elegant ring. This is a must have for the serious jewelry lover.
  • Gold and Halo Stackable Victoria Ring
    Gold and Halo Stackable Victoria Ring
    This gold and halo stackable Victoria ring is - dare we say... heavenly The luster of the gold is the ideal backdrop for the shimmering white druzy stone. This is the understated elegance you desire: beautiful enough to wear alone or stacked with other rings for a dramatic effect.
  • Silver and Purple Stackable Victoria Ring
    Silver and Purple Stackable Victoria Ring
    The rich gleam of silver is accompanied by the deep sparkle of the purple druzy in this silver and purple stackable Victoria ring. Expect many compliments on this gorgeous ring, with its bead-like textured band and shimmering purple stone. Stacked up or worn alone, this ring will delight your senses.
  • Dara Blue All Geode Ring
    Dara Blue All Geode Ring
    Accessorize with fabulous accessories like the Dara blue all geode ring and make your presence known. The rocky ring top is simply stunning. The ring is made in Brazil and hand crafted from one single piece of agate geode.
  • Small Black Hillary Ring
    Small Black Hillary Ring
    The small black Hillary ring is a great staple piece for your jewelry collection. The band is in a twisted design. The stone on top is a small teardrop shaped dyed agate cabochon. The stone is framed in gold plating.
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