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David Aubrey
  • David Aubrey
  • Belinda Statement Post Earrings
    Belinda Statement Post Earrings
    You know a thing or two about forever fashion. Meet a kindred spirit in these tastefully stylish Belinda statement post earrings. The look's breezy hue freshens up fashions, an lend an invigorating energy. Get acquainted with statement style that knows how to be oh-so-interesting.
  • Citrine Belinda Crystal Earrings
    Citrine Belinda Crystal Earrings
    the citrine Belinda crystal earrings are an instant outfit-booster that injects a fresh glow into everything you wear. Find out when you when you slip this pair on and show off its twinkling style. You'll be amazed how they transform your look!
  • Belinda Statement Necklace
    Belinda Statement Necklace
    Protect your sense of style with the addition of this classic Belinda statement necklace. Its color cabochon stations and pink beads add a bold presence to your fabulous look. Pair it with its matching earrings for a look that is sure to get you noticed.
  • Floursecent Belinda Bracelet
    Floursecent Belinda Bracelet
    Sometimes we talk about all the baubles you can mix and match with a piece of jewelry. Give this scene-stealing flourescect Belinda bracelet by the spotlight. Simply stunning, the staple style is a great solo act, but feel free to build an ensemble around its easy-to-wear design, too.
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