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David Aubrey
  • David Aubrey
  • Victoria Necklace
    Victoria Necklace
    Victoria necklace is truly inspired by art and nature. A flower portrait pendant is centered between adetailed gold leaf, cat's eye cabochon, and pressed-glass beading on a delicate gold-tone chain. Drape your neckline with this incredible motif.
  • Ursula Agate Necklace
    Ursula Agate Necklace
    This agate necklace is a luxurious and lustrous piece. Showcasing many different stones, this piece features five stones of different shapes and colors. Below these stones is an oval shaped pendant made of solid agate. The necklace, with all its different elements, is a truly unique piece.
  • Ursula Ribbons and Beads Necklace
    Ursula Ribbons and Beads Necklace
    This ribbons and beads necklace pairs a feminine look with a unique feel. Mocha colored beads are complimented by orange stone beads, creating a sensational look. A glossy ribbon, which can be tied in a bow or worn loosely, finishes off this piece.
  • Laser Cut Horoscope Necklaces
    Laser Cut Horoscope Necklaces
    These Laser Cut horoscope necklaces feature a precise design. The pendant on these necklaces feature each astrological sign, which has been laser cut into the coins. This precision allows for each sign to have a unique design.
  • Ursula Stone Pendant Necklace
    Ursula Stone Pendant Necklace
    An antique style pendant is showcased in this Ursula stone pendant necklace. A thin chain leads to a pendant that features a woman sitting down. Dangling beneath the pendant is a teardrop shaped agate pendant. The combination of agate and the vintage style pendant makes this a one of a kind piece.
  • Ursula Antique Necklace
    Ursula Antique Necklace
    Showcasing an antique style pendant, this antique necklace is a unique piece. The chain is thin and features small beads, leading down to the large pendant. On the pendant, a woman is featured sitting next to a chair and is dressed in a classic style.
  • Yesenia Glass and Pearl Necklace
    Yesenia Glass and Pearl Necklace
    Featuring a combination of elements, this Yesenia glass and pearl necklace is a one of a kind piece. Three chains of pearls also feature gold circles, which have been hammered for detail. Two large glass stones compliment the pearls and gold perfectly, making this piece truly brilliant.
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