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Deadly Ponies
  • Deadly Ponies
  • Deadly Ponies Precious Wolf W Tail Pendant Silver
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    Deadly Ponies Precious Wolf W Tail Pendant Silver
    Deadly Ponies Precious 'Wolf with Tail' Sterling silver wolf pendant with tail in his mouth, on a silver chain. Very cute and everyday wearable necklace. A standout piece from the Deadly Ponies precious collection. In their debut Precious collection, Deadly Ponies have created something more private and designed to be cherished, made from “precious” materials, such as bone, silver and gold. Many of the pieces in the range engage in a sort of macabre life and death balance. Animal claws and legs are mixed with crosses and chaste white bone, creating a modern classic in the process. Made from Sterling Silver. Chain measures approx. 54Cm in length. Tail attached to wolf pendant by soldered link.
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