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  • Design House Stockholm Wing Chair - White
    Design House Stockholm Wing Chair - White
    Pull up a seat with the Design House Stockholm Wing Chair. The chair offers a contemporary take on a timeless classic. The piece features straight line design in the legs, seat base and back and comes in a spotless shade of white. The chair channels Scandic style with a simple design and clean line detailing. The Design House Stockholm Wing Chair is also available in a grey finish. Choose the one to complement your room interior and add a new layer of designer style. The table can also be matched with the Design House Stockholm Wing Table to create your own furniture set.
  • Design House Stockholm Rock Chair
    Design House Stockholm Rock Chair
    The Rock chair is an unusual deconstructed design which comes as a flat pack designed by Fredrik Färg. The five pieces of the chair fit easily together when the chair has been assembled. The construction is the expressive feature of this chair. There are no hidden details and the construction of the chair is visible for all to see. Being rocked as a means of relaxation or comfort is a timeless, basic human experience. Rocking chairs frequently remain in an ornate, salon mode. Fredrik Färg's Rock Chair continues the tradition but is a contemporary rocking chair for our time. The prototype was developed during an exchange term in Australia where he was given an assignment to created a chair using only MDF board and a jig saw. It was a personal challenge to produce something personal and coherent using the simplest means. Available in white or black option.
  • Design House Stockholm - Rock Chair
    Design House Stockholm - Rock Chair
    Simple seating: The Rock Chair by Design house Stockholm reduces the classic rocking chair to the most essential. This simplicity is what makes the Rock Chair this special. The Rock Chair is like a drawing in which one is able to sit, childishly simple is what its lines are. The designer Fredrik Färg wanted to create a modern edition of the rocking chair that mostly appears in its ancient, 20th century form. The rocking chair is delivered as Flat Pack and its single parts are easily assembled. Thereby the open construction is an important part of the expressive form of Rock Chair. The production out of MDF and plywood ensures robustness and longevity. Rock Chair is offered by Design House Stockholm in black and white. With the Rock Seat, there are also cushions out of leather available in three colours.
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