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  • DIESEL Louvboot 0819l Bootcut
    DIESEL Louvboot 0819l Bootcut
    FEATURES: Rounded back pockets and special yoke design lift the back volume and enhance the body curves. The waistband hugs the hips, gently ensuring comfort and there'll be no muffin effect with these. The bootcut opening will cover high heels and ensure a feminine stride. REASON TO WEAR: A real slim bootcut stretch denim, these enhances the body curves and enveloping high heels. Your legs will be singing. Bootcut, low waist, medium treated, dark blue 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
  • DIESEL Grupee Joggjeans 0822w Skinny
    DIESEL Grupee Joggjeans 0822w Skinny
    FEATURES: The rich details make this denim our most recognizable skinny masterpiece. They feature a leather coin pocket, angled fly design and a small slit on the bottom leg. They also have a low waist in the front, and a higher back. The back pocket design and positioning, lifts and compacts the derriere. And, of course, featuring our almost orgasmic jersey+denim=joggjeans fabric. REASON TO WEAR: GRUPEE JOGGJEANS maintain the appeal and benefits of GRUPEE, combining the comfortable sensation of Jogg Jeans. Skinny, low waist, treated, black/grey 90% Cotton, 8% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
  • DIESEL Getlegg 0829k Skinny
    DIESEL Getlegg 0829k Skinny
    FEATURES: These denim have a special seam construction on the hip side, which form the back, making the rear perfectly curvy and lifted. They also feature a low waist in the front and a higher back. Slim, but with a bit more room in the leg, providing much more comfort for the curvy body. REASON TO WEAR: GETLEGG is a real traditional denim in a stretch fabric. A special side seam and back pocket design, draw the rare in a perfect curvy shape. Skinny, low waist, coated, light blue 91% Cotton, 7% Polyester, 2% Elastane.
  • DIESEL Eazee 0829b Boyfriend
    DIESEL Eazee 0829b Boyfriend
    FEATURES: The distinctive back pockets, with a strategic eagle position enhance the back shape, while maintaining a loose fit. The front fly metal hook opening is inspired by typical workwear. There's inner layering in the bottom of the leg and a tonal cimossa. This hunched yet flattering denim is conceived for a non-traditional woman. REASON TO WEAR: Rich hidden details, these are a recognizable yet authentic expression of our iconic vintage look. How could we put it? Almost a feminine interpretation the Boyfriend denim. Boyfriend, low waist, treated, dark blue 55% Cotton, 45% Lyocell.
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