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  • Discipline
  • Hem emblem Hem - Peg
    Hem emblem Hem - Peg
    The „Peg“ hooks come out of the walls diagonally, as if there was still a part of them inside of the walls – like a cork. Jonah Takagi designed the simple and still special hooks for the manufacturer Hem. The cylindrical pieces made of ash wood – painted or natural – are easy to clean. The careful processing and the soft surface of the Pegs make it easy to hang clothes or towels with their loops, without tangible resistance. Set accents with these Pegs The Peg hooks look slightly banal when they are isolated. But they look like a little artwork in groups at an empty wall. The different editions in powerful colours look fresh and happy; they give the special something to inconspicuous rooms. Do you want to add more comfort to your bathroom, but there is no space for decoration? Then the Pegs are your solution. They are also wonderfully suitable for small corridors, where there is no space for wardrobes or bit coat racks.
  • Discipline - Pieces Of Time wall clock
    Discipline - Pieces Of Time wall clock
    With the Pieces of Time wall clock, Discipline shows clear design combined with natural materials. And if you look a bit closer, you will recognize the design specialty. The Pieces Of Time wall clock was designed by the German design trio Ding 3000. The three Hanover designers had a special idea for the wooden wall clock by Discipline: No dial should decorate the clock, but the time should be viewable without any helping items. In order to fulfil this aim, the Pieces of Time wall clock consists of twelve different pieces of ash wood, which are assorted as if they were a cake. Each hour is different to the others by the different structures of the single wooden pieces. Nearly by chance every Pieces of Time clock becomes a unique piece, since the composition of the different pieces never appears the same twice. The Discipline wall clock is environmental friendly since it is made out of ash wood.
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