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  • Discipline
  • Discipline Pieces of Time by Ding 3000
    Discipline Pieces of Time by Ding 3000
    Ash inlay composes the twelve segment dial. Light grey minute and hour hands tell the time without the need for numbers. Dimensions: D35cm x H2.5cm.
  • Discipline - Pieces Of Time wall clock
    Discipline - Pieces Of Time wall clock
    With the Pieces of Time wall clock, Discipline shows clear design combined with natural materials. And if you look a bit closer, you will recognize the design specialty. The Pieces Of Time wall clock was designed by the German design trio Ding 3000. The three Hanover designers had a special idea for the wooden wall clock by Discipline: No dial should decorate the clock, but the time should be viewable without any helping items. In order to fulfil this aim, the Pieces of Time wall clock consists of twelve different pieces of ash wood, which are assorted as if they were a cake. Each hour is different to the others by the different structures of the single wooden pieces. Nearly by chance every Pieces of Time clock becomes a unique piece, since the composition of the different pieces never appears the same twice. The Discipline wall clock is environmental friendly since it is made out of ash wood.
  • Discipline - Toy Vase
    Discipline - Toy Vase
    The Discipline Toy looks like a normal vase on the first sight. Its surprising function is only shown when you play a bit with it. As the name reveals, Toy was inspired by toys: Stackable forms inspired the three designers by ding3000 to use the function in an objects for adults. Since the Toy case is made out of different modular pieces, the single ones are assorted as desired. This is how the Toy vases by Discipline make it possible for the owner to assort them according to his taste – by chance or iconic. Discipline produces the fantasy-full Toy vase out of oak wood.
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