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  • 9-in. Round Cake Pan
    9-in. Round Cake Pan
    The Doughmakers 9-in. Round Cake Pan features heavy-gauge aluminum that ensures it will last for quite some time. The 9-inch size is just right for many modern cakes, including multi-tiered designs. Each pan features a pebble pattern texture, which boasts excellent air flow for even baking and a nonstick surface that won't peel over time. Straight sidewalls ensure that each cake will have perfect edges for applying icing after cooling, and the exceptional depth lets you easily choose the size of each cake layer produced. Strong edges keep the pan from warping as it is heated, further enhancing its longevity and a limited lifetime warranty guarantees it against defects in craftsmanship. The pan is made in the United States using high-quality materials. Best Used For: We enjoy using this cake pan to create delicious birthday cakes in many different styles. The pan's size allows you to create a single round sheet-style cake or add layers and toppings to create a multi-tiered centerpiece for important occasions. Features: Superb size for modern cakes. Heavy-gauge aluminum delivers excellent durability. Pebble pattern texture helps prevent sticking and promotes even baking. Straight sidewalls deliver professional results. Exceptional depth helps keep batter in place. Strong edges prevent warping during use. Limited lifetime warranty ensures lasting results. Made in the USA. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with Mild Cleanser. Depth: 2-in. Diameter: 9-in. Material: Aluminum. Origin: U.S.A. Warranty: Limited Lifetime.
  • 10x14-in. Cookie Sheet
    10x14-in. Cookie Sheet
    From double chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter to gingersnaps and classic sugar cookies, reach for this innovative Doughmakers 10 x 14-in. Cookie Sheet to turn out everyone's favorite cookies. This unique cookie sheet is made from aluminum, so it provides superb heat conductivity, and it has a raised edge that deflects heat back towards the cookies on the sheet for even baking with every batch. A specially embossed pebbled surface lets cookies slide easily off this sheet, so there's no breaking or tearing, and cookies are perfect for plating every time. The pebbled texture also allows for better air flow around baked goods, and it holds shortening and other fats during the baking process for moister results and even browning. Its rolled-edge design prevents it from warping and bending, so it will easily hold up to the rigors of use. We love this sheet for baking more than just cookies, because it's ideally sized for browning dinner rolls or reheating frozen foods. This cookie sheet has also been endorsed by baking giants Clabber Girl and Fleishmann's, two brands that we know and trust. Features: Aluminum construction for durable use. Rolled edges to prevent warping and bending. Pebbled finish for fast release of foods. Endorsed by Clabber Girl baking powder and Fleischmann's yeast. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with Mild Cleanser. Dimensions: 10x14-in. Material: Aluminum. Origin: U.S.A. Warranty: Limited Lifetime.
  • 1-lb. Loaf Pan
    1-lb. Loaf Pan
    From banana bread to pumpkin or zucchini loaf, this Doughmakers 1-lb. Loaf Pan turns out your favorites like a professional. It's crafted from top-of-the-line heavy-gauge aluminum specially chosen for its superior thermal conductivity and evenly baked results, and its edges are rolled, so the pan won't warp or bow, even with heavy use. This pan features a specially pebbled surface that enables consistent browning and crust development, and the pebbles allow for easy release of foods, so removing bread is simple and efficient, without it sticking, tearing or breaking. Unlike traditional nonstick pans that have a coated surface, this pan's exterior is embossed into the aluminum, so it will not scar, flake or chip over time, and there's no residue to flake off. Its color promotes even browning of baked goods, since it's not too dark and not too light, and it's endorsed by leading baking brands, including Fleishmann's and Clabber Girl. Best Used For: We love this Doughmakers 1-lb. Loaf Pan for baking both sweet and traditional breads of all sorts, but it is also sized just right for baking a miniature meatloaf or small lasagna for two, or you can use it to mold a layered gelatin dessert. Features: Heavy-gauge aluminum construction for dependability and durability. Surface is pebbled for easy release of foods. Comes with lifetime limited warranty against defects. Surface won't flake or peel. Capacity: 1-lb. loaf. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with Mild Cleanser. Depth: 2.75-in. Length: 8.5-in. Material: Aluminum. Warranty: Limited Lifetime. Width: 4.5-in.
  • 14x17-in. Cookie Sheet
    14x17-in. Cookie Sheet
    The Pebbleware Doughmakers ® 14x17-in. Grand Cookie Sheet is the generously sized bakeware you've been looking for. Fill it with cinnamon rolls for the family breakfast and everyone eats at once. Biscuits are no problem, and there's room for oodles of snickerdoodles. The Doughmakers cookie sheets feature Pebbleware's Original Pebble Pattern ™, which allows air to flow under your food for even heating. We love how the surface makes this sheet nonstick without adding an additional coating. Your stickiest sticky buns will lift off easily. Because of the extra-thick aluminum construction, this cookie sheet is lighter than steel, and you won't have to worry about rust. The rolled, straight edges promote even heating, proper air circulation and stability. The slightly raised edges of this Doughmakers cookie sheet keep your goodies in place. You'll soon be using this cookie sheet to make pizza, garlic toast and even artisan breads--and once you're done, we recommend hand-washing it. Features: Large size; 14 x 17-in. solid aluminum cookie sheet. Nonstick pebble pattern surface for even browning and easy release. Rolled edges for rigidity and air flow. Endorsed by Fleischmann's Yeast and Clabber Girl Baking Powder. Limited lifetime warranty. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with mild cleanser. Dimensions: 14x17-in. Material: Aluminum. Origin: USA. Warranty: Limited lifetime.
  • 14x20-in. Cookie Sheet
    14x20-in. Cookie Sheet
    Cookie sheets don't get much bigger than this one. From Doughmakers, this Great Grand Cookie Sheet handles dozens of cookies, a plentiful number of biscuits. The turned-up edge provides better heat circulation; the Original Pebble Pattern finish ensures easy release each time. Created by moms and preferred by professionals, Doughmakers bakeware is constructed with straight sides for a tall rise, sturdy handles for transporting and rolled edges to prevent bending and warping. Endorsed by food experts like Fleischmann's Yeast and Clabber Girl Baking Powder, they're lighter and more durable than steel, guaranteed to never rust. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with mild cleanser. Material: Aluminum. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: 14x20-in. Warranty: Limited lifetime. Weight: 1.5-lbs.
  • 13x18.5-in. Sheet Cake Pan
    13x18.5-in. Sheet Cake Pan
    Make a sheet cake for a special occasion or to feed a crowd with the Doughmakers 13 x 18.5-in. Sheet Cake Pan. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, this pan is both durable and sturdy, so you achieve even heating and consistent performance every time you bake. The surface has a built-in pebble pattern embossed directly into the aluminum, so it holds flour and grease in place while your cake bakes. It also encourages easy release when you're ready to flip the cake onto a cooling rack. The sides of the pan are deep enough to make thick cakes that are ideal for decorating and easy to slice. Strong edges help the pan maintain its shape in high-heat conditions, and the integrated side handles make it simple to lift and move the pan. Best Used For: In addition to making delicious sheet cakes, we love to use this pan for baking large batches of brownies, cookies and dessert bars. It's also great for making roasted nuts, roasted vegetables and homemade sweet potato fries. Features: Large pan lets you create sheet cakes for parties and events. Pebbled surface prevents sticking and allows for optimal airflow during cooking. Heavy-gauge aluminum construction delivers professional performance and long-lasting durability. Lifetime warranty to ensure long-term reliability. Straight, deep sidewalls make cakes easy to frost. Cleaning & Care: Handwash with Mild Cleanser. Dimensions: 13 x 18.5 x 1.25-in. Material: Aluminum. Origin: U.S.A. Warranty: Limited Lifetime.
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