How many pairs of Dr. Martens do you own? Have you been hanging onto your classic lace-up boots for decades? Then you already know that these shoes are keepers. You can wear them with jeans for a really basic look, or dress them up with a floral dress or jean skirt for something slightly more feminine. Or rock them any way you want.

Can I wear Dr. Martens to work?

In theory, yes. Since Dr. Martens are a rugged industrial work boot, you’ll really need to dress them up if you’d like to bring them to your workplace. Try a sparkly pair of tights and a pleated skirt to offset the harsh tone of the boots, and slip on a sharp blazer to really button up the look as best you can.

Can I wear Dr. Martens in the summer?

Absolutely. Take cues from those already giving nods to the ‘90s by wearing these combat boots year-round. Try a pair or ripped cut-off jean shorts and a tanktop for something really casual like a picnic, or dress them up with a floral dress and a neutral-toned jacket, like denim or khaki. You can even shop for floral-print boots if you really want something that's bright and fun for the warm months.
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