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Bath Accessories
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  • Essey Wipy Tissue Box
    Essey Wipy Tissue Box
    Adding style to any room, this Essey Tissue Box in red boasts a crumpled surface that looks like a crumpled tissue itself! Designed by John Brauer, the box fits most cube shaped tissue boxes that can sometimes have plain or ugly designs. This tissue box cover adds a modern look to your home. -SA. Essey Tissue Box. Crumpled Surface. Designed by John Brauer. Fits most cube shaped tissue boxes. Dimensions: 13x13x13 cm. Brand: Essey. Colour: Red. Size / Fit: Dimensions: 13x13x13 cm.
  • Essey - Wipy-Cube
    Essey - Wipy-Cube
    In a similar designer's shape like the successful paper baskets Bin Bin, Wipy-Cube by the Danish designer John Brauer offers a stylish storage possibility for paper cloths that has more to show than fantasy in design. Wipy-Cube fits ideally in every room and it willingly spends paper tissues. The wrinkled design optically fulfils the rising paper tissue, enabling a playful image with it. Wipy-Cube is suitable for most of the common cube-sized paper tissues for refilling.
  • Essey - Wipy 2
    Essey - Wipy 2
    The Danish designer John Brauer offers a stylish storage-box for paper-cloths which doesn't act fantasy-less. It is in the same design as the successful paper-baskets Bin Bin and the pen-holder Pen Pen by the same designer. Wipy 2 suits every room ideally and it willingly spends paper-cloths. The crumpled design does visually fulfil the sticking out soft-cloth and with it ensures a playful whole-image. Wipy 2 is suitable for most of the common paper-cloth boxes. Besides the rectangular edition of Wipy, there is also a practical cube available: The Wipy-Cube Cloth Box.
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