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  • Eternit - Ecal Table
    Eternit - Ecal Table
    The Ecal Table of the designer Nicolas LeMoigne is another proof how that the fibre cement eternit is a very good material for the production of design furniture. Cement and design: What sounds at first sight like an antagonism, perfectly harmonizing in reality - not at last because of the quality of the designer and the manufacturer Eternit. The Ecal Table knows how to convince with its plain but absolutly efficent design. It is not only high quality and offers a lot of room for accessories, books, food and drinks, but it is also elegant in its line management. The production of fibre cement caters also for weather-resistance and stability. The Ecal Table is produced like always at Eternit of the same fibre cement, which is asbestos-free and also 100 percent recyclable since the beginning of the 90s. The characteristics of the natural material, which is made of concrete, limestone flour, fibres, air and water, are for the use in the outside very good. The Ecal Table is also available in anthracite.
  • Eternit - Willy Guhl Loop Outdoor-Table
    Eternit - Willy Guhl Loop Outdoor-Table
    The Loop table by Willy Guhl consists of one single fibre-concrete slate. It is manufactured without areas or further working steps. In this timeless piece of furniture by Willy Guhl ergonomics and manufactory meet each other in a seemingly weightless form. The Loop Outdoor table perfectly suits the Loop Outdoor Armchair from Willy Guhl regarding its appearance. But also regarding the physics, both pieces of furniture come together in a fusion because the table can be inserted in the garden-armchair to be stored: The swung forms make it possible! The Outdoor table by the designer Willy Guhl was presented together with the overworked design of his outdoor armchair Loop. The armchair originally came from the year 1954 and became a classic of furniture design of the 20th century. On the occasion of its 80th birthday, Willy Guhl overworked his ancient design and presented a redesign of the outdoor armchair – including the outdoor Loop table that follows the same guidelines regarding the manufactory – to the Eternit AG in the year 1995. Willy Guhl’s design pieces are more than a table and a chair. They transmit a feeling for life. And they write design history without a doubt: Inside and outside. The products by Eternit are wholly asbestos-free since the beginning of the 1990s. This does naturally also guide the manufactory methods for the Loop outdoor table.
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