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  • Ethan Allen White Branch Coral
    Ethan Allen White Branch Coral
    The branch coral is a beautiful and robust coral that grows in shallow reef environments; the specimen from which this reproduction was made was found in the Philippine Sea. A pure white finish and substantial wood base preserves its organic look while giving it a modern feel.
  • Ethan Allen Staghorn Coral Table Lamp
    Ethan Allen Staghorn Coral Table Lamp
    Sheltered by tall mountains and teak tree forests, the ancient walled city of Chiang Mai has a storied past. More than 700 years ago, it was a cultural capital in northern Thailand and home to a multitude of temples. Today Chiang Mai is widely known for its diversity, mountain vistas and gifted ceramic artisans. Our unique Lucca Staghorn Coral table lamp is made in a small workshop where women take exceptional pride in molding and crafting the intricate details of every piece. They place dark, locally sourced clay into elaborate molds where the clay air-dries for three weeks. Then the finished form is biscuit fired, glazed in off-white and fired again. They ply dark, native clay into arresting organic bases that are air dried for three weeks, biscuit fired, glazed and fired again. The off-white lamps are fitted with Lucite bases and finished with linen hardback shades.
  • Ethan Allen Branch Accent Table
    Ethan Allen Branch Accent Table
    Twig out! There's no greater inspiration than Mother Nature so we took a style cue from the trees to create this simple yet stunning accent table. Its organically arranged branch-like legs are finished in a rich gold leaf. A tempered glass top lets the light and beauty shine through. Also available: Branch Console Table.
  • Ethan Allen Charcoal Earthenware Crock
    Ethan Allen Charcoal Earthenware Crock
    From Thailand, with love. This charcoal gray earthenware piece is hand thrown, with a hand-applied, flat-finish glaze, giving each piece unique variations. Graphically modern and yet organically earthy – a perfect decorative compromise.
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