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Bracelets & Bangles
  • Bracelets & Bangles
Evelyn Knight
  • Evelyn Knight
  • Gold Swirl Grecian Cuff Bracelet
    Gold Swirl Grecian Cuff Bracelet
    Looking for the key to everyday glamour Find it in the gold swirl Grecian cuff bracelet's Mediterranean-inspired motif. Its Grecian geometrics unlock a world of style possibilities. So whether you're on-the-town or on-the-go, you'll discover design that always works.
  • Gold Hammered M Designed Cuff Bracelet
    Gold Hammered M Designed Cuff Bracelet
    Slip on the gold hammered 'M' designed cuff bracelet where the 'M' stands for magnificent and majestic! The intricate detailing provide a sophisticated look that can be worn with your favorite jewelry pieces. The best part is you'll look fabulous whether you choose to wear it to the office or dinner with your loved one.
  • Bangle Set
    Bangle Set
    This bangle set features five distinct, coming together to create a magnificent set. Each of the bangles has been hammered for texture, with four of the five including semi precious stones. Round and square amethyst, amazonite, and turquoise stones are featured in this set, with one bangle remaining plain.
  • Carnelian and Amazonite Cuff
    Carnelian and Amazonite Cuff
    Highlighting two exquisite stones, this carnelian and amazonite cuff is a brilliant piece. A thick gold hammered band gives this piece a distinct style, accented by the large stones that rest upon it. Oval shaped carnelian and amazonite stones are featured on the cuff, with the size of the stones growing larger in the center.
  • Wired Cuff
    Wired Cuff
    Featuring a distinct design and amazing texture this wired cuff is a bold piece. The thick gold band features cutouts on both sides of the piece, creating for a fierce look. A thin gold wire crisscrosses and wraps around the entire length of the piece, providing for a gorgeous accent.
  • Hammered Gold and Stones Bracelet
    Hammered Gold and Stones Bracelet
    A trio of stones is showcased in this hammered gold and stones bracelet. Gold hammered links create the unique design in this piece, with a stone resting in the center of some of the links. An onyx, amazonite, and amethyst stone are presented in the link, providing for intense shine.
  • Gold Hammered Ovals Cuff
    Gold Hammered Ovals Cuff
    Three distinct ovals make this gold hammered ovals cuff stand out brilliantly. The cuff features a thin gold frame, with two solid hammered gold ovals. Resting in the center is a golden oval with a large turquoise stone being showcased, accentuated by small crystals framing it.
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