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    Extremis - Hopper Table
    Hopper is a table for the inside and outside by the Belgian company Extremis. The design connects a table and two benches and it is deeply anchored in the Belgian culture: People can sit together at Hopper, eat together drink and celebrate. The table is inspired by the Belgian beer culture that is fixed in the Westhoek region (the region in which Dirk Wynants, the designer lives and where Extremis has its company-seat). Hopper is the x-th interpretation of the Extremis-Philosophy: Coming together of people with outdoor furniture which combines functionality and innovation. Hopper reminds of the recognition of the long beer tables, but additionally offers more comfort. Thanks to the four lateral “introduction spaces” it is not necessary anymore to climb over benches or table-mates. And the – according to the table’s feet – inclined table-border is more an emphasis on the hanging hops that are typical for the region. Who turns around, can use the table as a perfect backrest… The first prototype of Hopper is nearly ten years old. Especially to simplify the initial idea took a lot of time. Extremis offers the Hopper Table in four different sizes today, accordingly adapted to four, six, eight or ten people. Extremis used Iroko hard-wood with an FSC-branding, or H.O.T. Wood as well as galvanized steel for the frame and table-feet, which are also available in coated aluminium (white, red and earth-colour).
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