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  • Farmaesthetics
  • Farmaesthetics Remedy Oil
    Farmaesthetics Remedy Oil
    Highly specialized, non-aromatic herbalists' formulations for use on your face and body, these magical blends are prepared by hand with organically grown herbs. Moisturize, mend and tone skin with herbal infusions, perfect for facials, baths and beyond. Apply a little bit before bed, and you'll wake up feeling like you had a facial! Blended with calendula to heal, lemon balm to calm, hyssop to ease tension, nettle to relieve dryness and arnica to improve circulation.
  • Farmaesthetics Pure Complexion Tonic
    Farmaesthetics Pure Complexion Tonic
    A modern-day version of a daily facial skincare regimens loved by women in the 1920s and 30s, perfect for normal to oily skin or for skin experiencing breakouts and congestion. This traditional remedy of five fragrant herbal ingredients is known to soothe, soften, cleanse and purify the complexion.
  • Farmaesthetics Hand To Heel Salve
    Farmaesthetics Hand To Heel Salve
    This traditional herbal balm is used to smooth and soften hands, cuticles, elbows, knees, heels, and feet. It relieves severely dry, irritated skin, and is gentle enough to be used on babies as well. Ingredients: sweet almond oil, calendula, beeswax, lavender and peppermint essential oils, carrot oil, Vitamin E. 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and dermatological tested. Handmade in the USA. 2.5 oz.
  • Farmaesthetics Complexion Tonic
    Farmaesthetics Complexion Tonic
    This tonic combines five powerful herbal ingredients known to soothe, soften, and cleanse, while purifying the complexion and restoring healthy skin function. Use it as a daily treatment for balancing the skin by effectively removing excess oil. Use only on occasion if skin is very dry, whether seasonally or from dry or mature skin conditions. Ingredients: witch hazel, chamomile, lavender essential oils, rose otto oil, vegetable glycerin. 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and dermatological tested. Handmade in the USA. 6 oz.
  • Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser
    Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser
    Ideal for a range of skin types, this natural cleanser incorporates true geranium, lavender, glycerin, and witch hazel, and will balance skin to restore the complexion to its optimum condition. Ingredients: witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, natural amino acid derived from sugarcane, geranium and lavender essential oils. 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and dermatological tested. Includes pump lid. Handmade in the USA. 8 oz.
  • Farmaesthetics Nourishing Cream
    Farmaesthetics Nourishing Cream
    Calendula acts as a corrective treatment to restore the skin's elasticity and vibrancy in this Nourishing Cream. Specially created for the face, eyes, neck, and jaw line, this cream may also be used to reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy, or as a mask at night for dry, damaged, and aging skin. Ingredients: Almond oil, beeswax, witch hazel, calendula, rose oil, lavender oil. 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and dermatological tested. Handmade in the USA. 2 oz.
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