• Fatboy Snacklight Serving tray / With lamp
    Fatboy Snacklight Serving tray / With lamp
    Fun and colorful look for this luminous spacious tray : this is the ally of your trendy appetizers and garden parties ! Snacklight consists of a wide metal tray with an magnetized wireless LED lamp. The light will be helpful to trace the path from the kitchen to the garden and light the contents of the tray. So, the guests can distinguish, even in the dark, the different appetizers and cocktails to make their choice! Once Snacklight is on the table, the lamp can be separated of the tray and be placed where you like. This small nomadic lamp provides soft ligh, perfect for enjoying the warm summer nights. Wireless, the lamp is USB charging (usb cable included). Ultra-wide (ø 60 cm) , the tray is perfect to carry dishes and glasses without breaking! Snacklight comes in a variety of flashy colors : an original and coll way to present tapas and drinks. In detail: Type : Tray. Colour : Blue. Material : Lacqued metal. Dimensions : Tray Ø 55 cm - Lamp : H 18,5 cm. Characteristics : Indoor and outdoor use - Magnetized wireless lamp with USB recharge - Battery, LED, USB cable included.
  • Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Inspired by the comic and magician Tommy Cooper and it's famous little red hat, designer and Fatboy Founder Alex Bergman saw new exciting possibilities for the Edison the Petit. The shape of the hat fitted perfectly over the shade, and before we knew it Cooper Cappie was born. With this cover you can create a totally new style over and over again. Available in no less than 21 beautiful designs which fits everybody's mood, interior or party theme! In detail: Type : Shade. Colour : Plaidblue. Material : Polypropylene. Dimensions : 49 x 14 cm. Characteristics : Fits perfectly over the Edison the Petit lamp (lamp sold separately) - Moisture repellent material - 2 year guarantee.
  • Fatboy The Original Pouf
    Fatboy The Original Pouf
    A new alternative to the ''beanbag'' from the past. Jukka Setälä from Finland designed the Fatboy Original in 1998 as the beanbag from the 21st century ! A Fatboy deserves a place in every living- and bedroom. It has a multitude of uses : a lounge bag for a student's room, a relaxing option for the office, a comforting-pillow for children, or even, a spare bed for unexpected guests. The Fatboy Original is made of a practical and easy to clean nylon material with a special coating, a rub with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep it looking new. The Fatboy nylon is also water-resistant, ventilated and non-fire coated. Outdoor and indoor use. Fatboy Original is available in various colours and in a special series with Marimekko textiles. In detail: Type : Pouf. Colour : Black. Material : Nylon cover with special coating - Coated polystyrene balls. Dimensions : L 180 xm x W 140 cm. Characteristics : Bed position - Anti-fouling - Easy to clean with a damp cloth - Contains 330 liters of microbeads - Double velcro closure eip and ensuring retention of 100%
  • Fatboy & Michael Torquato de Nicola Fatboy Original Hand Painted
    Fatboy & Michael Torquato de Nicola Fatboy Original Hand Painted
    Designer: Fatboy & Michael Torquato de Nicola. A Fatboy Original lounge bag with a hand painted design by Michael Torquato de Nicola. The iconic Fatboy original with a hand painted design by Michael Torquato de Nicola. It proved to stand out and fit in anywhere, without acting like its some better version of itself (like all the original fakes out there). With its generous size and energizing comfort it is always there to maximize whatever pleasure you choose. Fatboy the original is truly yours! Fatboy are very easy to clean. We recommend to use soap, water and a rag to clean. Material: Nylon with PVC coating, inside ESP beads. Dimensions: 55" x 70"
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