• Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet - Big Doodle - Pink
    Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet - Big Doodle - Pink
    Material: soft front fabric. Dimensions: H180xW140cm. Weight: 4kg. Big Doodle design. Pink and red colouring. Wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap. Anti-slip backing. Dirt resistant finish.
  • Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet - Big Doodle - Lime
    Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet - Big Doodle - Lime
    Material: soft front fabric. Dimensions: H180xW140cm. Weight: 4kg. Big Doodle design. Lime green and blue colouring. Wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap. Anti-slip backing. Dirt resistant finish.
  • Fatboy Concrete Pillow - Mandarin Orange
    Fatboy Concrete Pillow - Mandarin Orange
    Material: 100% cotton. Dimensions: 40x50x3cm. Comfortable cushion in orange. Designed to be used with the Concrete Seat. More fun home accessories available from Fatboy.
  • Fatboy Krukski Stool
    Fatboy Krukski Stool
    The perfect marriage... in a stool. With the sturdy frame of the Tabliczki and seating of the Baboesjka, you can feel free to make me your own. Just worry about where everyone else is going to sit. Features: Baboesjka pillow is made with high quality, super soft, polyester fabric. Tabliczki is made of a high quality, powder coated steel frame. Filled with comfortable, high quality foam filling. Easy to wipe clean with a moist cloth and a mild soap. Dimensions: Overall: 20" H x 18" W x 18" D. Overall Product Weight: 16lbs.
  • Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade - Granny
    Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade - Granny
    Material: polypropylene. Dimensions: H15xDia16cm. Please note: a lamp is not included but available separately. Vintage tasselled shade picture on white. Easily slips onto the Edison the Petit lamp. Many interchangeable designs.
  • Fatboy Tablitski Table
    Fatboy Tablitski Table
    The Fatboy Tablitsk i is a handy, multi-purpose stool or side table. It is made of powder coated steel of Industrial strength and it can be used indoors or out. The Tablitski is the ideal size for using with a tablet or laptop, perhaps while seated on the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet. It is stable and robust and built to last. Weighing 5 kg, it measures 40 cm by 30 cm and it is 40 cm tall. Based in Denmark, Fatboy are an imaginative lifestyle brand that excels in thinking outside of the box. Since 2002 they have been challenging lifestyle concepts to bring you a “wonderfuller” life, encouraging you to think what you want to think and to do what you want to do. Colours available – Light Blue, Light Grey, Pink, Black, Red. If you want a softer, upholstered version of the Tablitski – get yourself the Fatboy Krukski. Alternatively, use a cushion when you need to and retain the multi-functional status of this stool cum side-table cum footstool cum computer/gaming table. Good in the kitchen, living room, office and home-study – and so portable you can use it anywhere and everywhere - the only restriction with this stool/table is your own imagination. Dimensions: Width 40cm. Depth 40cm. Height 30cm.
  • First Block Avenue in Various Colors design by Fatboy
    First Block Avenue in Various Colors design by Fatboy
    First Block Avenue in Various Colors design by Fatboy. Remember that movie where a crazed scientist shrinks his kids by mistake? I like to think of myself as a gigantic building block and you as the shrunken hero. Now, imagine an unlimited number of me. You can just piece us all together. Build The Great Wall of China in your office space? You got it. Think the Eiffel Tower would give your Swedish sauna more zing? You bet. Go ahead and unleash your inner architect.
  • Fatboy Krukski Footstool
    Fatboy Krukski Footstool
    The Fatboy Krukski is the coming together of two iconic Fatboy products to make an entirely new one. In this case it is the Fatboy Tablitski stool/table and the Baboeskja cushion. The result is a neat and comfortable cushioned stool – the Krukski. The strong base of this stool is made from powder coated steel and the cushion has a quality foam filling and a water-repellent surface. It can be used outdoors – but it’s wise to bring the cushion inside during inclement weather. Fatboy are an imaginative Danish lifestyle brand that excel at thinking outside of the box. Since 2002 they have been challenging lifestyle concepts to bring you a “wonderfuller” life, encouraging you to think what you want to think and to do what you want to do. The Krukski weighs in at 6 kg. The cushion is 14 cm thick and the steel stool base measures 40 cm by 40 cm by 30 cm. Choose from eight different colours and patterns – Aqua, Black, Red, Orange, Taupe, Persian Red, Persian Lime, Persian Taupe. The Krukski is an ideal stool for occasional use anywhere about the house – and great for when an extra seat is needed. Stylish and contemporary, this stool fits in anywhere. Made in Denmark, it’s great in the living room or the lounge, and it makes an ideal perch for kids wanting to get as close as they can to the plasma screen. Try it with the Fatboy Non-Flying Carpet. You can mix and match different colours of Krukski and use them as refectory-style dining chairs.
  • Marimekko Unikko Original in Various Colors design by Fatboy
    Marimekko Unikko Original in Various Colors design by Fatboy
    Marimekko Unikko Original in Various Colors design by Fatboy. Just like Jackie O’ did back in the 60’s, I’m going to make heads turn. The iconic Finnish flower pattern printed on my soft canvas comes to life in a whole new way. I will take full responsibility for making the rest of your furniture jealous and I’m okay with that. After all, that’s the least I could do for you.
  • Fatboy Hammock - Red
    Fatboy Hammock - Red
    Material: polyester with PVC coating, metal stand. Dimensions: 330x100x110cm. Weight: 24.5kg. Red hammock. Metal support frame. Maximum weight: 200kg. Dirt and moisture repellent. Easy cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Water and UV resistant.
  • Fatboy The Original - Red
    Fatboy The Original - Red
    Measures H180X W140cm. Made from high quality nylon. Red colour. With a PVC coating that’s dirt and moisture repellent. Can be easily spot cleaned. Bean bag polybead filled.
  • Fatboy Junior - Red
    Fatboy Junior - Red
    Material: nylon with PVC coating. Dimensions: 100x130cm. Weight: 3kg. Red colour. Dirt and moisture repellent. Children’s bean bag. Bean bag polybead filled. Clean with lukewarm water.
  • Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Inspired by the comic and magician Tommy Cooper and it's famous little red hat, designer and Fatboy Founder Alex Bergman saw new exciting possibilities for the Edison the Petit. The shape of the hat fitted perfectly over the shade, and before we knew it Cooper Cappie was born. With this cover you can create a totally new style over and over again. Available in no less than 21 beautiful designs which fits everybody's mood, interior or party theme! In detail: Type : Shade. Colour : Granny. Material : Polypropylene. Dimensions : 49 x 14 cm. Characteristics : Fits perfectly over the Edison the Petit lamp (lamp sold separately) - Moisture repellent material - 2 year guarantee.
  • Fatboy Knäpsäck Rug
    Fatboy Knäpsäck Rug
    In detail: Type : Rug. Colour : Red & white. Material : Fabrics: cotton and polyester - Polyurethan foam (5 mm) Dimensions : Ø 180 cm.
  • Fatboy - Picnic Lounge
    Fatboy - Picnic Lounge
    Enjoy the great outdoors!! This oversized picnic rug offers enough space for your entire family as well as all of your friends! No matter if you go to the beach, the park or just your backyard; the Picnic Lounge will make sure you have all the comfort you need, in a very stylish way. Use the 4 included Fatboy pins to secure the rug to the ground, and the hole in the middle to set up your umbrella. The characteristic Fatboy logo turns out to be a convenient pocket that provides space for your phone and keys, so you’ll have everything you need within reach. After using the Picnic Lounge simply sweep off the sand with the special brush, roll up the carpet and throw it over your shoulder by using the ingeniously designed strap. Although the rug is a whopping 2.10 x 2.80 meters, it is super-easy to carry around. The specially designed Persian pattern is unique in its own way; it seems traditional, but you will discover many exciting and fun elements in the typical Fatboy drawings. There really is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors and get everyone together. Go play, go party, go picnic!
  • fatboy - Cuscino Stonewashed
    fatboy - Cuscino Stonewashed
    The Cuscino Stonewashed is an oversized cushion kept in the fatboy typical style. It is comfortable and versatile as well as the whole fatboy-family: Cuscino Stonewashed suits the bed, the couch or as floor cushion. It can also adopt design with the style of other fatboy products: The characteristic form and the fresh-decent colours of the fatboy Stonewashed collection also characterize the Stonewashed Cuscino. The 100% cotton made fabrics act softer than the nylon coatings of other fatboy products – visually and regarding its touch simultaneously. The Stonewashed fabrics shine less and is softer to be touched, similar to a keans or a T-Shirt. This one is washable by 30°C just like them. But not only the coating is comfortable: The soft foam filling ensures lounge feeling connected with the oversized pillows, enjoyable the best with a good book or a glass of wine. Fatboy’s Cuscino Stonewashed invites to relax and to cuddle – also for two regarding its size.
  • fatboy original - beanbag
    fatboy original - beanbag
    Jukka Setälä from Finland created the fatboy original beanbag in 1988, as the beanbag of the 21st century! The fatboy “original” represents a new, colourful and practical alternative to common beanbags and is particularly easy to clean. Depending on the colour, the fatboy “original” adjusts to the ambiance of your living room or bedroom. The beanbag can be used in many ways: As lounge chair in student digs, as relaxing possibility in your office, as “comforting” pillow for your kids or even as bed for unexpected guests. The fatboy original beanbag - a pioneer The size of 140 x 180 cm allows you to simply let yourself fall and sink into it. The high-quality filling consists of EPS globules and not of non-shredded polystyrene waste that are often used in cheap beanbags. That is why the beanbag can be shaped as you like it and adapts to your sitting or lying position. The cover of the fatboy “original” beanbag consists of a special coated nylon material and is therefore easy to clean – a wet cloth and the beanbag looks as if it was new in only an instant.
  • Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Junior
    Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Junior
    Designer: Fatboy. Lounge in style and comfort with the Fatboy Marimekko Unikko Junior bean bag. Fatboy® junior is irresistible to any child and any-child-resistant at the same time. It perfectly allows children to play or just safely lean back and think about their dreams and goals in life, while enjoying their happy childhoods. It can make adults feel like they are never too old for a happy childhood. Fatboy® junior fit’s in and stands out in any children’s bedroom. Fatboy® junior is all kiddies! Options/finish: Material: Nylon with PVC coating, inside ESP beads. Dimensions: 40" x 50"
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