• Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade - Mr Pink
    Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lampshade - Mr Pink
    Illuminate your light source with this unique and unusual lampshade finish. The Cooper Cappie Lampshade is a contemporary addition to your Edison 'The Petit' Table Lamp (sold separately) that combines quirkiness with designer style. The name of the shade is a nod to the late comedian, Tommy Cooper, as well as Fatboy founder, Alex Bergman - better known as "Cappie". The red fez worn by Cooper proved to be the inspiration behind the 'hat' for the lamp. With vintage 'granny' prints to Arabian Nights-themed 'Mounir' among the collection, there is a lampshade for every lamp.
  • Fatboy Waynecooler Wine Bottle Holder
    Fatboy Waynecooler Wine Bottle Holder
    Keep it cool on the hottest summer days. The Waynecooler makes sure you have an ice-cold drink within easy reach no matter where you are. Like Desswerrum and Edison the Petit from Fatboy, Waynecooler is an awesome addition to your garden, sundeck or balcony on warm summer evenings. Take the Waynecooler with you and suspend it from any handy hook with the aid of its practical ring. Fatboy’s Waynecooler is available in a number of cheeky bright colours and has a thermal layer in the stuffing which means that it will keep your favourite drinks hot in winter just as well as cool in summer.
  • Fatboy Concrete Pillow - Pink
    Fatboy Concrete Pillow - Pink
    Material: 100% cotton. Dimensions: 40x50x3cm. Comfortable cushion in vibrant pink. Designed to be used with the Concrete Seat. More fun home accessories available from Fatboy.
  • Waynecooler By Fatboy
    Waynecooler By Fatboy
    Let’s raise glasses with the Waynecooler! This is a message to all bottles. To all bottles that want to keep themselves cool while you’re chilling out. The only proposal you hope to make as often as possible is a toast. A toast to long life, love, good health, or to nothing in particular: but every toast needs a little help from your perfectly chilled choice of poison. Just like the Desswerrum and Edison the Petit, the Waynecooler is a fine addition to your late-summer-night sessions. While the Edison the Petit lightens up the gloomy evening and the Desswerrum keeps you warm, the Waynecooler keeps your bottle chilled. Rosé, Prosecco, Champagne, lemonade or any other bottled boozy fluid chilled without a sweat. You wish you could be insensitive to climatic changes like a bottle in a Waynecooler! The essential bottle holder for any occasion and makes for the perfect gift. Features. Keeps your bottle insulated, hot or cold. Crafted from a high quality, long wearing polyester fabric. Available in wide array of vibrant colors; easy to clean with damp cloth and mild soap. Measures 11.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
  • Fatboy Tablitski Stool
    Fatboy Tablitski Stool
    I may not be a softy, but I am the perfect match for the Baboesjka pillow. Some say we are the perfect couple! Or if you are not into match making, you can use me as a side table, a stool or even a place to rest your laptop. Either way, I will be happy! Features: The Tablitski is made of a high quality, powder-coated steel frame. Can be used as a side table, a stool or a place to rest your laptop. Measures - 16 inches x 16 inches x 13 inches. Dimensions: Overall: 16" H x 16" W x 13" D. Overall Product Weight: 13lbs.
  • Fatboy The Original - Pink
    Fatboy The Original - Pink
    Measures H180X W140cm. Made from high quality nylon. Pink colour. With a PVC coating that’s dirt and moisture repellent. Can be easily spot cleaned. Bean bag polybead filled.
  • Fatboy Point - Pink
    Fatboy Point - Pink
    Material: high quality nylon. Dimensions: D50xH35cm. Weight: 1.85kg. Pink colour. PVC coating that’s dirt and moisture repellent. Can be easily cleaned. Filling: 100 litre EPS.
  • Fatboy Original Bean Bag
    Fatboy Original Bean Bag
    This Iconic Original Beanbag is totally irresistible. The Fatboy mantra of standing out while fitting in is so true of this fabulous over sized beanbag which is available in a range of fantastical colours to suit your mood and room scheme. Comfy and soft it is a case of dive right in relax, make time to do nothing and chill out in style with this flexible piece of furniture.
  • Fatboy Junior - Pink
    Fatboy Junior - Pink
    Material: nylon with PVC coating. Dimensions: 100x130cm. Weight: 3kg. Pink colour. Dirt and moisture repellent. Children’s bean bag. Bean bag polybead filled. Clean with lukewarm water.
  • Fatboy Junior Bean Bag
    Fatboy Junior Bean Bag
    Junior Fatboy Bean bags are irresistible and let kids relax and enjoy happy childhood dreams. Unlike most toys they wont break and are resistant to the most enduring tantrums. Available in a range of scrummy colours they will brighten up any kids room and bring a ray of sunshine to your home.
  • Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Fatboy Cooper Cappie Shade / For Edison the Petit lamp
    Inspired by the comic and magician Tommy Cooper and it's famous little red hat, designer and Fatboy Founder Alex Bergman saw new exciting possibilities for the Edison the Petit. The shape of the hat fitted perfectly over the shade, and before we knew it Cooper Cappie was born. With this cover you can create a totally new style over and over again. Available in no less than 21 beautiful designs which fits everybody's mood, interior or party theme! In detail: Type : Shade. Colour : Mr rose. Material : Polypropylene. Dimensions : 49 x 14 cm. Characteristics : Fits perfectly over the Edison the Petit lamp (lamp sold separately) - Moisture repellent material - 2 year guarantee.
  • Fatboy The Original Pouf
    Fatboy The Original Pouf
    A new alternative to the ''beanbag'' from the past. Jukka Setälä from Finland designed the Fatboy Original in 1998 as the beanbag from the 21st century ! A Fatboy deserves a place in every living- and bedroom. It has a multitude of uses : a lounge bag for a student's room, a relaxing option for the office, a comforting-pillow for children, or even, a spare bed for unexpected guests. The Fatboy Original is made of a practical and easy to clean nylon material with a special coating, a rub with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep it looking new. The Fatboy nylon is also water-resistant, ventilated and non-fire coated. Outdoor and indoor use. Fatboy Original is available in various colours and in a special series with Marimekko textiles. In detail: Type : Pouf. Colour : Pink. Material : Nylon cover with special coating - Coated polystyrene balls. Dimensions : W 140 x L 180 cm. Characteristics : Fixed cover - No-fire coated - Water and stain resistant - Indoor-outdoor use - Easy cleaning with damp cloth and soap.
  • fatboy original - beanbag
    fatboy original - beanbag
    Jukka Setälä from Finland created the fatboy original beanbag in 1988, as the beanbag of the 21st century! The fatboy “original” represents a new, colourful and practical alternative to common beanbags and is particularly easy to clean. Depending on the colour, the fatboy “original” adjusts to the ambiance of your living room or bedroom. The beanbag can be used in many ways: As lounge chair in student digs, as relaxing possibility in your office, as “comforting” pillow for your kids or even as bed for unexpected guests. The fatboy original beanbag - a pioneer The size of 140 x 180 cm allows you to simply let yourself fall and sink into it. The high-quality filling consists of EPS globules and not of non-shredded polystyrene waste that are often used in cheap beanbags. That is why the beanbag can be shaped as you like it and adapts to your sitting or lying position. The cover of the fatboy “original” beanbag consists of a special coated nylon material and is therefore easy to clean – a wet cloth and the beanbag looks as if it was new in only an instant.
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