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  • Fatboy Original
    Fatboy Original
    This Iconic Original Beanbag is totally irresistible. The Fatboy mantra of standing out while fitting in is so true of this fabulous over sized beanbag which is available in a range of fantastical colours to suit your mood and room scheme. Comfy and soft it is a case of dive right in relax, make time to do nothing and chill out in style with this flexible piece of furniture.
  • Fatboy Point
    Fatboy Point
    Fatboy Point is the dot on the 'i' of your interior and will add urban cool to any home. Use this round floor cushion as an extra seat when you have friends round, or for the children to sit on or simply to sit back on your sofa and rest your feet, aptly named the point is ideal for anything. Combine with other Fatboy beanbags or use on its own. Choose a more conservative colour and this beanbag becomes an ottoman, blending in with more traditional furniture or go totally funky with a primary colour to add an accent piece. The Fatboy Point is made from a practical and easy to clean nylon material with a special coating, and is easy to wipe clean. Available in a range of fantastic exciting colours.
  • Fatboy Junior
    Fatboy Junior
    Junior Fatboy Beanbags are irresistible and let kids relax and enjoy happy childhood dreams. Unlike most toys they wont break and are resistant to the most enduring tantrums. Available in a range of scrummy colours they will brighten up any kids room and bring a ray of sunshine to your home.
  • Fatboy Original Stonewashed Bean Bag
    Fatboy Original Stonewashed Bean Bag
    The Fatboy original stonewashed beanbag is made of fabulous classic stonewashed fabric. The stonewashed design originates from the consumer fashion trend of softer fabrics in furniture, but with the same strong characteristics as the original Fatboy bean bag to create a soft look and feel. This combination creates a classic, vintage look made from the highest quality, durable fabric. With a natural color range, the stonewash beanbag is a piece of furniture or stylish accessory for any living room, and with ample dimensions and energy-providing comfort it is the perfect home addition.
  • Fatboy Edison Petite
    Fatboy Edison Petite
    Small tough and portable version of the Edison Grand with battery and charger included. Pull the Fatboy tag to illuminate and give a gentle but powerful light. Will glow for up to 6hrs on the highest setting before recharging is required.
  • Fatboy The Wayne Cooler
    Fatboy The Wayne Cooler
    Perfect for those summer nights, Fatboy's 'Wayne Cooler' will keep your bottle of wine, beer or even lemonade fresh and cool. Available in a range of colours, it depicts Fatboy's iconic style whilst having a great purpose of keeping your favourite tipple cool.
  • Fatboy Marimekko
    Fatboy Marimekko
    This beautiful oversize Beanbag from Fatboy will definitely make heads turn just like the lady who inspired it did in the 60s. Here Fatboy let the iconic designers Marimekko who's dresses were worn by Jackie O create fabulous patterns to make your Fatboy stand out even further using the soft canvas as a base for their stylish three-dimensional designs.
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