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  • Fatboy - Formitable XL
    Fatboy - Formitable XL
    Formitable XL is a practical table made by Fatboy. The big table top makes it possible to prepare meals in the kitchen and salads in the garden or the balcony. The Formitable XL is made of galvanized metal. That’s the reason why it is especially protected against corrosion caused by the weather outside and why it can remain in the garden without any problems. The round table top offers space for the whole family. The special clou: The Formitable XL has a suitable gap for the Stripesol sunshade, which is available in the same colours of the tables. An unbeatable duo for comfortable hours in the garden. The Formitable XL is also a welcomed guest without a sunshade. The practical sunshade gap can easily be closed with the magnetic plug. Formitable XL is available in different colours, suiting the Stripesol sunshade by Fatboy.
  • Fatboy - RockCoco chandelier
    Fatboy - RockCoco chandelier
    With the RockCoco chandelier, Fatboy brings the 18th century into a new millennium. The chandelier’s design leans on the winding and playful forms of the historical style of the rococo era. This makes the chandelier the ultimate crowning of your personal Versailles. In the rococo era, rooms were created as whole art-works. As well, the RockCoco chandelier from the talented Netherlands designers DeMakers Van, was shaped. The playful and extravagant design is fulfilled through modern materials and current transparency. This is how RockCoco skilfully unifies historical splendour and modern elegance. The graceful and transparent chandelier RockCoco with the distinctive, always viewable, red wiring is not only exceptional in its look, but also practical: Because of its stable materials, it can also be user outsides without any problems, because RockCoco is weatherproof. So you can also hang the chandelier on a tree and dine until late at night. Or transform your terrace into an airy ballroom.
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