• Chapo Table Lamp By FLOS
    Chapo Table Lamp By FLOS
    CHAPO table lamp providing direct light. Throwing one’s hat onto a stand is a seductive and slightly swanky and masculine gesture from bygone times. It has an irreverent and retro charm reminiscent of a cinematographic image that is an inescapable part of our visual baggage. All this underlies the Chapo table lamp, a playful gesture that becomes a three-dimensional and theatrical object, a lamp whose style, character and shape can change depending on the hat that is placed on top of it. Chapo includes the hat diffuser, and the look can be easily changed with your own hats. Features. Designed by Philippe Starck, 2014. Materials: Aluminium and PMMA. Type: Table Lamp. Mounting: Table Top. Aluminum structure with photo-etched diffuser. Hat Diffuser included. Optical switch on the dimmable base with -Soft Touch” technology adaptor on plug connector with interchangeable plugs. A USB socket on the base enables you to recharge the most common smart phones and tablets (max 1.5A) Soft-touch switch on black fabric covered cord. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 4.9W x 15.7H. Base: 4.3W x 4.3D. Cord Length: 79. Lamp type: LED. Bulbs: 1 x 8W 24V COB LED 2700K 310lm total CRI93 (included) Environment: Indoor - Dry Location. Certifications: cUL, UL.
  • OK Pendant Lamp By FLOS
    OK Pendant Lamp By FLOS
    "... Designing a lamp is no longer limited to working around a given bulb. Today, it means designing the actual bulb or light source. This challenged me to think of Parentesi , a lamp that celebrated the traditional bulb in the most effective and beautiful way. Would it be possible to rethink the Parentesi lamp once more and pass the Manzù-Castiglioni torch on to the future?" Konstantin Grcic. OK Light with an ultra-flat LED surface with edge-lighting technology, directable over 360 degrees. A small rectangular box that houses the electronic components and light fitting can be moved vertically by running the internal structure of the body on a steel cable tensioned between the ceiling and the floor cone-shaped weight. Dimmable switch with Soft Touch technology. We think Manzù-Castiglioni would approve. Features. Designed by Konstantin Grcic, 2014. Materials: Aluminium and PMMA. Type: Pendant Lamp. Mounting: Ceiling Pendant. Soft-touch with dimmer switch located on light fitting. Black cord and plug. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 10W x 10.2H. Shade: 7.9Dia. Cord Length: 157. Lamp type: LED. Bulbs: 18W TOP LED 2700K CRI85 (included) Environment: Indoor - Dry Location. Certifications: cUL, UL.
  • Flos - Miss Sissi Tablelamp
    Flos - Miss Sissi Tablelamp
    Since 1991, Miss Sissi is produced by the Italian lamp producer Flos. Already created in 1988 by the Popstar of Design – Philippe Starck, Miss Sissi is included in the range of products called “Good Goods” which composed for a catalogue of the mail order business La Redoute. In addition to t-shirts, teddy bears, kayaks and gas masks, Miss Sissi belongs to the “non-products for non-consumers” which Starck wanted to offer for “a moral market of the future” like a “political tool which aims directly at the heart of consumption.” Right after designing Miss Sissi, Starck said about the table lamp: “It was not me who created it, it was all of us.” The form language of Miss Sissi stresses anonymity and functionality and is thus a pretty good example of “non-design”. “In times where the trend on the market goes to far too complicated lamps with a narcissistic design, I thought, it would be necessary to regain the idea of an archetypical, small lamp like it is in all of us. The result is Miss Sissi. The usage of synthetic material facilitates the mass production and ensures that Sissi is affordable for everyone. As Sissi is a model of non-design, its conception arose from our collective memory. The table lamp spreads direct light and diffuse light. Light corpus, diffuser and diffuser holder are made out of injection molded, painted polycarbonate (UL-94 V0), the light's socket ensures stability with included sinker. On and off switch is regulated at the two-branch cable.
  • Flos - Miss K Tablelamp
    Flos - Miss K Tablelamp
    Miss K was designed in 2003 / 2004 by Philippe Starck for Flos. The table-map provides a diffuse light which is full of atmosphere and is made of high-quality polymethylmethacrylate. A special aluminium process creates the typical colours and the unique way of providing light. In 2004 Miss K has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award. The frame is fully transparent and consists of injection-molded PMMA polymethylmethacrylate (UL-94 HB). The internal diffuser is made of opaline, injection-molded polycarbonate (UL-94 VO); the external diffuser is made also made of injection-molded polycarbonate (UL-94 VO). It is completely finished with a high-vacuum aluminium process. Miss K has a traditional dimmer for 0 – 100 % luminosity adjustment with a transparent cover which is fitted on the transparent polarized cord. The net weight is 1.2 kg.
  • Flos - Orotund Wall Lamp
    Flos - Orotund Wall Lamp
    ”I experimented a circular form with central radius, looking like this one, for the last 20 years” , explained the designer Marc Newson. ”I find it fascinating. It has something supernatural.” With all its simplicity, the design of the Flos Orotund wall lamp has something iconic. The simple and still unmistakable shape reminds us of creations like the stirring wheel of the legendary Citroën DS. The car, also known as goddess still looks futuristic, a quality of Orotund as well. Inside of the Flos Orotund there are 120 LEDs, also equally illuminating the lamp"s body out of ABS from inside, which also serves as diffusor. The warm white light of the wall lamp by Flos ensures a diffuse and very soft beam. Since the Orotund also shines to the walls, it ensures a soft shimmer in the background, whose appearance can be interpreted like a halo. The special qualities make the minimalistic Flos Orotund especially suitable for comfort zones like bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Flos - Kelvin LED Working Lamp
    Flos - Kelvin LED Working Lamp
    The working lamp Kelvin LED from Flos is a fusion of the most modern technique and straight-line design. Efficient LED-technique, high ecological standards and the elegant design make Kelvin LED an outstanding design object. Kelvin LED was designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen. Kelvin is a lamp for direct light and totally free turnable and swiveling. The modern LED technique is highly efficient and it spends warm, soft and pleasant light that suits for work and also as a background illumination. Kelvin"s light avoids strong visual contrasts and blinding effects. The table lamp Kelvin from Flos fulfils high ecological standards: The 30 LEDs in its head are energy saving and only use 8W. Moreover Kelvin LED consists of recycling materials. The LED table lamp owns an on/off switch that is positioned as a touch-sensor in the head of the lamp. The LED table lamp from Flos is also available in anthracite and white.
  • Flos - D'E Light Table Lamp
    Flos - D'E Light Table Lamp
    Reduction to the maximum: The Flos D"E Light by Philippe Starck appears in uncompromising minimalistic design. The special something: Electro-gadgets can be placed on the table lamp to be charged. It was only a question of time for the star designer Philippe Starck to approximate to modern problems. The spread of smartphones and tablets finally inspired the French designer for his design of the D"E Light, which completes demands of today"s information, entertainment and connectivity: All kinds of devices are placed and charged on the D"E Light from Flos, such as tablets, mobile phones or MP3-players. The Flos D"E Light has a radical, extremely functional design, which doesn"t distract from the real function: The switch and dimmer is an optical touch-sensor which is switched on and off when it is touched. The D"E Light fulfils the expectations we have from efficient, stylish and contemporaneous lamps with cool, chrome-plated aluminium and a flat lampshade with integrated LEDs. The Flos D"E Light can be ordered with a micro-USB connection or with the Lightning connector for iPhone or iPad. An edition with the 30-pin connector from Apple is also available on demand.
  • Flos - Goldman Table Lamp
    Flos - Goldman Table Lamp
    Almost everyone knows it: The Banker"s lamp - one of the earliest kinds of electric lamps which can be found in offices all over the world since the invention of electric light itself. As a matter of fact, the lamp shade became popular through countless movies but it originally stems from the 20 th century. Ron Gilad says: " Originally they were used by bankers, who worked long hours, looking at small numbers. They needed extra light on their desk to make their job a little easier ". On the basis of this long history designer Ron Gilad named his reinterpretation of the banker"s lamp after a traditional investment banking firm. The Goldman Table Lamp is picking up the classic shape of the original lamp and brings it into our modern era without losing its central design elements. Ron Gilad says: " Goldman is designed as a step in the evolution of this traditional lamp, injected with high technology and slick lines ". Whereas the shell of the Goldman Table Lamp reminds one doubtlessly of the original, one can find state-of-the-art technology on the inside: 42 LEDs ensure uniform illumination of the working space while the lamp shade protects from direct glare. On the underside the light sources are also covered by the diffusor so that even direct light appears soft and glare-free. Surprising is the USB connector on the backside of the Goldman Table Lamp whereby nearly every electronic device can be recharged. The High-Tech-impression is emphasised by the discreet Touch Switch that allows to dim the Working Lamp by Flos. By means of these characteristics and its classic-decorative presence the Flos Goldman certainly does not need to hide in the office but is also very suitable to set new and individual accents to various rooms. The Goldman Table Lamp is available with a solid brass base and a green glass shade as well as in a nickel version with smoke grey diffusor.
  • Flos - Chapo Table Lamp
    Flos - Chapo Table Lamp
    Hats off! The Flos Chapo is a table lamp with uncopiable style. It is obvious where its name came from: The French expression “Chapeau!” characterizes the unique ideas of the famous French designer Philippe Starck. ”When Alec Guinness, James Stewart or Fred Astaire came back home in the evening, they threw their hat on everything near them on a unique way. Why not also on a lamp?” , asked star designer Starck himself. Said, done: Chapo is the resilt of this thoughts, stormy and elegant. The Flos Chapo spreads direct light, which is directed downwards by the hat diffuser. The hat is included in the delivery, but it isn"t possible to use other headgear as lampshades. The Flos Chapo is a charming table lamp with very special charm because of the reference to the masculine hat-throwing gesture of yesterday. Despite of the humorous character, the Chapo has some practical values: An USB connection (max. 1,5 A) makes it possible to charge electric devices, while the decent Soft-Touch switch dims the energy-saving LED light source with warm white light (2700 K). The finish is also Flos-typically noble: The lamp"s base is chrome-plated, while the cable is coated with linen fabric.
  • Flos - IC Wall and Ceiling Lamp
    Flos - IC Wall and Ceiling Lamp
    With the IC wall and ceiling lamp , the manufacturer Flos presents a minimalistic object, which owes its origin to a rather unusual coincidence. The designer Michael Anastassiades explained: ”I saw a video clip of a contact juggler on the internet incidentally. He rolled around some balls, moving them over his arms and fingertips. And when I noticed how fascinated I was of the magic of his skills, the balls seemed completely unmovable. I wanted to catch that very moment. That was the beginning of the IC lamp.” The contrast of filigree lines and voluminous lamp bodies of metal and opalesced glass are responsible for a very own charm of the Flos IC wall and ceiling lamp. The material reminds us of past times, while it is formally placed in a new context. The matt body of opal glass holds back a soft and dimmable light, which is spread in the room without glaring and which is especially suitable for the bedroom because of the comfortable mood it gives to the user. The IC wall and ceiling lamp is made out of steel by Flos and it is also available with a finish of brushed brass and brushed, bronze-plated brass. Both editions are covered with clear lacquer, in order to keep their shine for many years.
  • Flos - Spun Light Table Lamp
    Flos - Spun Light Table Lamp
    The Spun Light is a table lamp which was created by the designer Sebastian Wrong. It has been presented for the first time on the fair 100 % Design in London and a year later on the Salone Satellite in Milano. The simple elegant table lamp was originally designed for the London company Drove Ltd. However, since 2003 Spun is produced as a table light and as a floor fixture for Flos. In 2004, Spun Light was awarded with the Red Dot Design Prize. Spun is a table / desk fixture which provides diffuse light. The frame and the diffuser are made of spun metal. The diffuser support arms and the lamp-holder support consist of die-cast aluminium which is also painted. The material for the diffuser support is white, injection-molded polycarbonate (UL-94 V2). The upper diffuser screen is made of sandblasted pressed glass. A traditional dimmer for 0 – 100 % luminosity adjustment is fitted on the polarized cord. The net weight is 4.3 kg.
  • Flos - Snoopy Table Lamp
    Flos - Snoopy Table Lamp
    In 1967, the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni created the lamp Snoopy for direct light. Allegedly, the table lamp by the manufacturer Flos is based on the image of the famous little dog of the cartoon series Peanuts. At least the name and the colour show some similarities! The lamp Snoopy has got a heavy base made of white marble. The reflector consists of black enamelled metal. Snooy is fed by a 150 W (E27 HSGS/F) bulb which is included in the delivery. The net weight is 7.9 kg.
  • Flos - K Tribe Table Lamp
    Flos - K Tribe Table Lamp
    After Philippe Starck already designed the successful Miss K Lamp and the Miss K Table Lamp for Flos, in the year 2007 emerged the K Tribe Table Lamp. The K Tribe Lamp creates diffuse light whose strength can be adjusted individually with an integrated dimmer. The K Tribe Table Lamp possesses a slim metal foot out of glossy polished aluminium. It is available in different variants that differ by the colour of the lampshade.
  • Flos - Bedside Gun
    Flos - Bedside Gun
    Unusual, provocative, socialcritical and political is the Gun-Lamp series, which was designed in 2005 for the Italian manufacturer Flos by Philippe Starck. "Whole republics are crazy. Tartar are our master. Designed, manufactured, sold, dreamed, bought and used, weapons are our new icons. Our life is worth a bullet. The Guns Collection is only a sign of our time. We get the symbols that we deserve." explains the designer. The label on the foot plate of the lamp is called "Happiness is a hot gun". The Gun-Collection wants to call attention on the worldwide weapon exports of many governments: The gold of the Gun-Lamps represents the confidential accordance between money and war. Referring to this, the in the Bed Side Gun - dispayed Beretta - symbolises the accordance of Europe. The black lamp shade symbolises the death. The crosses on the inside of the shade want to remind us on our death. With that the whole Gun collection moves the context over to a kind of memorial for many dead people, which where killed in many, profit-oriented wars. To underline the intentions of the designer, the manufacturer Flos donated twenty percent of the sale proceeds of the Gun-collection to the human rights organisation Frères des Hommes, Europe. More details: Table lamp for direct light and diffused lighting. Technical lighting: Lamp body made of aluminiumdiecast, coating made of casting polymer, 18-carat, galvanic gilded or chromed, diffusor made of paper with matt black plastic coating and in silk-screen printing gilded inside. ON/OFF appliance of the lamp dimmer for illumination control from 0 to 100% on a two-core cable. Illuminant: 1 X MAX 75W E27 HSGS/F. Voltage (V) 220/240.
  • Flos - Arco floor lamp
    Flos - Arco floor lamp
    The floor lamp Arco is a design classic par excellence and therefore part of the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1962, the brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni designed the bow light for the manufacturer Flos. In their creation where a simple street light was the model, the advantages of floor and ceiling lamps are combined. Arco is a floor lamp, providing direct light. The heavy marble base gives a solid position to the light. Through the telescopic stem which is made of satin-finished stainless steel the height is easily adjustable (215 - 220cm). Furthermore, the pressed, polished and zapon-varnished aluminium reflector is swivelling and also height adjustable (137 - 171cm). The foot-switch-on button is on the power cord. The length is 270 cm; the net weight 65.9 kg. Illuminant: 1X max. 100 W E27 IA/S.
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