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  • Flos Glo Ball Ceiling/Wall Light
    Flos Glo Ball Ceiling/Wall Light
    The finishing touch to any home setting, the Glo Ball design is a simple and elegant creation that looks like a crystal ball in opal glass. Designed by Jasper Morrison in 2009, it has now received iconic status as a design classic for its simplicity and durability of design. Made from acid etched hand blown glass with a die cast threaded aluminium ring nut, this is constructed from materials of the highest quality to ensure it remains functional and beautiful for years to come. The Glo Ball can be used both on the ceiling or the wall - making its design reliable and movable. Requires 1 x MAX 60W E14 HSGS. Dimensions: 7.5cm x 16cm x 19cm.
  • Flos Archimoon Soft Table Lamp
    Flos Archimoon Soft Table Lamp
    Flos lighting is one of the world's most recognised designer brands. With a range of designer names in their collection, one of their most popular is Philippe Starck. Archimoon is one of his ranges designed to look industrial and sleek. First produced in 1998, it has grown in popularity ever since and can be found on desks and in apartments all over the world. Made from Aluminium, contrasted with a glass and soft fabric shade. Matching items are also available to buy. Dimensions: 64 x 29.7 x 18.5 cm. Req. 1 x MAX 28W G9 HSGS.
  • Flos Romeo Babe Soft S Ceiling Light
    Flos Romeo Babe Soft S Ceiling Light
    Another piece by Philippe Starck for Flos, the Romeo Babe is a soft fabric ceiling light that is designed to look minimalistic and unique. First released in 1996, it has gone on to great success - as with all of Starck's products - it can now be found in homes, boutiques and bars all over the world. With the ceiling rose constructed from polycarbonate, and the shade diffuser constructed from an inner of glass and an outer of fabric, the design is clearly industrial. With a range of other matching items available in the Romeo range, this is a must for any Philippe Starck enthusiast. Dimensions: 23cm x 17cm x 15cm
  • Flos Fucsia Ceiling Suspension Light
    Flos Fucsia Ceiling Suspension Light
    The Flos Fucsia range was originally designed by Achille Castiglioni for leading lighting specialists Flos. The light is classic and timeless in design - this ensures that it will remain on trend for the foreseeable future. Features of the light include cone shaped flasks which allow the light to reflect off them, creating a stunning light effect. The lights are made from a mixture of high quality materials - glass diffusers with a sandblasted rim provides a decorative effect which combined with the gloss white lamp holder looks simple and modern. Choose from 1, 3, 8 or 12 diffusers. Perfect for scattering over any dining table or hallway entrance, the lights are adjustable in height so this gives an extra design facet to them. Guaranteed to be loved by you every time you see them, they draw your attention and focus wherever placed. Dimensions : W: 33cm (each diffuser : 35.5cmx16cm) - Takes : 3 x 40W E14 (included)
  • Flos Gatto Table Piccolo Lamp
    Flos Gatto Table Piccolo Lamp
    Reminiscent of the shape of a hot air balloon the Flos Gatto table lamp is certainly a unique design. It was first designed in 1960 and has since been reissued by Flos in 2005 as part of the cocoon lighting range, which features shades sprayed in a cocoon resin. The Gatto has a steel frame and structure that is in a white powder coated finish and is available in 2 sizes Piccolo (small) and Grande, which is large. The light also features a on / off cable switch. Designed by the Castiglioni brothers Achille and Pier. Dimensions: Gatto Piccolo: Diameter 19cm x Height 30cm, Max Bulb 1 x 42Watt.
  • Flos Piani Table Lamp with Tray
    Flos Piani Table Lamp with Tray
    Designed by the Bouroullec's, the Flos Piani Table Lamp is a stylish and contemporary table lamp that looks simple and understated but has a dual purpose. The top flat piece gives is a LED downlighter which shines on the tray underneath to give a soft and warm light. Featuring a tray underneath the light, it can be used to hold loose change, keys or mobile phones or as desk lamp to hold stationary such a paper clips etc. Ideal for the hallway and for storing those items you don’t know where to put. The light is available in a choice of 4 colours in green, white, red and black so there should be one to suit any setting. It is made from ABS and diffuser in polished aluminum. Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Dimensions: Width 26.4cm Height 20cm. Bulbs :Takes : 14 x TOP LED 2700K 5W.
  • Flos Spun Table Lamp
    Flos Spun Table Lamp
    If there is a better looking table lamp on the market today we have yet to find it. The Flos Spun table lamp is a trumpet shape made a spun metal base hence the name. It also also a cylindrical shape with a top and bottom etched glass diffuser whicj provides a soft light and prevents glare. The lamp is available in 2 sizes and 4 colour finishes with the inside the shade being a different colour, these options are shiny black with the inside of the shade matt white, shiny white inside the shade matt white, dark brown inside the shade yellow, grey inside matt white and polishes aluminum inside is also polishes. The table lamp also has a dimmer switch located on the cable to provide the lighting effect you desire. Designed By Sebastian Wrong. Dimensions: T1 Height 57.5cm x Diameter 37cm. T2 Height 68cm x Diameter 45cm. Takes : Small : 1 x 105W E27. HSGS; Large : 1 x 205W E27.
  • Flos La Linea Gamma Wall Light
    Flos La Linea Gamma Wall Light
    Flos Linea Gamma Wall Light. Flos La Linea Gamma Wall Light. Wall mounted light fitting with indirect light. Design by Ron Gilad in 2010. Injection molded diffuser in methacrylate with photo-engraved internal finish. The diffuser is fixed to the body by a nickel-plated neodymium magnet.
  • Flos Gun Lamp by Philippe Stark
    Flos Gun Lamp by Philippe Stark
    Say hello to my little friend, the Kalashnikov AK47 lamp is a favourite amongst drug lords. gangsters and also armed forces worldwide. Designed by Philippe Starck the Flos gun lamp comes in either 18k gold plated of chrome finish. The lamp features exact details of the firearm and the gold version comes complete with matt black shade and inner gold silkscreen finish. The Chrome version comes with a white shade, which has a silver inner. The cable is made from black fabric, has 0-110% Dimmer, does not have an on and off switch. The Flos Gun range are some of Starcks most famous products and is popular with design collectors and gun aficionados, Takes : 1 x 150W E27. Dimensions: Height 92.4cm. Diameter 51.5cm. Base Diameter 28cm. Cable Length 150cm.
  • Flos All Light Opal Ceiling Or Wall Light
    Flos All Light Opal Ceiling Or Wall Light
    This classy looking light was designed by Rodolfo Dordoni in 2002; it is very effective for its main purpose and does it in a beautiful way. It can be used Indoor or outdoor, the lamp provides great direct/indirect lighting whether it is been used on the wall or on the ceiling. It as an Opaline polycarbonate enclosure cover, and it’s attached to the wall using a Opaline polycarbonate wall attachment. The support is pressed and galvanized sheet metal ballast. Mounting: Ceiling and wall Bulb: 1 x 24W G5 FQ T5 FD (excluded) Environment: Indoor, Outdoor Finish: Opal Voltage (V): 230/240 Construction Material: Polycarbonate Weight (Kg): 1.2
  • Flos On The Rocks HL Glass Wall Light
    Flos On The Rocks HL Glass Wall Light
    The Flos On The Rocks HL Glass Wall Light is a stunning piece of lighting that will bring your room to life. The light provides direct/indirect and partially diffused light. The internal diffuser is made of opal glass with the outer shell made of transparent glass which gives it the unique lighting effect. Ideal for your living room or dining room. Voltage 220/240V. 1 x MAX 200W R7s Halo (included) Dimensions: Height 9.5cm x Width 30.5cm x Depth 9cm.
  • Flos Foglio Wall Light
    Flos Foglio Wall Light
    The Flos Foglio Wall Light is a high-quality light that as a timeless look about it. Flos produces lighting fixtures with timeless design and technical excellence. Finished in powder painted white, black or polished nickel plated. Sure to brighten up any kind of room and to enhance any kind of mood you’re trying to create, it creates varied moods when fully lit and when dimmed. Dimensions: 210mm x 370mm x 97 mm. Bulbs: 2 x MAX 100W E27 IAA/W.
  • Flos All Light Closed Matt White Wall Light
    Flos All Light Closed Matt White Wall Light
    If you are looking for a simple and understated way of lighting your home or office setting, then the All light is the perfect lighting solution for your home. Brought to you by Italian design house Flos, the stunning light looks minimal and simplistic in design - meaning it will fit into practically any setting. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Flos, this unique light fitting provides both direct and indirect light - ensuring a visionary finish to your home or office. Requires 1x 24W T5 Fluorescent Tube Dimensions: 67cm x 12cm x 7cm.
  • Flos Gun Bedside Lamp by Philippe Starck
    Flos Gun Bedside Lamp by Philippe Starck
    Put your hands up and don’t move!! The Beretta pistol inspires this sexy gun lamp. Designed by Philippe Starck the thought behind this design to remind us of our well being is at the expense of someone else dying. The Flos gun bedside lamp is available in 2 colour options chrome and 18k gold plated finish, it is made from die cast aluminium. The base has a slogan written on it which says "happiness is holding a hot gun". The shade comes in a matt black outer with a silk gold inner finish, the chrome version comes in a white and silver shade. No on/off switch, but a 0-110% dimmer. The entire Philippe Starck Gun Lamp range is available to purchase in the Design 55 store. Dimensions: Height 42.6cm. Diameter 16cm. Max Diameter 24cm. Takes: 1 x 75W E27 (max)
  • Flos Skygarden Ceiling Light
    Flos Skygarden Ceiling Light
    One of the most unique and very best lights that has been designed this century, the Flos Skygarden ceiling light features a half circle ceiling shade with an internal cast plaster pattern that is painted white. It is a modern light with a traditional twist with the inside of the shade being reminiscent of Victorian cornices and ceiling roses. This is an award winning light that has won the Elle Deco Best International Design and the Edida suspension light award. It is available in 2 sizes and in 4 colours glossy white, glossy black, gold and rusty brown. Designed by Marcel Wanders. Dimensions: Skygarden 1: Diameter 60cm x Height 30cm, Takes 1 x 150 Watt Bulb included. Skygarden 2: Diameter 90cm x Height 45cm, Takes 1 x 230watt E27Bulb included.
  • Flos Splugen Brau Ceiling Light
    Flos Splugen Brau Ceiling Light
    Named after the famous Beer House in Milan the Splugen Brau, which sadly got demolished in the 1980's where this light took pride of place. This was light was first released in 1961 and was Achille Castigloni’s first design for Flos, it sill looks modern today and proves great design is timeless. The pendant shade is a Beehive shape made from spun and polished aluminium. The ceiling rose is a white gloss finish to match most ceilings. Dimensions: Height 21cm Diameter 36cm Cable Length 22cm Takes 100Watt bulb not included
  • Flos Frisbi Ceiling Suspension Light
    Flos Frisbi Ceiling Suspension Light
    Flos is a world renowned Italian design brand that specialise in creating edgy and showpiece lighting fixtures. The Frisbi is part of their collection of ceiling lights that look industrial and on trend. Frisbi is made from opylene PMMA and suspended from 3 steel cables. It also has a reflector placed inside to create more light in your home. Perfect for the office or above a dining table, Frisbi is aptly named as the large flat opylene piece looks as if it is flying throught the air. Designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos, this is a designer piece that is sure to be admired. Dimensions: 73cm Height x Cable Length 3m.
  • Flos Snoopy Lamp
    Flos Snoopy Lamp
    The Flos Snoopy Desk Lamp was originally designed in 1967. This is an absolute must have for your home or even office, light is diffused from the bottom of the lamp complementing any desk, or bedside table. The beautiful base of the lamp is made from white marble which goes perfect with the glossy black of enameled reflector. Designer(s) : Achille and Pier Giacomo Castaglioni. Dimensions : H: 36.9cm; W: 39.4cm. Takes: 1 x 150W E27 HSGS/F.
  • Flos Kelvin LED Wall Light
    Flos Kelvin LED Wall Light
    This new Flos Kelvin LED wall light is not like any you have seen before, providing a soft, warm glow and high quality of light. The wall lamp is made from adie cast aluminium and has coated liquid varnish finish. Certainly the perfect addition to your home as it adds instant style and will brighten any mood. It has an on and off touch switch located at the top of the head. The wall light is available in the following colour options Shiny Black, Shiny White and Anthracite Grey. Designer(s): Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen. Dimensions: Lower arm 46.7 cm, upper arm 56.5 cm, wall mounting 16.6 cm. Material: Aluminium. Light Source: 30 x TOP LED 325 LUMEN TOTAL.
  • Flos Gun Floor Lamp
    Flos Gun Floor Lamp
    This is one of Philippe Starck’s most famous and recognizable designs. This is the f loor lamp version of the Flos gun lighting series. It is a replica of a M16 Rifle that is available in 2 colour finishes chrome or 18 k gold plated. The lamp comes with a matt black shade with a gold screen silkscreen finish on the inside of the shade. The chrome version comes with a white shade with silver inner finish. No on/off switch, but a 0-110% dimmer. Starck’s inspiration behind the lamp is that to remind us unintentionally of our state of well being we often think of someone else dying. Dimensions: Height 169cm. Diameter 56cm. Base diameter 43cm. Takes : 1x 250W E27.
  • Flos Arco Floor Lamp
    Flos Arco Floor Lamp
    Designed by Achille Castiglioni for Italian design house Flos. Flos has gained its reputation all over the world for its timeless, contemporary and unique design concepts. The Arco lamp is probably its most iconic piece - it has been featured in press and TV Shows all over the world with countless reproductions produced but none coming close to the beauty of this floor lamp. The Flos Arco floor lamp is inspired by the design of street lamps that you find all over roads today, the Arco looks full of character and will add a feature piece to any setting it is placed into. Made from a combination of elements that all blend together to look classic including a white Carrara marble base with a steel arm and a polished aluminium shade. The arm has been designed to be shortened or lengthened to suit your needs. Perfect for any monochrome setting or for just adding a focal point to any office or lounge/living room. Requires 1 x 100W E27 Screw Bulb. If you are looking for a designer piece to add to your home, then this is the lamp for you. This year the Arco lamp is celebrating its 50th birthday proving that this is a timeless design and is more popular than ever. Flos have brought out a new version with an LED Bulb that is dimmable and lasts up to 50,000 hours. The bulb is 18 Watt and brings this great floor lamp in to the 21st century using the latest lighting technology. Dimensions: Height 2m; Width 2.2m (Shade Diameter 32cm)
  • Flos Glo Ball Ceiling Light S1
    Flos Glo Ball Ceiling Light S1
    This is yet another version of the popular Flos Glo Ball lighting range. This time it is a pendant light on a suspension cord that is available in a range of 3 sizes. The globe shade is made from hand blown glass in an opaline white colour which gives a warm and soft lighting effect. The light looks the art over a dining table or work surface or several of them grouped together. Designed by Jasper Morrison other versions of the light are available to purchase in our online store including floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights. Dimensions: Mini Glo ball: Diameter 11.2cm x Shade Height 8.5cm X Cord Length 40cm take 1 x 38 Watt G9 Bulb. Glo Ball S1: Diameter 33cm x Shade Height 27cm x cord Length 370cm Takes 1 x 150 Watt E27 Bulb. Glo Ball S2: Diameter 45cm x Shade Height 36cm x Cord Length 370cm, Takes 1 x 205 Watt E27 Bulb.
  • Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamp White
    Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamp White
    Designed in 2011 for Flos, the Kelvin Table Lamp is a modern and stylish table lamp that would look great on any desk whether at home or in the office. Made from cast aluminium, this modern desk lamp is durable as well as stylish and contemporary. The lamp head is adjustable so you can place it exactly where needed. Design by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen for Flos, this gorgeous desk lamp is sure to please. Dimensions: Height: 65 cm, base: 20x20 cm.
  • Flos Taccia Table or Floor Lamp
    Flos Taccia Table or Floor Lamp
    Flos Taccia Floor or Table Lamp. This new and unique design from Flos is certainly the perfect addition to your home giving it a welcome feeling and can be used as either a floor lamp or a table lamp. The shade is beautifully hand blown. The lamp is also adjustable so you can get your lighting just how you want it. It is made up of a metal reflector with gloss white finish inside and white powder coated outside. Designer(s): Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Dimensions: H: 54cm; Dia: 49.5cm. Takes: 1 x 100W E27. Material: Extruded aluminium body with hand blown glass diffuser.
  • Flos Kelvin LED Floor Lamp
    Flos Kelvin LED Floor Lamp
    Flos and Antonio Citterio have joined forces to create another range of lamps to add to the collection, the Kelvin Lamps. Highly contemporary and elegant in design, the Kelvin is minimal and simple in design. Made from cast Aluminium, the lamp is finished in black - keeping this light more stylish and minimalistic. Matching items are also available to buy including the Kelvin Table Lamp. Flos are now recognised all over the world as iconic designers who create high quality and modern lights, If you are looking for a lamp that will instantly update your interior - whether thats in the office or living room - this lamp is a must for you. Dimensions: 67.5cm x 16.5cm x 110cm Height. 30 x 8W integrated LED.
  • Flos Smithfield C Ceiling Light
    Flos Smithfield C Ceiling Light
    Flos specialise in a wide range of home lighting and part of their range of ceiling pendants comes this ultra modern Smithfield light. Perfect for adding a modern feel to any kitchen or living room area. Providing a direct light, it would look great placed above any kitchen countertop - and due to its classic colouring, it will fit into any colour setting. Constructed from an aluminium body with an opalescant diffuser. This beautiful design is a must for those who admire sleek lines and a more minimalistic style. Guaranteed to be talked about by friends and family. Dimensions: 60cm Diameter.
  • Flos Chrysalis Cocoon Floor Standing Lamp
    Flos Chrysalis Cocoon Floor Standing Lamp
    Unusual shaped lamp in the shape of a giant flower vase. The Flos Chrysalis floor lamp is made from the famous cocoon resin as seen in some of their designs from 1960,s that were designed by the Castiglioni brothers. The internal structure is made from steel and the shade is made from 3 phases from cocoon resin that makes it strong and durable yet transparent to let light through. The lighting effect also makes a decorative pattern on the ceiling due to the silkscreen print embossed on the shades reflector at the very top of the lamp. Designed by Marcel Wanders in 2011. Dimensions: Height 38.3cm. Top Diameter 33.7cm. Bottom Diameter 38,3cm. 1 x 60 Watt and 1x 80 watt Bulb included.
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