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  • Hey Sign - Big Dot Carpet
    Hey Sign - Big Dot Carpet
    The Big Dot carpet from Hey Sign completely consists of felt and therefore possesses exceptional qualities that make the difference to other carpets: Big Dot is breathable, sound-absorbing, warmth-insulating and dirt-repellent because of the felt’s natural fat-amount. With its rough surface and the large colours range, the Big Dot carpet moreover possesses a pleasant appearance. Ant this is how felt displays its qualities, even in the round for of the Big Dot carpet. What highlights it is the room-acoustic which became more and more important in the past years. The Big Dot carpet out of felt absorbs numerous sounds and noises that emerge on flat surfaces. That is how Big Dot from Hey Sign creates a pleasant quietness and a comfortable atmosphere. The felt by Hey Sign is 100% made out of pure virgin wool and therefore also biologically completely harmless. Hey Sign offers the Big Dot carpet in different colours and with anti-slip-coating.
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