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Hey Sign
  • Hey Sign
  • Hey Sign - Rectangular Carpet
    Hey Sign - Rectangular Carpet
    Carpets from Hey Sign do completely consist of felt and do therefore possess unusual characteristics. Because of its rough surface and the great colour range that is available by Hey Sign, Felt does not only have a pleasant exterior, but also entirely practical functions. Felt is breathable, sound-absorbing, warmth insulating and dirt-repellent because of its natural fat content. And the best thing is: the felt from Hey Sign consists of 100% pure virgin wool what also makes it biologically harmless. And so the felt does also play its qualities in form of a carpet. It is easily cleanable, stable and dirt-resistant up to a determinate level. The aspect of the room sound is what still comes; this one became more and more important in the past years. The rectangular felt carpet absorbs numerous sounds and noises that emerge on flat surfaces. This is how the Hey Sign carpet creates a pleasant quietness and a comfortable atmosphere. The rectangular Hey Sign carpet from Hey Sign is also available in further dimensions: 70x200cm and 180x240cm and in many other colours.
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