• Hey Sign - Box rectangular
    Hey Sign - Box rectangular
    To store things is a big thing, since there are many different items that we must and want to store every day. There is a rectangular box with the sizes 35 x 25 x 18 cm by Hey Sign now, which is perfectly suitable to store magazines, letters, documents and many more things. As all the products by Hey Sign, the Box is also made of high class, natural wool felt and it is available in all colours by the manufacturer.
  • Hey Sign - Paper Basket
    Hey Sign - Paper Basket
    Why should paper baskets always be made of metal or plastic? Hey Sign proves that it can be different, with the paper basket out of 100% natural felt. The paper basket by Hey Sign can also be used as storage basket for other things, such as toys or other small utensils because of the robust, easy-care and flexible natural material felt. Because of the handle, the paper basket by Hey Sign can be transportable with one hand if the content should be moved. Both, the felt material and all the Hey Sign products are “Made in Germany”, the final processing of the products is even “Handmade”. The used felt is made of 100% pure new wool without additional chemicals or recycled textiles, which is documented by the wool seal of approval. By the way, Hey Sign is the first and only felt factory, whose products were certified according to “The Woolmark Company”. Hey Sign offers the paper basket out of felt in many different sizes and colours.
  • Hey Sign - Note Box
    Hey Sign - Note Box
    Who doesn’t know the problem? An invitation over here, a shopping list over there, another note and two or three business cards. This is all in our pockets in different formats and forms. How good there is the Note Box by Hey Sign now, which organizes all your papers. The waved felt-inlay has 3 organization possibilities for a better overview. Wood and felt, two materials found each other: The Oliver Conrad design team and Hey Sign created some products that perfectly combine the skills of Oliver Conrad and Hey Sign. Besides a tray, a paper-clip holder and a doorstop, this collection also includes the Note Box. Waxed oak wood contrasts the natural wool felt.
  • Hey Sign - Fireplace Wood Basket with handle
    Hey Sign - Fireplace Wood Basket with handle
    The fireplace-wood-basket by Hey Sign is an innovative basket made of felt. Some people would call the basket a bag, because it does not have any massive walls or pads, but is only made of felt. The design of the basket is plain, it is unexpected robust and holds the weight without any problems. And it is easy to clean. The design equals the material, which seems effective and affects in plain quality. And also in the object area comes the positive character made of felt. It is pervious to air, sound absorbing, heat insulating and through its natural fat content dirt-repellent. And the best: The felt of Hey Sign is made of 100% pure new wool and is also pure new wool environmentally absolutely harmless. And so the felt plays its qualities also in the shape of a fireplace-wood basket. The basket is unexpected robust and holds the weight of many logs without any problem. And the basket is easy to clean. This characteristics allow the design of the fireplace-wood basket of Hey Sign, if the felt wouldn't be as robust as it is, the design couldn't be as light as it is. The fireplace-wood basket by Hey Sign can also be ordered with a humble material strength of 3 mm. And it is available in every Hey Sign colour.
  • Hey Sign - Lilly Felt Pillow
    Hey Sign - Lilly Felt Pillow
    "Lilly" is the refreshing name for the refreshing pillows by Hey Sign. The original triangle shape gives dynamism to it and the nettle tick with foam filling caters for constant shape and reliable hold. Lean back! Not necessary to mention that also this product by Hey Sign based in Meerbusch is made of pure felt "Made in Germany". As renewable raw material, felt is ecological recommendable and it convinces by its special natural characteristics: It is air-permeable, skin friendly, elastic, heat insulating and stain-resistant by its natural fat content. Lilly doesn’t only know how to convince apparently, but also proves to be practical and functional. It permits ventilation, it is skin friendly, elastic, warmth insulating and it is dirt repellent because of its natural fat content. The Lilly pillow is also available in all Hey Sign colours, in the material strength 3mm, and also in two other sizes (56x56x59cm alternatively 72x72x79cm).
  • Hey Sign - felt room divider
    Hey Sign - felt room divider
    It’s impressing, what kind of ideas the designers from Hey Sign have in terms of their favourite material felt. The room-divider is made of a natural and renewable material and it provides an optimal screen. Besides its functionality, its visual appearance is also convincing. The room-divider includes a robust metal frame. The two-part basic model can be extended individually. The minimalist design doesn’t need to be straight; it can also be moved at its connecting elements or formed to include edges or cabins. Since 1999 Hey Sign created a considerable collection out of the material felt. The ecologic resource is marked by its great characteristics: It is permeable to air, eudermic, elastic, insulating and dirt-repellent through its natural fat content. Other colours and additional elements are available.
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