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Hey Sign
  • Hey Sign
  • Hey Sign - Laundry Basket
    Hey Sign - Laundry Basket
    For many purposes: The laundry basket by Hey Sign can do more than only holding your laundry. As well as all the Hey Sign products, the basket consists of 100% natural felt. The laundry basket is suitable to store toys, household tools and other small and big utensils. The organization helper also serves as dustbin. The laundry basket by Hey Sign is also transportable with one hand if it is necessary to move it, because of the handles. The box out of robust felt is also suitable to store firewood. The procedure out of felt, as well as the general processing of the Hey Sign products is “Made in Germany”, the completion of the products is even “Handmade”. The used felt consists of 100% pure new wool without any additional chemicals or recycled textiles, which is proven by the famous wool seal. By the way, Hey Sign is the first and only felt factory, whose products are certified by “The Woolmark Company”. Hey Sign offers the laundry basket of felt in many different colours and with the words “Laundry”, “30 degree” or “90 degree” on demand.
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