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Jenaer Glas
  • Jenaer Glas
  • Jenaer Glas - Cucina Lidded Ovenproof Dish (square)
    Jenaer Glas - Cucina Lidded Ovenproof Dish (square)
    The square ovenproof dishes “Cucina” by the manufacturer Jenaer Glas are baking dishes and storage boxes at the same time. This practical glass dish with click lid makes it easier for you to cook for two days at once. The ovenproof dish is made of borosilicate glass. The taste-neutral special glass also makes the Cucina dish ovenproof up to 300 °C and frost-resistant up to 340 °C. It is also perfectly suitable for allergy-sufferers, since the material doesn’t emit any ingredients. A practical lid belongs to the ovenproof dishes, which is also microwave resistant thanks to the integrated valve. The click system makes it easily placed on top of the dish. Square glass dish with lid – an all-rounder Make a tasty meal in the oven, serve it in the same dish on the table, place the resting food in the fridge with the practical lid for a night and warm it up in the microwave on the following day – with the valve opened. Another storage box or a protecting top while the meal is warmed in the microwave to catch food spills isn’t necessary anymore. You will save more dishes and space in the dishwasher. Take care not to place the ovenproof dish in the fridge when it just came out of the oven. Such shocking temperature changes might harm the glass. The square dish is available in two sizes: 550 Ml and 1200 ml. It is also available with round and rectangular shapes.
  • Jenaer Glas - Wagenfeld Egg Coddler XXL / casserole
    Jenaer Glas - Wagenfeld Egg Coddler XXL / casserole
    The Egg coddler XXL is the larger version of the classic egg coddler by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. The egg coddler is a design classic in Bauhaus style and it has been designed for Jenaer Glas in the early 1930s. The unmistakable kitchen helper has versatile functions. The egg coddler XXL is ideally suitable as portions casserole because of its size: Not for the preparation of eggs in the glass, but also for the production of biscuits, soufflés, sweet dishes and oven bakery. The egg coddler is regarded a prototype of modern glass design and as such it is part of design history. As part of the Wagenfeld collection Jenaer Glas is bringing the classic back on the market. The handmade egg coddler is from heat-resistant glass and it is marked by its distinctive design. Up to today it inspires friends of classic design with its look and functionality.
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