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  • Sensai
  • Sensai Liquid Eyeliner Refill
    Sensai Liquid Eyeliner Refill
    This refill cartridge fits inside the Sensai Liquid Eyeliner applicator.
  • Sensai Eyebrow Pencil
    Sensai Eyebrow Pencil
    Maintain your eyebrows anytime, anywhere with Kanebo’s easy-to-use pencil. After plucking and trimming where necessary, comb brows with the attached brush and, with swift, light strokes, (always staying with your natural brow-line) fill-in any sparse or uneven areas with this soft formula.
  • Sensai 38°C Mascara
    Sensai 38°C Mascara
    Taking waterproof mascaras to the next level, Sensai have introduced the 38°C mascara – making it essential when in a hot climate or when swimming. As the name suggests, this unique formula is only removable with water at 38°C, ensuring that your eye make-up is completely resistant against sweat, tears and high humidity.
  • Sensai Eyebrow Pencil Refill
    Sensai Eyebrow Pencil Refill
    This refill fits inside the Sensai eyebrow pencil applicator.
  • Sensai Liquid Eyeliner
    Sensai Liquid Eyeliner
    This denseliquid liner is elegantly packaged and, with its pen-style applicator, extremely easy to use. Simply look down into a mirror and sweep from the inner corner of your eye outwards until you have the line depth you desire.
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