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  • Kartell - Clap Chair
    Kartell - Clap Chair
    Clap is an elegant chair, which doesn’t only look gorgeous in public areas. The small armchair by Kartell also fits in modern and stylish living rooms. Patricia Urquiola designed the Clap chair for the Italian manufacturer Kartell. With Clap, the Spanish designed another armchair, which looks harmonic in different furnishings with its characteristic, soft and charming shape. The robust fabric makes the chair resistant and durable. Kartell produces the Clap chair with a polyurethane seat coated with the polychromatic melange fabric, since the manufacturer is a specialist for plastic furniture. The seat is made of thoroughly dyed thermoplastic techno-polymer, which is a treasure of modern industrial technique. The Clap armchair is available in all the Kartell colours.
  • Kartell - Papyrus Armchair
    Kartell - Papyrus Armchair
    Papyrus is the modern version of a traditional wicker chair from the designer Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The refined design of the two French is realized by the Italian manufacturer Kartell in a transparent polycarbonate. Simplicity, exclusivity, grace and retrospectives melt together in Papyrus to a modern achetype of the classic wicker chairs. Despite the plastic material that Papyrus is made of, the chair plays with the construction and structure of a wicker chair with plaited seats and wooden frames: Behind the transparent seat from Papyrus hides a carrying structure that is lead through the curved surface of the backrest with its soft bowl form and that finally flows forming the frame. The classic design of Papyrus is contrasted by the used materials. The Italian company Kartell’s experience goes back to many years of manufacturing plastic furniture, now they decided to use transparent polycarbonate for the Papyrus chair. The robust material offers an extremely modern and weightless appeal to the chair. The transparent chair is offered by Kartell in a selection of colours in a retro-trend.
  • Kartell - La Marie Chair
    Kartell - La Marie Chair
    Philippe Starck designed the first completely transparent chair of the world. The result is embossed by bribing clearness, weightlessness and transparency. The Kartell La Marie chair has been designed with Starck’s credo of creating a reduced and with it uniform design that would consequently not age. The cast out of one only piece of polycarbonate emphasizes this clearness. The chair acts factually and still not too seriously, playful but not cheap. Thanks to the scratch- and shock-resistant material, the La Marie chair is adapted to be used inside and outside. Up to seven chairs can be stacked, to store them space saving. The La Marie chair by Kartell is available in different colour combinations.
  • Kartell Louis Ghost
    Kartell Louis Ghost
    A comfortable arm chair made of transparent polycarbonate in the Louis-Quinze-style inspired Design. An amazing and fascinating modern homage to the Baroque style, out of the year 2002, by star-designer Philippe Starck. Louis Ghost also is extremely innovative regarding its technique and is seamlessly manufactured in an injection-moulding procedure out of one piece: A very brave polycarbonate application. Despite its smooth and transparent looking, Louis Ghost is stabile and long lasting, shock- and scratch-resistant as well as weatherproof. Up to 6 chairs can be stacked. A very special piece of furniture with charm and overwhelming esthetical appeal that fits elegantly and boldly in every living room or public area at the same time. Kartell has 4 standard models in its program, but special models can be manufactured individually by client requests. A minimum booking amount of 50 pieces is necessary for a special production. The Louis Ghost chair is available in various different colours! More information: Data sheet Louis Ghost (approx. 55KB)
  • Kartell - Comback Rocking Chair
    Kartell - Comback Rocking Chair
    Kartell re-launches a big classic piece with the Comback rocker. This classic piece of furniture is the new look of the Windsor-Chair by the Italian manufacturer. The Comback rocker is the return into the glorious past of England of the 18th century, reinterpreted by the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The backrest of the rocker by Kartell is made of seven tubes and it widens at the lover back, copying modern lumbar supports. There are vertical struts among them, which also carry the armrests of the classic rocking chair. All in one, Comback is a lush, inviting chair, where the seat unifies functionality and ergonomics with a lot of emotionality and tradition. The used plastic material and the selection of shiny colours make this chair modern and weightless. Comback is also available in all the Kartell offered colours, as well as swivel chair, with a four-leg frae or with runners.
  • Kartell - Audrey Soft Chair
    Kartell - Audrey Soft Chair
    Audrey is a versatile chair from Kartell, designed by Piero Lissoni. Eclecticism and versatility, modernity and elegance in the details are responsible for how newish the chair is and how it simply fits in every kind of room. The simple, pure lines of the Kartell Audrey chair fit in different surroundings: In the office, at home, in public areas and everywhere else. Kartell produces the multifunctional cushioned chair “Audrey Soft” with a frame of aluminium. The seat is made of polyurethane, which is coated with the Kvadrat fabric Trevira. Audrey Soft is also available with different bases and cushions in more colours and coated with more fabrics. An edition with armrests is also available. The chair by Kartell is as well available without fabrics as Audrey Chair.
  • Kartell - Joe Colombo Armchair
    Kartell - Joe Colombo Armchair
    The re-edition of a real classic piece: The Joe Colombo armchair was originally made in the 60s and it was re-edited by Kartell. The original “Armchair 4801” from Joe Colombo is an authentic symbol of the 1960s since it was presented, which is the reason why Kartell honours it with a place in the brand’s own museum. The original edition is expensive on auctions, which might be because this one is the only Kartell product made of wood. The re-edition of the Joe Colombo armchair however, is made of high class plastic, since it is the characteristic material of the Italian manufacturer Kartell. Only the modern processing makes it possible to produce the comfortable, slim and curved shape of PMMA. The armchair is available in a numbered series in three colours – transparent, white and black, wonderfully emphasizing the shape.
  • Kartell - Maui Soft Chair
    Kartell - Maui Soft Chair
    Elegant design, clear defined colours and a highly practical handling ensure versatility: The Maui Soft Chairs meet all diverse requirements in object and residential sectors. Formally the Maui Soft Chair is the equivalent to its predecessor - Only that this version is slightly padded and covered with fabric. The Maui series, which have been designed between 1995 and 1996 by Vico Magistretti are suitable for the specific requirements of common areas - such as offices, laboratories, waiting rooms, lounges, cafes and restaurants, meeting and seminar rooms - as well as for various private areas such as dining rooms, children rooms or home offices. The Maui Soft Chair was first presented in 2012 and is upholstered with high quality fabrics (Trevira and Kvadrat) in different colours. Thanks to the special design the Maui Chairs can be stacked together.
  • Kartell - Lizz
    Kartell - Lizz
    Lizz is a chair with geometrical, straight lined design, whose severity is slightly broken by the inclined back legs. At dining tables or in the living room is where the Kartell chair is distinctive. And also in object areas or waiting rooms, this stackable (up to 5 pieces) chair will express its strong character. The angular shape, the wide seat and the bent back legs make Lizz independent and recognizable despite of the simplicity. Lizz was designed by Piero Lissoni, who gave his typical, minimalistic style to the chair. Kartell produces Lizz out of thermoplastic techno polymer, which makes the piece of furniture scratch-resistant and weatherproof. Kartell offers the chair in a thoroughly dyed edition as well as a lacquered one in different colours.
  • Kartell - Audrey Chair, without armrests
    Kartell - Audrey Chair, without armrests
    Audrey is a versatile chair by Kartell, which has been designed by Piero Lissoni. The combination of aluminium and plastic especially characterize the chair and it makes the chair rich of facets and apparently exciting. Eclecticism and versatility, modernity and elegance in the details of the surfaces and materials make the Audrey chair innovative for rooms of all kinds. The simple, pure lines of Kartell’s Audrey ensure that it feels homely in the most different furnishings. In the office, at home, in object areas and even outside it looks great. Kartell produces the Audrey chair with a frame of aluminium, the seat is made of polypropylene. The outdoor-adapted Audrey is also available with frames and covers in other colours. An edition with armrests is also available. The chair by Kartell is also available upholstered: Audrey Soft.
  • Kartell - Masters Chair
    Kartell - Masters Chair
    With the Masters Chair for Kartell the star designer Philippe Starck honours three icons of modern design and melts the most different styles to one “stylish all-embracing whole”. Masters connects the forms of three classics: The Series 7 from Arne Jacobsen, the Tulip armchair from Eero Saarinen and the Eiffel chair from Charles Eames were reinterpreted in room and time and they come together in a fascinating and appealing mixture of styles for Masters: This is so appealing that the Kartell Masters Chair was honoured with the Good Design Award in 2010. Four rods carry the large and comfortable seating area of the Masters chair. The specialty of the chair is naturally its backrest with its remarkable curves-rich game of empty spaces and solid contacts that emerges through three over-crossing resting rods that seamlessly go over to the seating space. The Masters chair from Kartell is available in numerous further colours.
  • Kartell - Bubble Club Armchair
    Kartell - Bubble Club Armchair
    Bubble Club, the couch made of coloured polyethylene, is the first exponent of a new design concept: A totally made of plastic, "industrial coach". Technology and intensive research allows Kartell as first company to produce series which usually were produced by hand in the category design. Bubble Club is a couch with a lot of space for two persons, which is marked through soft lines of the armrests in coparison to the sober and rational lines of the backrest. Together with the armchair and the small table, which are available in the same versions and colours, Bubble Club by Kartell builds today a true productfamily, an "industrial couch furniture" Because of the brilliant constance against atmospheric influences all three elements of the product family Bubble Club can be used in the outside.
  • Kartell - Spoon Chair
    Kartell - Spoon Chair
    The Spoon Chair was designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen for Kartell and is a modern, height adjustable and rotary office chair. Spoon Chair is named as an object that is decidedly to be matched to advantages because of the used technique at its manufacture: Because the special technique allows getting a product “in strata” that consists of two materials, one aesthetic and one distinguished because of its durability, whereas the strength is individually designable. Spoon Chair consists of one single poured bowl. A reinforced bending that is able to offer the maximal flexibility and the highest comfort makes the connection between sitting area and middle feet possible. The handle that enables the mechanism adjustment is completely integrated in the middle foot. An exchange cushion in the same colour as the frame, two arm-rests and mobility rolls complement the chair. Further colour variants are available.
  • Kartell - Form Chair
    Kartell - Form Chair
    Form is the result of detailed research and development in the material technology area. Piero Lissoni and Kartell designed a minimalist and slim chair with Form, without any stability or comfort restrictions. The base element of the Form Chair is a wide seat with ergonomic shaping that lies on a weightless frame out of chromed steel rod. Kartell manufactures the Form seat out of a half-structural polyurethane panel. With the most modern technology, the material strength could be reduced to 3 centimetres without renouncing resistance, stability and flexibility. The result: Form is a comfortable and robust chair that is suitable for private, as well as sophisticated, public rooms, like for example waiting rooms, foyers and hotel lobbies. The Form versatility is expanded by the possibility of arranging several chairs beside each other and connect them, forming long lines.
  • Kartell - Dolly Folding Chair
    Kartell - Dolly Folding Chair
    Dolly is a modern folding chair by the Italian manufacturer Kartell. The design was coined by Antonio Citterio and Glen Oliver Löw. Dolly is made out of polypropylene by Kartell. The robust plastic is extremely resistant and easy to care, which is why Dolly can be used flexibly in the most different rooms and situations. The characteristic form from Dolly is the result of a carefully work-out of the technical design. Dolly unifies visual elegance and easiness with a refined and stabile frame-structure. With its swung armrests the folding chair reminds of the Spoon-Furniture that also emerged out of the cooperation from Antonio Citterio and Kartell. Through the usage of polypropylene to manufacture the folding chair Dolly, it received additional stability. The plastic is extremely resistant and easy to care and enables the flexible usage in private as well as in public areas. The versatility from Dolly is expanded by the colour range that Kartell offers. Beside some vividly coloured variants, Dolly is also available in the classic colours black and white.
  • Kartell - Ero|s|
    Kartell - Ero|s|
    Ero|s| is a Bowl Chair with an organic egg shape that is characterized by a classy combination of various types and a skillful colouring. A special advantage is the materials that were used for the sitting bowl and the framework that make this chair particularly refined and elegant. Ero|s| suits ideally in every living area, in dining rooms as well as in living rooms. It can also be positioned as an especially representative piece of furniture in offices, conference halls or waiting rooms. There is a selection of three executions: The sitting bowl can be attached to a bright aluminum rotary-foot, to a light frame with four chromed steel feet or to rolls. The polycarbonate is designed in a huge colour range and either transparent or through coloured.
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