• Kartell Tic&Tac Wall Clock - Violet
    Kartell Tic&Tac Wall Clock - Violet
    Keep the time in ultimate style with this stunning Tic&Tac clock from Kartell. Designed by Phillipe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, this box style clock made from ABS, with a coloured face made from PMMA. With gorgeous Roman numerals engraved on the surface and slim coloured hands, this clock is a welcome addition to any home interior.Key features: * Material: PMMA, ABS * Dimensions: W30xH30xD8cm * Roman numeral engravings * Elegant deep violet colour face * 3D box design * Designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet * More home accessories available from Kartell
  • Kartell Mr. Impossible Side Chair
    Kartell Mr. Impossible Side Chair
    A most inviting chair with an organic design that inspires comfort, neatness and style, the Mr. Impossible Chair is the combination of sophisticated and advanced plastic processing design. The Mr. Impossible Chair takes on a new technological challenge with highly sophisticated processing techniques that consist of the welding of the transparent structure and the seat into a full-colored and translucent version that are joined together, making them indestructible and guaranteeing a truly surprising design effect. The seal of the two oval shells gives the plastic a new bi-color and three-dimensional effect as it welds a transparent and a colored surface together without interruption. Hollow circular legs support the chair, causing it to appear suspended in the air and giving it an air of lightness and harmony.Designed by: Philippe Starck, 2008 Features: Seat is made of transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate material. Frame is made of transparent polycarbonate. Hollow transparent legs. Product Details: Chair Design: Side chair. Style: Modern. Product Warranty: 12 Months. Dimensions: Overall: 33" H x 21.5" W x 21.25" D. Overall Product Weight: 12.2lbs.
  • Kartell Mr. Impossible Chair - Purple
    Kartell Mr. Impossible Chair - Purple
    Create a statement in any room with this inviting Mr. Impossible chair from Kartell. Designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet, this chair features a stunning egg-shaped shell cleverly welded onto four transparent legs. This indestructible design will look perfect as a seating solution in a living room or study, adding a contemporary touch to any home.Key features: * Material: transparent polycarbonate * Dimensions: W55xH84xD54cm * Seat height: 46cm * Transparent purple colour * Designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitllet * Weather resistant * More chairs available from Kartell
  • Bloom New Wall/Ceiling Lamp By Kartell
    Bloom New Wall/Ceiling Lamp By Kartell
    How do you like the idea of having a floral arrangement above the table? The Bloom New lamp family with its elliptical shape and its distinctive original structure covered by sparkling polycarbonate flowers as pure and precious as crystal comes in three different sizes with various functions - hanging, wall or ceiling fixture. As delicate as a spring bouquet, the Bloom lights offer new and sophisticated multi-color nuances in lavender and mint or an elegant transparent white monochrome. A series of little lights located within the frame beams the light shafts through the flowers to refract on the faceted surfaces of the petals and multiply a thousand reflections. Features: Type: Ceiling light. Color: White. Crystal, Lavender, Mint. Material: Technopolymer thermoplastic batch-dyed.
  • Kartell - La Marie Chair
    Kartell - La Marie Chair
    Philippe Starck designed the first completely transparent chair of the world. The result is embossed by bribing clearness, weightlessness and transparency. The Kartell La Marie chair has been designed with Starck’s credo of creating a reduced and with it uniform design that would consequently not age. The cast out of one only piece of polycarbonate emphasizes this clearness. The chair acts factually and still not too seriously, playful but not cheap. Thanks to the scratch- and shock-resistant material, the La Marie chair is adapted to be used inside and outside. Up to seven chairs can be stacked, to store them space saving. The La Marie chair by Kartell is available in different colour combinations.
  • Kartell Vase
    Kartell Vase
    living room. Material:PMMA - Acrylic
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