• Kartell Comback Chair Sled Base
    Kartell Comback Chair Sled Base
    Technopolymer thermoplastic and steel painted epoxy polyester chair by designer, Patricia Urquiola. Made by Kartell, the Comback Sled Base Chair is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Windsor chair. With a slatted backrest consisting of seven plinths and a sturdy seating surface, this rests on two sleek tubular sides. A single mould chair, it is the epitome of practical and ergonomic design which offers a nostalgic draw to the room. The combination of plastic and pastel colour finishes channels an air of modernity and grace. The Comback range of chairs was the recipient of a 2011 Wallpaper* Magazine Design Award and will make an award-winning addition to your home.
  • KARTELL Shanghai Vase
    KARTELL Shanghai Vase
    Composition: PMMA - Acrylic. Details: living room. Measurements: Depth: 13.65 inches Height: 17.16 inches.
  • KARTELL Matelassé Vase
    KARTELL Matelassé Vase
    Design by Patricia Urquiola. Composition: Polycarbonate. Details: Vase with a round, sinuous shape created by a special texture reminiscent of embossed fabric. Available in various colors, transparent or opaque. Measurements: Height: 11.7 inches Width: 8.97 inches.
  • KARTELL Vase
    KARTELL Vase
    Composition: Polycarbonate. Details: Inspired by the shapes used in pastry-making, this textured vase appears to have a gelatinous core. Jelly is a further experimentation with materials and surfaces by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell. In transparent colored PMMA. Measurements: Height: 10.14 inches Width: 8.97 inches.
  • KARTELL Vase
    KARTELL Vase
    Composition: Polycarbonate. Details: Shangai is a PMMA vase flaring out from the base in a vortex movement. Its irregular geometric shapes create a play of light and reflections, making it a focal point of any room. Measurements: Height: 17.16 inches Width: 13.65 inches.
  • KARTELL Dune Tray
    KARTELL Dune Tray
    Design by Mario Bellini. Composition: Shock resistant technopolymer. Details: KITCHEN LIVING Measurements: Depth: 1.17 inches Height: 14.82 inches Width: 21.45 inches.
    Design by Mario Bellini. Composition: PMMA - Acrylic. Details: Moon are great translucent bowls with a 45 cm diameter looking from both inside and out like double face lunar caps. A sort of lenticular reincarnation of the Dune trays. But if the trays “bear” these bowls “contain”. And what do they contain? A great variety of things - fruit, sweets, long drinks, salads, flowers and decorative arrangements. But first and foremost they have that same magic light that DUNE has with all the colours of the rainbow, that iridescence that shimmers as you look at it. A lunar show of luminous refractions, a table centre or ornament which will always be the dynamic vortex in a room. Measurements: Height: 6.44 inches Width: 17.55 inches.
  • Kartell Dark Gold Cindy Lamp
    Kartell Dark Gold Cindy Lamp
    The Cindy is a modern reinvention of lamp designs from the 1970s. A conical lampshade with rounded teardrop base comes into full focus with a shiny chrome-like finish, while the touch of seventies glam pairs seamlessly with the modern iridescent design.
  • Kartell White Take Lamp
    Kartell White Take Lamp
    The classic image of the bedside lamp is transformed into an innovative pop of color and design. Imbued with eight chromatic tones with a special pleated lampshade, the Take lamp creates a one-of-kind play of lights that bathes any space in a new color continuum.
  • Kartell Toobe Table Lamp
    Kartell Toobe Table Lamp
    Design Ferruccio Laviani, 2007. Polycarbonate, dyed PMMA. Made in Italy by Kartell. Toobe is the first floor lamp for Kartell, a master key that completes the lamp family. Toobe by Ferruccio Laviani was conceived from the idea that the use of a PMMA extruded tube could, according to length, become either a floor or table lamp. Toobe is the first Kartell product to be "faded" to permit a special light to be diffused within the cylinder. The line is simple and modern. The handle in the lamp body makes the pole functional and easy to move. As an architect and designer, Ferruccio Laviani works in the fields of furnishing and accessories, industrial communication, exhibition, event and show room installation. He has worked with a variety of companies worldwide. In 1992, the collaboration between Laviani and Foscarini began and it has continued since, with the research of new shapes and materials. His contemporary style is hallmarked by a particular sign or color. Available in your choice of colors. 7.9" dia. | 21.7" h. UL listed | requires 1x100W incandescent or 25W E26 SB CFL bulb.
  • Kartell Comback Sled Base Chair
    Kartell Comback Sled Base Chair
    Design Patricia Uroquiola, 2011. Steel, technopolymer thermoplastic. Made in Italy by Kartell. Kartell has once again revisited a great classic and given a new look to the Windsor chair. A return to. The glorious Anglo-Saxon past of England in the XVIIIth century for a "Comb Back" version with a matte. frame featuring a backrest consisting of seven "teeth" which spread out towards the lumbar region where. They meet a reinforced hexagonal rim with slim shafts radiating down to join the seat. A goodly size, this. Single mold chair embodies functionality and ergonomics well-freighted with sentiment and memories. The use of plastic and the pale shades available give a touch of lightness and the contemporary to the. Comback chair. Comback chair features a matte finish thermoplastic body in your choice of colors and available with various base options. 22.8" w | 39.4" h | 19.7" d | seat: 19.1" h.
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