• Kartell Maui Chair
    Kartell Maui Chair
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  • Kartell Top Dining Table
    Kartell Top Dining Table
    Top made of MDF polyester lacquered, wengé or durmast. Frame made of PMMA. Made in Italy. Quality: In 2005, Kartell received accreditation for its Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The attainment and preservation of this certification testifies to Kartell's commitment to high quality and continued research into higher levels of quality in company management systems. Helping the Environment: Kartell products use a wide variety of plastic materials, thereby reducing the use of living organisms, such as trees, which are difficult and time-consuming to replace. Helping the Environment: Most Kartell products are easily recycled and product components can be separated to elements made of a single material to simplify the recycling process. Plastic components also carry clear identification marks to aid correct separation of different plastic types for effective recycling. Care and Maintenance: Kartell products are easy to clean and require only simple care to remain in excellent condition. Please see here for specific information on the proper cleaning and use of Kartell materials.
  • Kartell Comback Chair Sleigh Legs
    Kartell Comback Chair Sleigh Legs
    The much-anticipated Kartell Comback chair has been in production for over 4 years due to it’s complex design that is made from a single mould. Inspired by the traditional Windsor chair this is Patricia Urquiola’s modern take on an old English classic this is the sleigh leg version. The backrest features 7 spindles that run it to a solid hexagonal structure and then the spindles adjoin the seat pad. The body of the chair is made from technopolymer thermoplastic and the sleigh legs are made from steel with a epoxy painted finish. Available in a range of 6 matte colours to suit your décor, the chair is also generously proportioned. This is an award-winning product that won the Wallpaper Magazines Best Chair design for 2011. Both the 4 legs and swivel base versions of the Comback chairs are available to purchase in the Design 55 store. Dimensions: Width 58cm. Height 100cm. Depth 50cm. Seat Height 48.5cm.
  • Kartell Segmenti Coat Stand
    Kartell Segmenti Coat Stand
    This coat hander with umbrella holder is distinguished by its simple design. The Kartell Segmenti Coat Hanger is certainly by far the perfect addition to your home adding instant style from such a simple design. Designer: Michele De Lucchi. Dimension: Height- 170cm. Diameter- 46.3cm.
  • Kartell TopTop Dining Table by Philippe Starck Ex display
    Kartell TopTop Dining Table by Philippe Starck Ex display
    Top Top Dining Table was designed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with Eugeni Quitlet for Kartell. This mix of contemporary designers is clearly evident in the Top Top Table design as the seperation between the top and base is dramatic and completely different. With legs made from transparent PMMA that feature a pleated structure, they look elegant and give that ultimate style statement. The top contrasts well against these legs and provides a modern and contemporary finish. Available with a choice of colours and sizes, this dining table is sure to suit any contemporary setting and add that unique finish. Dimensions: 160cm x 72cm x 80cm.
  • Kartell Taj Mini Desk Lamp
    Kartell Taj Mini Desk Lamp
    The Kartell Taj Mini LED lamp was designed in 2012 by Feruccio Laviani. It is identical in all but size to its 2012 Best Design-award-winning big brother, the Kartell Taj. Both are the first lamps from this iconic Italian manufacturer to use the new, super-efficient LED technology – which both saves you money and boosts your green credentials. But it is this lamp’s uncluttered, seamlessly sculptural design that elevates it above the crowd. Its entrancing embrace of perfectly pitched light is the very antithesis of the over-mechanistic, articulated arm and multi-swivelling working lamp we have become all too familiar with. It has instead a simplicity and purity of form that looks more to the East than the West for its philosophical inspiration. And because it benefits from LED technology this table lamp uses a mere 3W MAX - and incorporates a dimmer for mood-setting and even greater energy efficiency. This is soundly economic and laudably ecological - and is very much the future of responsible design. This lamp also has an integral on/off switch and a discreet cord emerging from its pure, bold PMMA body. Dimensions: Height: 33 cm. Width: 9.5 cm. Depth: 32.5 cm. Weight: 1.5 kg. The Kartell Taj Mini table lamp is available in a wider, more sumptuous array of colours than its big brother. They are – azure, black, crystal, white, orangey-red, green and grey. These lamps team up well with modern contemporary interiors and jazz up more traditional settings. Use them on a desk, a table, a shelf – or anywhere where a splash of extra light is needed. Use one at each side of a double bed to give it a fresh breath of life and a dose of instant allure.
  • Kartell Miss Less Chair by Philippe Starck
    Kartell Miss Less Chair by Philippe Starck
    Newly produced in 2012, Kartell have collaborated with world renowned designer Philippe Starck to create the Miss Less chair. A one of a kind dining chair that is unlike any stereotypical chair on the market today, it is suitable for a variety of uses - it can be used in a lounge, living room, dining room or bedroom. Wherever it is placed, it will add contrast and definition to any area. Constructed from the highest quality materials, the block base is made from technopolymer thermoplastics and the back is made from polycarbonate. The unique materials contrast but ultimately compliment one another to give the chair an industrial feel. Available in a choice of colours to suit any setting, the Miss Less chair is a must have for both the home or office and is suitable for contract use. Guaranteed to be the focal point in any room. Dimensions: 42cm. Width 42. Height 84cm. Depth 45cm.
  • Kartell Audrey Chair with Black Frame
    Kartell Audrey Chair with Black Frame
    Designed by Piero Lissoni for Kartell, the Audrey chair is aptly named after Audrey Hepburn - the style icon of the 1900's. Mirroring her style, class and elegance, the Audrey chair boasts sweeping lines that look simple but breathtaking. A versatile chair that comes in many colour options, which can be placed in any modern setting - whether it's the bedroom, office or dining area, its guaranteed to look fabulous. With an aluminium structure, it is durable and long lasting which makes it ideal for any dining area. Dimensions: With Arms: 60cm x 77cm x 51cm x Seat Height 46cm. Without Arms: 52cm x 77cm x 51cm x Seat Height 46cm.
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