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  • Kikkerland
  • Kikkerland Vintage Inspired Whatb
    Kikkerland Vintage Inspired Whatb
    Butter pecan ice cream? Peppermint sorbet? Raspberry vanilla gelato? Whichever frozen treat you eat, youll need this classic ice cream scoop by Kikkerland! Built from stainless steel with a plastic ice-blue handle, this retro-inspired scooper makes a perfect serving every time with its handy spring-release design. Served in a bowl, on a waffle cone, or upon homemade apple pie, ice cream never tasted better since this utensil came into your kitchen! Vintage Inspired, 50s, Americana Whatb
  • Kikkerland Lobster Towel Clips (Set of 2)
    Kikkerland Lobster Towel Clips (Set of 2)
    Get a grip on your towels The lobster's grip will keep your towel from sliding off your chair or blowing away. They're sure to make your relaxing beach vacation even more relaxing. Set of 2 red lobster shaped clips. Product Measures: 5.5" wide x 1.5" long x 2.5" tall/deep Features: Lobster shaped towel clips. Extra strong clip will keep your towel from sliding or blowing away. Great for the beach, pool, boat or house. Set of 2 plastic clips. Material: Plastic.
  • Kikkerland Singin'
    Kikkerland Singin'
    Not many people have genes that prompt them to sing in the rain, but plenty people sing in the shower. I have to admit, I'm not one who often breaks out into song while bathing, but once I get this shower curtain rigged up in my new apartment's bathroom, I think that will change. Why? Because this shower curtain by Kikkerland fills me with a glorious feeling! It's whimsical, it's fun, it's slightly surreal. From beneath the hundreds of cyan drops splashed across this curtain, the silhouette of a hat-wearing gentleman swings out from the pivot of a lamppost, umbrella in hand. Under the shelter of his umbrella, the shower curtain remains rain drop-free and clear as crystal. In that spot in my heart reserved for bathroom decor, this item reigns supreme. - Hannah, Fashion Writer Singin' In The Shower Curtain by Kikkerland.
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