• My Favorite Rings Box
    My Favorite Rings Box
    In keeping with your abodes rustic decor, you use this faux bois storage box by Kikkerland to keep your living space looking chalet chic! This cardboard container arrives flat with simple instructions to construct a sturdy, yet lightweight chest with dark, bark-like sides and a tree-ring top. Stash your seasonal home accents, linens, and other miscellany inside, then snap the magnetic flap closed and youve got a woodblock-esque side table. What a beautiful bungalow!
  • Kikkerland® Anchor 18-Inch x 30-Inch Doormat
    Kikkerland® Anchor 18-Inch x 30-Inch Doormat
    Doormat has a unique coil construction that provides a soft step while trapping dirt. It has a classic anchor design to add a nautical touch to your doorstep, and the doormat can be used indoors or outdoors. 100% vinyl with a non-slip back. Measures 18" x 30". Shake it out dry or rinse with water to clean. Imported.
  • Kikkerland Owl Corkscrew
    Kikkerland Owl Corkscrew
    This wide-eyed owl conceals a handy corkscrew, blade and bottle opener. ABS polymer, steel. 4" long
  • Watt Dreams May Come Night Light
    Watt Dreams May Come Night Light
    If counting sheep doesnt work, the pretty pink rays of this plasma bulb night light will surely dissolve the stress of your day. Just plug this bulb from Kikkerland into your boudoir socket and watch its illumination react to your every touch. This light proves a brilliant connection between electrifying entertainment and unfettered function!
  • Kikkerland Morphing Mug, Woodlands
    Kikkerland Morphing Mug, Woodlands
    Ever get the feeling your being watched? Pour in your favorite hot beverage and watch the forest light up revealing its bright green trees and happy woodland creatures. Looks like the forest just got a little more friendly. Material: Porcelain. Capacity: 8 oz. Do NOT Microwave. Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Dimensions: 5in length x 3.25in width x 3.75in height.
  • Kikkerland® Mustache 18-Inch X 30-Inch Doormat
    Kikkerland® Mustache 18-Inch X 30-Inch Doormat
    Do you love your mustache? Or just love mustaches in general? Let everyone know with this bold graphical doormat. For indoor and outdoor use. Unique coil construction that provides a soft step while trapping dirt. Easy to clean; shake clean or rinse with water. Non-reversible. Imported.
  • Kikkerland Doormat, Anchor
    Kikkerland Doormat, Anchor
    Anchor doormat for indoor and outdoor use. Durable pvc coil mat. Rugged texture and non-slip back. To clean shake or vacuum as needed, or simply hose off. Measures 30 by 18-inch. Manufactured in: Imported. Dimensions: 30″ x 0.75″ x 18″.
  • Kikkerland Doormat
    Kikkerland Doormat
    Features: Material: Vinyl coil mat. Use for indoor / outdoor.
  • Kikkerland® 18-Inch x 30-Inch Owl Doormat
    Kikkerland® 18-Inch x 30-Inch Owl Doormat
    This whimsical owl doormat is a real hoot! Great for outdoor or indoor use, the doormat has a unique coil construction that provides a soft step while trapping dirt. 100% vinyl. Measures 18" x 30" Shake clean or rinse with water. Imported.
  • Kikkerland Door Stop, Pow
    Kikkerland Door Stop, Pow
    Kikkerland Door Stop, Pow Stop your door with the strength of a super hero. Stops doors with gaps up to 0.625-inch. Made with anti-slip, durable rubber. Measures 4-1/2 by 4 by 1/2-inch.
  • Kikkerland Skull Coin Bank
    Kikkerland Skull Coin Bank
    Skull Coin Bank Scary black skull money bank. Rubber stopper to remove coins. Made of ceramic. Measures 4.5 x 6 x 4-inches.
  • Sir Up Some Fun Ice Cube Tray
    Sir Up Some Fun Ice Cube Tray
    Dress your next handcrafted cocktail in delightfully dashing style by reaching for this clever ice cube tray by Kikkerland! Designed to suit the taste of a discerning dude and humor any mixology maven, this flexible silicone mold makes drinks more dapper by creating classic, icy accessories from a gentlemans closet instead of simple cubes. Freeze two timeless hats, round or square spectacles, a curled or crisp mustache, and a pair of brilliant bow ties! Whether youre whipping up a batch of properly posh marshmallows, preparing some charming chocolates, or adding character to your Tom Collins, this versatile, Victorian-era-inspired tray invites you to put a fun and fashionable twist on any traditional recipe!
  • Kikkerland Day of the Dead Corkscrew
    Kikkerland Day of the Dead Corkscrew
    Inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico. Every year the lives of loved ones who have passed are celebrated with offerings, food and drink. Sugar skulls are part of this tradition and serve as the inspiration for this design. Designed by: Rojo and Stephanie Suárez Features: Materials: Zinc alloy, steel.
  • Skulls to Pay the Bills Bank
    Skulls to Pay the Bills Bank
    Take a trip to a theater festival or splurge on that vintage anatomy poster by saving your precious pocket change inside this chic skull bank from Kikkerland! Flaunting a matte black finish thats both modern and macabre, this ceramic cranium is worthy of the most sophisticated shelf. Just keep this bold accessory in arm's length of your desk, dresser, or entryway, so youll always have the coin to keep your flat cool or scare up some fun!
  • Kikkerland Chess Bottle Stops (Set of 2)
    Kikkerland Chess Bottle Stops (Set of 2)
    Chess Bottle Stops (Set of 2) Wooden chess piece with cork stopper. Provides a tight seal. Reusable, high quality cork. Fits all bottle sizes. Measures 3-1/2 inches high by 1-inch diameter.
  • Tally Home Doormat
    Tally Home Doormat
    When friends drop by your breezy, bayside cottage, you cant help but invite them aboard - but when boat shoes began to track sand and salty bits into your home, you knew a stylish solution to save your fabulous, original floors would be essential. With a maritime motif of a white anchor over a backdrop of navy blue, this durable mat by Kikkerland will help keep the dirt off your deck with an added not-too-classic nautical notion. Featuring a scouring surface of a springy strands, this addition to your ocean-themed oasis will keep your galley gleaming until you settle on your next sailing destination.
  • Kikkerland Photo & Card Holder w/ 8 Magnets, Black
    Kikkerland Photo & Card Holder w/ 8 Magnets, Black
    Let your photographer shine and have a personal photo gallery on display anywhere you like. Photo and card holder hangs eight photos on a weighted black steel cable. The photos adhere with the 8 neodymium magnets included. Also available in blue, green, red and white. Product Measures: 58" long. Features: Weighted high strength steel cable. Eight neodmyium magnets included. Hook to hang from the ceiling or on a wall.
  • In The Spirit of Surprise Flask
    In The Spirit of Surprise Flask
    Your latest success in the lab deserves a celebration, so your colleagues wonder why youre reaching for a petite chemistry textbook on your shelf! Expecting you to expound on valence electrons and noble gases, they observe curiously as you open its fabric-wrapped cover. Then, with a burst of laughter that resembles a chemical reaction, they realize this clever tome was concealing a stainless steel flask at its core! Etched with the molecular diagram of C8H8O3 - the vanillin thats behind your favorite cocktails - this novel companion by Kikkerland is a sweet way to tout your smart sense of humor.
  • Feel the Libation Corkscrew
    Feel the Libation Corkscrew
    Honor your loved ones by raising a poignant toast, after opening each bottle with this commemorative kitchen gadget from Kikkerland. Designed by Stephanie Surez of the Mexico Design Challenge, this ornate skeleton-shaped corkscrew is inspired by the custom of decorating for the Day of the Dead with delicate sugar skulls. Crafted from sturdy silver metal, this sweetly detailed device uses its spiraled spine to draw the cork from your fancy wine, fizzy soda, or whatever drink you hold dear. Whether its the centerpiece of your November festivities or another annual fete!
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