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Bath Accessories
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  • Koziol
  • Koziol Grace Royal Duck Soap Dispenser
    Koziol Grace Royal Duck Soap Dispenser
    The New Koziol Grace Royal Duck Soap Dispenser is perfect for your bathroom. The simplistic design ensures it will coordinate with many bathroom settings. Available in a matt white or transparent grey the soap dispenser will precisely position liquid soap into the palms of your hands. The dispenser has a high performance quality pump system that is pressed down to dispense the soap. Dimensions: Height 13cm x Width 10cm x Depth 13cm.
  • Koziol - Grace Soap Dispenser
    Koziol - Grace Soap Dispenser
    Noble duck: The liquid soap finds its way accurately to the hands, with a majestic position of Grace by Annette Lang. The noble water bird by Koziol hides a sophisticated pump work and it informs about the content all the time, because of the slightly translucent material. Furthermore, the Koziol Grace soap dispenser doesn’t only represent a desired chatting theme for the bathroom, but it also guarantees the best stability with a nature inspired, deep centre of gravity. Koziol produces the Grace soap dispenser out of polypropylene and TPE, so that the small bathroom duck is robust and easy to be cleaned.
  • Koziol Tommy Toothbrush holder
    Koziol Tommy Toothbrush holder
    Even toothbrushes like to hang loose now and again. With legs outstretched, Tommy provides sturdy support and plenty of air circulation. A fast and space-saving solution, especially in small bathrooms. In detail: Type : Toothbrush holder. Colour : Transparent anthracite. Material : PMMA. Dimensions : L 6 cm x W 4,9 cm x H 5,7 cm.
  • Koziol - Boks Utensilo
    Koziol - Boks Utensilo
    Whether shampoo, gel, cream or makeup – everything finds a suitable place in Boks. The container by Koziol has two holes for the water to drain from it and it is therefore suitable for the shower or the bath for soap, sponge & Co. Boks has suction cups to be fixed – they are safe and make screws unnecessary. That’s how Koziol also made the Boks Utensilo mobile, so that it can always hang where it is needed. The Boks is slightly transparent, shock resistant and extremely stable because of the styrolux it is made of. A smaller edition of the Koziol Utensilo named Miniboks is also available.
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