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  • Marni
  • Marni Eau De Parfum
    Marni Eau De Parfum
    MARNI SPICE is a lively and spontaneous dialogue between strength and delicacy, designed for a woman who loves the beauty of surprise. An ethereal arrangement of spices perceived through a halo of rose absolute and Bulgarian rose, grounded with patchouli and musk.. Material:50% Eau de Parfum, 45% Glass, 5% Plastic
  • Marni Patent-leather cosmetic case
    Marni Patent-leather cosmetic case
    Marni merlot case. Patent.leather. Designer stamp. Zip fastening along top. Made in Italy Patent.leather cosmetic case.
  • Marni Eau De Parfum
    Marni Eau De Parfum
    The MARNI IL PROFUMO Eau de Parfum is an unconventional fragrance: its base notes are almost masculine and its bouquet an ensemble of contradictions. The unique bottle is classic in its elegance and mirrors the Marni spirit, defined and unexpected.. Material:50% EAU DE PARFUM, 45% Glass, 5% Plastic
  • Marni Rose (EDP, 65ml – 120ml)
    Marni Rose (EDP, 65ml – 120ml)
    The core rose theme of Marni, Il Profumo, gains a voluptuous intensity in Marni Rose as the spicy facet of Bulgarian rose oil adds nuance to a succulent rose absolute. In an artisanal celebration of handicraft, the work of ethereal spices and esoteric woods embellishes and accents the fragrance. Cardamom and mint Nanah add saturation, raspberry a flash of pop, violet a girlish touch, bitter almond and cassis vibrancy. A woody base of patchouli and cedar frames this multifaceted symphony, while musk adds dimension and long-lasting texture on the skin.
  • MARNI Body Crema
    MARNI Body Crema
    Subtly scented with the MARNI fragrance, this rich Body Crème provides ultra-soothing and hydrating softness. The luxurious formula leaves the skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.
  • MARNI (EDP, 65ml - 120ml)
    MARNI (EDP, 65ml - 120ml)
    Just like designer Consuelo Castiglioni plays with classic elements, getting unexpected results through a subtle edit of proportions, colours, prints and materials, so this fragrance plays with classic elements in unexpected ways. It combines ethereal spices, eclectic raw woods, and a touch of rose to create a statement that is both elusive and uniquely memorable.
  • Marni Spice (EDP, 65ml)
    Marni Spice (EDP, 65ml)
    Marni Spice is a new interpretation of the original bouquet, adding further nuance to Marni’s multifaceted olfactory personality. It opens with an ethereal arrangement of spices, black pepper, pink pepper, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, creating a heterogeneous and magnetic mix. The original composition is perceived through a spicy halo: the rose absolute and Bulgarian rose is accented with jasmine and mimosa. The sensual closure is signed by patchouli, benzoin and musk.
  • MARNI Body Lotion
    MARNI Body Lotion
    The MARNI Body Lotion hydrates and conditions skin for soft, smooth and supple results. Leaves skin lightly scented with the MARNI fragrance.
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