FragranceSets & Kits
  • Marni Metallic Gold Edition (EDP, 120ml)
    Marni Metallic Gold Edition (EDP, 120ml)
    A playful approach to opulence and ornamentation, Marni Metallic celebrates the precious metal with 300 limited edition bottles that are hand-painted a luxurious metallic gold tone. The design is punctuated by transparent dots as a nod to MARNI’s graphic motifs. Bottles and telescoping cartons are numbered - serving as an object of desire and ultimate treasure for the loyal Marni enthusiast. While the bottle is redressed and reformed, the classic scent remains a blend of ethereal spice and eclectic raw woods- a statement that is both elusive and memorable.
  • Marni Rose (EDP, 65ml – 120ml)
    Marni Rose (EDP, 65ml – 120ml)
    The core rose theme of Marni, Il Profumo, gains a voluptuous intensity in Marni Rose as the spicy facet of Bulgarian rose oil adds nuance to a succulent rose absolute. In an artisanal celebration of handicraft, the work of ethereal spices and esoteric woods embellishes and accents the fragrance. Cardamom and mint Nanah add saturation, raspberry a flash of pop, violet a girlish touch, bitter almond and cassis vibrancy. A woody base of patchouli and cedar frames this multifaceted symphony, while musk adds dimension and long-lasting texture on the skin.
  • MARNI Body Lotion
    MARNI Body Lotion
    The MARNI Body Lotion hydrates and conditions skin for soft, smooth and supple results. Leaves skin lightly scented with the MARNI fragrance.
  • MARNI Body Crema
    MARNI Body Crema
    Subtly scented with the MARNI fragrance, this rich Body Crème provides ultra-soothing and hydrating softness. The luxurious formula leaves the skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.
  • MARNI (EDP, 65ml - 120ml)
    MARNI (EDP, 65ml - 120ml)
    Just like designer Consuelo Castiglioni plays with classic elements, getting unexpected results through a subtle edit of proportions, colours, prints and materials, so this fragrance plays with classic elements in unexpected ways. It combines ethereal spices, eclectic raw woods, and a touch of rose to create a statement that is both elusive and uniquely memorable.
  • MARNI Body Cleanse
    MARNI Body Cleanse
    The MARNI Shower Gel is a luxurious addition to the MARNI franchise. The Shower Gel gently cleans skin and is lightly scented with the MARNI fragrance.
  • Pre-owned Marni Perforated cosmetic bag
    Pre-owned Marni Perforated cosmetic bag
    Cosmetic Bags by Marni at Tradesy
  • Marni Varnished Make Up Bag
    Marni Varnished Make Up Bag
    Blue and turquoise PVC varnished make up bag from Marni featuring a front embossed logo stamp and a top zip fastening.
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