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  • Mavala
  • Mavala Complete Nail Care Kit
    Mavala Complete Nail Care Kit
    This Complete Nail Care Kit by Mavala is put together to give you the best care for your nails, resulting in a salon perfect finish every time. With a top coat and base coat to ensure you get the most out of your polish, a nail hardener to improve the quality of your nails and styling tools to give a perfecting touch, you'll have all you need! K.D. Mavala Scientifique - Nail Hardener Instantly penetrating and quickly hardening the nail, Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener makes soft, flaking or splitting nails healthier and stronger. Its strengthening formula hardens the nail plate so that the nail can restore its normal growth. Mavala 002 Double Action Base Coat This Double Action Base Coat works to protect your nails from external damaging elements and coloured nail polishes, whilst prolonging the life of your manicure. Mavala Colorfix- Flexible Top Coat Ensure your nail colour stays put with Mavala Colorfix Top Coat. This strong, flexible top coat is reinforced with acrylic which dries to a hard, elastic glaze leaving glossy just-manicured nails. Mavala Nail Polish Remover Pads x30 These Nail Polish Remover pads effectively remove all traces of nail polish, leaving your nails squeaky clean and ready for your next manicure. Mavala Manicure Sticks x3 An innovative invention, these Manicure Sticks work to remove polish smudges, clean under nails, roll back cuticles and remove dead skin. With one bevelled end and one arrow shaped end, it's a must have addition to your nail care kit. Mavala Emery Boards x3 Perfect for fragile nails, these Emery Boards work to lightly shape the nail. With a rough side (yellow) and a finer side (white), these will give you nails a salon perfect finish.
  • Mavala Nail Rescue Tin
    Mavala Nail Rescue Tin
    The Mavala Nail Rescue Tin contains a selection of products that will shape, strengthen and protect your nails, giving them a healthy and lustrous appearance. A great gift idea, the tin also contains a handy nail file and some nail polish remover pads, so you can achieve the perfect manicure in an instant. - L.M. 1 x Scientifique. 1 x Marvaderma. Nail Polish Remover Pads. 1 x Travel Emery Board. Brand: Mavala.
  • MAVALA Nail-White Crayon
    MAVALA Nail-White Crayon
    This crayon from MAVALA whitens the tips of your nails for a crisp, clean finish. How to use: moisten the crayon and pass under the tip of your nails. Brand : MAVALA. Nail Type : Nail Treatments. Featured articles Top 10 Tips for Pretty Perfect Nails We reveal all our secrets on how to make the most of your nails.
  • Mavala Nail Buffer Kit
    Mavala Nail Buffer Kit
    The Mavala Nail Buffer Kit will help to add lustre to your nails. Use the grey buffer to smooth out ridges and irregularities, then follow with the pink pad to improve shine. The circulation at the base of your nail will also be improved, which encourages strong and healthy nail growth. Use on dry, bare nails. To smooth out irregularities, draw the grey buffer across the nail in one direction, avoiding the nail tips. Do this once a month. Shine the nail with the pink polisher, using long, energetic, back and forth movements. Brand: Mavala.
  • Mavala White French Manicure Kit
    Mavala White French Manicure Kit
    Giving you a stunningly natural look, this French Manicure Kit will have your nails looking healthy and glossy, and gives you a style that will match everything in your wardrobe. Mavala White French Manicure Kit contains White Nail Colour and Reno Nail Colour for a sophisticated contrast. The kit also contains sticker guides for easy application and Minute Quick-Finish that quickly dries the polish and adds incomparable shine. This pack contains the following products: Manicure Sticker Guides. Mavala White Nail Colour – 5ml. Mavala Reno Nail Colour – 5ml. Mavala Minute Quick-Finish – 5ml. Brand: Mavala. Volume: 3 Products.
  • MAVALA Cuticle Remover, 5ml
    MAVALA Cuticle Remover, 5ml
    A gentle treatment to soften overgrown cuticles. It will help remove tissue that has grown too long, and will make your nails attractive again. Just apply with a brush and leave for minute. Then gently roll the cuticle back with a manicure stick. Brand : MAVALA. Nail Type : Nail Treatments. Treatment Type : Cuticles. Featured articles Top 10 Tips for Pretty Perfect Nails We reveal all our secrets on how to make the most of your nails.
  • MAVALA French Manicure White Set
    MAVALA French Manicure White Set
    Achieve a beautiful, natural look with this White French Manicure set from Mavala. The set contains: Nail polish in "White" Nail polish in "Reno" Minute Quick-Finish: quickly dries the polish and adds shine. Sticker guides for easy application. Brand : MAVALA. Nail Polish Finish : Gloss. Nail Type : Nail Sets. Treatment Type : Strengthening. Featured articles Top 10 Tips for Pretty Perfect Nails We reveal all our secrets on how to make the most of your nails.
  • Cuticle Remover
    Cuticle Remover
    Thixotropic formula which softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles. Will provide a perfect nail contour in one single application.
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