• Moooi Chess End Table
    Moooi Chess End Table
    Polished metal branding plate mounted under the table top. Material: Various woods, internal steel frame, high gloss lacquer. White and black checkerboard finish. Chess collection. Dimensions: Overall: 23.62" H x 15.75" W x 15.75" D. Overall Product Weight: 28.66lbs.
  • Moooi Animal Furniture Pig Coffee Table
    Moooi Animal Furniture Pig Coffee Table
    Polyester. Indoor use. Arrives with the Moooi Smiley Logo, life like Fur and beauty spots. Black finish. Animal Furniture collection. Show Additional Info
  • Moooi Paper End Table
    Moooi Paper End Table
    Paper, cardboard and papier-m ch are familiar to all of us. They bring back memories of kindergarten and our first experiences of making things. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern day furniture, this furniture collection is an ode to classical style and to the material. Studio Job and Moooi have brought to the collection this great accompaniment for your home. Features: Designed by Studio Job. Substantial structure wrapped in the visual softness and innocence of paper. Material: Wooden base, paper and cardboard. White finish. Paper collection. Show Additional Info
  • Moooi Pig Table
    Moooi Pig Table
    This unconventional coffee table would make a stunning addition to your urban scheme & it is sure to stoke the conversation at even the most socially awkward of parties.
  • Moooi Elements Table 007
    Moooi Elements Table 007
    Designed as a product that becomes part of a stacked sculpture this fibreglass & glass topped table looks just as great on its own as it does combined with other products from the elements range.
  • Moooi Two Tops Secretary Table
    Moooi Two Tops Secretary Table
    When designing this piece Moooi made a mistake, they fixed the two tops secretary table-top under the supporting bars instead of on top and found a space which was always there but was never seen, they created a lid to cover, hide and change a few hundred years of classic table making. Secretary Box available to purchase separately.
  • Moooi Common Comrades Tables
    Moooi Common Comrades Tables
    Design Neri&Hu, 2012. Solid birch wood. Made in The Netherlands by Moooi. A clever personification of the simplicity of country life, where everybody knows 'who' you are and 'what' you do, the Common Comrades table family amuses us with its utilitarian simplicity & honest soul. The Common Comrades Table family consists of 6 different tables made from solid birch wood with a red RAL 3003 finish. 15.8" tops | 15.8" h.
  • Moooi Paper Table
    Moooi Paper Table
    Designed by Studio Job, the Paper furniture is made of paper, cardboard and papier-mâché. The table is massive but still very light to fit your interior. The material is strong and durable, decorated with honeycomb panels. The Paper collection includes cupboard, cabinet, table, floor lamp and pendant light. In detail: Type : Table. Colour : White. Material : Paper, cardboard. Dimensions : H 75 x L 240 x l 100 cm - flat packed.
  • Moooi Paper Table
    Moooi Paper Table
    Design Studio Job, 2005. Honeycomb panels, paper & cardboard, wood veneer. Made in The Netherlands by Moooi. Paper, cardboard and paper-mâché are familiar to all of us. They bring back memories of kindergarten and our first experiences of making things. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern day furniture, this cardboard flat pack furniture collection is an ode to classical style and to the material. Paper Patchwork by Studio Job is a new member of Moooi's renowned Paper Collection family, which celebrates classic forms and a material with infinite potential: paper. The construction of the Paper furniture is intelligent and easy to assemble. Each component slots into the other which enables one part to bear its weight and share its strength with the other. There are no screws, no nuts and no bolts. The Paper Wardrobe has a shelf which can be used to store precious items and a brass clothes rail to hang your most exciting garments. This Wardrobe does not have any handles, it is available in white and for indoor use only. Please note: patchwork finish is only available in the configuration of colors shown in picture. 29.5" h | 94.5" w | 39.4" d.
  • Moooi Crochet Table
    Moooi Crochet Table
    Design Marcel Wanders, 2001. Cotton crochet, epoxy resin. Made in The Netherlands by Moooi. Defying all fabric capabilities, the laced Crochet table is the ultimate accessory for any interior. Each Crochet table is skillfully handcrafted by the Marcel Wanders studio crochet team. A beautiful and elegant addition to any space. Marcel Wanders grew up in Boxtel, the Netherlands and graduated cum laude from the School of the Arts Arnhem in 1988. His fame started with the iconic Knotted Chair in 1996. He is now designing for the biggest European contemporary design manufacturers including Moooi of which he is also art director and co-owner. He works on architectural, interior design and consumer home appliances. His designs have been selected for the most important design collections and exhibitions around the world. The Crochet table is available in white in your choice of two sizes. square: 11.8" h | 11.8" w | 11.8" d. rectangle: 11.8" h | 23.6" w | 11.8" d.
  • Moooi Chess Table
    Moooi Chess Table
    Designer: Front. Manufacturer: Moooi. Height: 60 cm. Width: 40 cm. Depth: 40 cm. Colour: Black & White. Finish: Various Woods, Internal Steel Frame & High Gloss Lacquer. Origin: Made In Netherlands.
  • Moooi Two Tops Table
    Moooi Two Tops Table
    Designer: Marcel Wanders. Manufacturer: Moooi. Two Tops 180: H78cm / W180cm / D90cm. Two Tops 220: H78cm / W220cm / D90cm. Two Tops 260: H78cm / W260cm / D90cm. Finish: Black Stained, Wenge Stained, White Wash, Natural Lacquer, Black Lacquer, White Lacquer, Red Lacquer or Orange Lacquer. Top Finish: Oak Veneer. Frame Finish: Solid Oak.
  • Moooi - Pig Table
    Moooi - Pig Table
    Who wouldn't like to impress his guests with a pig that serves drinks? The animalistic Pig Table side table is part of a three-part collection of furniture and lamps designed by the design team Front for Moooi. Besides the side table the Animal Collection also comprises a life-size Horse Lamp and the Rabbit Lamp table lamp. The Pig Table consists of fibre glass, on the back of which rests a deposit top from ABS synthetics.
  • Moooi - Crochet Side Table
    Moooi - Crochet Side Table
    The four different sizes available side table Crochet has been designed by Marcel Wanders for the Netherlands design smithy Moooi in 2001. And everything, really everything at this artwork is interesting: The material is interesting, since the Crochet side table consists of epoxy resin, hand crocheted cotton patterns. As if it was a three-dimension, cube-like edition of the traditional crochet patterns, this Crochet seems to enter the room. Also its shadow is interesting when light falls through the crochet pattern, since it changes and will therefore never remain constant. Clever packet by the designer: A conservative appealing pattern in a never-ending flow of changes.
  • Moooi - Elements Side Table
    Moooi - Elements Side Table
    The Elements Side Table by Moooi has been inspired by the shape of a cactus, as well as the whole Elements series. The four completely different feet of the fiber glass table make this one something special. As well as the spines of real cactuses, they are directed to the floor. The glossy appearance of the fiberglass ensures the similarity of the functional useful side table to a sculpture. Despite its mono-colouring and little attention-catching function, it is still an eye-catcher – one will question the stability of the feet’s construction – of course they are resistant!
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