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Nails Inc.
  • Nails Inc.
  • Gem stone file
    Gem stone file
    File your nails with pride this season with the Nails Inc limited edition Gem Stone Glass Nail File to rid yourself of any splits or snags! Otherwise known as the forever file as it can be used over and over again. The Nails Inc Gem Stone Glass Nail File is simply rinsed in water to bring the grit back and can even be washed - making it the most hygienic nail file on the market.
  • Natural nail file
    Natural nail file
    This natural and practical nail file from Nails Inc is perfect for sorting those nail emergencies!
  • Glass nail files
    Glass nail files
    Otherwise known as the FOREVER FILE as the grit lasts so much longer than a normal nail file making this file amazing value as you ll never need to buy a file again. The most hygienic file on the market, just rinse and leave to dry and watch the grit return.
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