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  • Offi - Newspaper rack Mag Stand
    Offi - Newspaper rack Mag Stand
    Harmonically shaped and sophisticatedly form glued, this newspaper rack is a special jewellery piece that simultaneously ensures order and system. The design of the Mag Stand was coined by Eric Pfeiffer whose reduced and swung form speaking is typical for the numerous products from the in San Francisco located Offi Company. The Offi newspaper rack Mag Stand is available made out of birch wood, oak wood and walnut.
  • Offi - Mag Table
    Offi - Mag Table
    Multifunctional furniture of a special kind! …because initially Mag Table by Offi is a small table made out of carefully formed and bounded plywood with a side bag for magazines and journals. And a grip. If you use it, Mag Table transforms itself into e.g. A desk for your Notebook. The multifunctional furniture by the designer Eric Pfeiffer is available in the variants birch, oak and walnut as well as in a laminated black, red and white variant.
  • Offi - Children's Table
    Offi - Children's Table
    „Fool's hands smear table and walls“ – at least they shall do it with the table now. This is how this table becomes the anti-authority statement for parents and the pure joy for children that will only have to throw their chalk into the deepening afterwards. The “Round Table” was designed by Eric Pfeiffer for the American Company Offi.
  • Offi - Look Me Children's Chair
    Offi - Look Me Children's Chair
    Almost too beautiful for a children's chair – and a clear statement against cheap items in children's room. Roundly formed so that children do not get hurt and naturally warm and cheerful in birch wood veneer. This can't be done with plastic. The children's chair from the designer Eric Pfeifer makes up an extraordinary, creative seating group for the children's room in combination with the blackboard.
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